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Automatic Led Screen Solder Stencil Printer High Accuracy 300KG Weight

Automatic Led Screen Solder Stencil Printer High Accuracy 300KG Weight

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    smt stencil machine


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    SMT Led Screen Printer
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Automatic Led Screen Solder Stencil Printer High Accuracy 300KG Weight

GKG G9 solder paste stencil screen printer Latest model china brand printer
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G9 automatic solder paste printing machine is a high-precision and high-stability automatic vision printing machine. GKG company follows the development trend of SMT industry. The new generation of automatic vision printing machine is synchronized with international leading technology, high resolution Visual processing, high-precision drive system, suspended self-propelled doctor blade, precise plate positioning processing and smart frame clamping structure, compact structure, both accuracy and high degree of flexibility, provide customers with efficient, accurate printing The required functions provide customers with outstanding cost performance.
The main technical parameters:
(1) Printing accuracy: ±0.025mm
(2) Repeat accuracy: ±0.01mm
(3) Printing cycle: <7.5s
(4) Frame size from 370×370mm to 737×737mm
(5) Printable PCB size from 50×50mm to 460×340mm




Product Name: Smt  gkg g9 full-auto Solder Paste Printer
Used for: PCB Screen Printing Stencil Machine
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


1. The unique G-XY cleaning structure achieves simultaneous X and Y movements during automatic cleaning and simulates manual cleaning, which is closer to the effect of manual cleaning.
2. One-section transport rail, driven by a stepper motor, meets the requirements of fast printing, and the width adjustment adopts stepper motor adjustment.
3. The brand new third-generation steel mesh X-beam structure makes it more convenient for operators to add solder paste and accurately place steel meshes. The new type of inverted X cross beam solves the deposition of solder paste and dust and prolongs the service life of the machine.
4. The retractable pressure device can make the upper pressure sheet stick out when printed on the easily deformable PCB board, and it can be retracted without using the upper pressure sheet. Flexible use according to product.
5. The machine adopts self-lubricated rails imported from abroad. The guide rails do not need to be lubricated within 5 years. The guide rails are maintenance-free within 5 years.
6, X Y1 Y2 uses the United States HAYDON linear motor, Japan's precision drive screw, self-lubricating rail, to ensure accuracy.
7. The net frame Y is automatically positioned to quickly realize the automatic alignment of the steel net.
8. The curved scraper beam uses high-strength steel to ensure the stability of the print head during the printing process.
9. The floating scraper system, unique elastic and fool-proof device, can well protect the stencil and scraper during the descent of the scraper.

The SMT printing machine is the machine equipment that uses the opening of the screen to print the electronic fiber material (solder paste, patch glue, etc.) to the circuit board in the SMT electronic assembly process, with the purpose of sticking the chip electronic element. Devices.