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Quality system certification refers to the third party ( social certification organization ) auditing, evaluating and registering the supplier's quality system. its purpose is to prove that the supplier's quality system meets certain quality assurance standards through auditing, evaluation and supervision afterwards, and to give independent confirmation to the supplier's quality assurance capability. Quality system certification is also known internationally as enterprise certification, quality system registration, quality system auditing, etc. In China, quality system certification refers to the certification organization recognized and authorized by the state bureau of technical supervision to verify the units applying for certification according to the national " quality management and quality assurance" series standards, and to prove that their quality system and quality assurance capabilities meet the requirements in the form of registration and issuance of certification certificates. The product quality law of the people's Republic of China stipulates in principle the management of certification, the way of certification and the objects of certification in article 9 of chapter ii, and clarifies that quality system certification is one of the macro-control methods of national product quality supervision and management.


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