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Led Screen SMT Stencil Printer 110V / 220V High Precision Compact Structure

Led Screen SMT Stencil Printer 110V / 220V High Precision Compact Structure

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Led Screen SMT Stencil Printer 110V / 220V High Precision Compact Structure

GKG G2 G3 solder paste printer used GOOD Condition smt stencil printer
Quick Detail

Product introduction: G3 is a high-precision and high-stability automatic vision printing machine, GKG company follows the development trend of the SMT industry, a new generation of automatic vision printing machine is synchronized with international leading technology, high-resolution visual processing, high Accurate drive system, suspension self-propelled squeegee, precise plate positioning process and smart frame clamp structure, compact structure, accuracy and high flexibility, providing customers with the functions required for efficient, accurate printing, More customers provide a prominent price.
Product performance characteristics:
(1) Accurate NI Image Processing Platform
(2) Two independent stepper motors drive the print head (designed for different front and rear blade pressure requirements and stability)
☆(3) GKG dedicated automatic computer controlled PCB thickness adjustment platform (patent pending)
(4) GKG flexible side pressure system (designed for PCB deformation under pressure and has applied for a patent)
(5) GKG PCB pressurization system (designed for thin PCBs and large PCBs and has applied for patents)
(6) Dry/wet/vacuum cleaning modes
(7) Two-way transport rail system
(8) Automatic adjustment of guide width
(9) Chinese/English interface
(10) Printing Accuracy: ±0.025mm
(11) Repeat accuracy: ±0.01mm
(12) Printing cycle: <10s
(13) Frame size from 420×520mm to 737×737mm
(14) Printable plate size from 50×50mm to 400×310mm


Product Name: Smt  gkg g5 full-auto Solder Paste Printer
Used for: PCB Screen Printing Stencil Machine
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



emi-automatic printing machine: simple operation, fast printing speed, simple structure, the disadvantage is less control of printing process parameters, printing centering accuracy is not high, solder paste release is poor, generally applicable to 0603 (inch) above components, pins PCB printing process with a pitch greater than 1.27mm.
Semi-automatic solder paste printer
Fully automatic printing machine: high printing centering accuracy, good solder paste release effect, and stable printing process, suitable for printing with fine pitch components. The disadvantage is high maintenance cost and high requirements for the operator's knowledge level.
Solder paste and patch glue are all thixotropic and sticky. When the smt printer scraper moves forward at a certain speed and angle, it exerts a certain pressure on the solder paste, pushing the solder paste to roll before the scraper, and generating the pressure required to inject the solder paste into the mesh or the drain hole;
The sticky friction of the solder paste causes the solder paste to produce a shear at the intersection of the smc printing machine scraper and the mesh plate. The shear force reduces the viscosity of the solder paste and facilitates smooth injection of the solder paste into the template opening or the drain hole. Scraper speed, squeegee pressure, angle between the squeegee and the stencil, and the viscosity of the solder paste all have certain restrictions, so only by properly controlling these parameters can the solder paste quality be guaranteed.
SMT printing machine main technical indicators
The main technical specifications of the SMT press include the largest printing area, printing accuracy, repeatability, and printing speed.
1, the largest print area: according to the largest PCB size to determine.
2, printing accuracy: According to the PCB assembly density and pin spacing or the smallest ball distance device to determine the general requirements of ± 0.025mm.
3, repeatability: General requirements to achieve ± 0.01mm.
4, printing speed: according to production requirements.

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