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Manual Smt Screen Printing Machine 1 Year Warranty For Small Batch Production.

Manual Smt Screen Printing Machine 1 Year Warranty For Small Batch Production.

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    Table Led Screen Printer
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Manual Smt Screen Printing Machine 1 Year Warranty For Small Batch Production.

TRY Easy-Manu SMT screen printing machinery printer stencil printer manual solder paste printer
Quick Detail

20*20CM 24*30CM 30*40CM 40*50CM

Handprint table series
Manual Screen Printing Mach

★ Positioning method: three-side positioning or hole positioning
Mode of orientation: Trilateral Orientate or Hole Orientate.
★ adjustment method: manual fine-tune
Mode of adjustment: manual fine tuning
★ Adjustment direction: X direction, Y direction, Z direction, height up to 300mm
Orientation of adjustment: X,Y,Z, Max.height:300mm
Features: It is made of imported aluminum alloy and alloy steel. The parts adopt high-grade electrostatic spray and high-grade electroplating technology. Accurate positioning, easy operation, can be freely adjusted before and after the upper and lower left and right, suitable for machine printing and fingerprint, is the ideal printing equipment for small and medium-sized electronics factory and processing plant.
Adopt stainless steel and alloy steel materials, and the components using top grade electrostatic spray, and high-end electroplating process. which is suitable for flat topping screen printing,, easy to operate and accurate positioning, and can be adjusted to up/ down, Left/ right, front/ back.Itis the best choiceforall small and medium-sized printing factories.
Equipment Model
TX-YT 6080
Table area (mm)
Printing table Size

Max Frame's Size:
Thickness of printing

200 mm
200 mm
200 mm
200 mm



Product Name: ySmt Manual Solder Paste Printer
Used for: PCB Screen Printing Stencil Machine
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


This equipment is suitable for small and medium batch production.

Specifications: Small 24*32CM Medium 32*44CM Large 45*60CM

1, positioning method: edge positioning
2, adjust the way: manual fine-tune
Adjust the direction: front and rear, left and right, up and down.
3, technical indicators:
Adjustable distance between worktables: ±10mm
Adjustable distance before and after table: 0---30mm
The maximum height of the frame up and down adjustable distance: 120mm

Operating procedures:
1, first use the machine to check whether the four supporting foot cups are reliable, to ensure that the machine platform is stable and not shaking; Firstly clear all thimble, positioning seat and pad on the platform; determine the workpiece or PCB board and template to be printed. After the preparation work is done, follow the following steps: 1. PCB positioning: first look at the position of the PCB and the template, find the most suitable position on the platform for PCB positioning, it is recommended: use the PCB and the template after positioning Very few double-sided adhesives → Place the template in the positioning groove of the wire frame → Paste the back of the PCB slightly more than the template with double sided tape → Press down the template afterwards → Install the aluminum alloy on the platform and the PCB board Pad → adjust the distance between the template and the pad to the thickness of the PCB (the PCB and the pad are consistent) to ensure that the PCB is completely parallel with the pad → remove the previously attached double-sided adhesive on the PCB → close the pad and the pad Press firmly to stick the PCB to the pad → Lift the template → The PCB is separated from the template and stick on the pad on the platform → Find the positioning pin suitable for the PCB and install it inside the positioning seat (note that the height of the pin cannot exceed the PCB thickness )→The positioning seat is attached to the PCB after the needle is attached and the positioning is locked. To the platform, positioning base with two ends → trimming and trimming internet PCB handle grip to lock the adjustable platform to the optimum position → internet.
2. Printing: Select a suitable length (depending on the printing width) of the doctor blade during printing, and keep the whole machine screw tight (special attention to the fixed part of the template); otherwise, the printing accuracy will be affected. A printing force in the printing process affects the thickness of the solder paste. A very skilled and technically savvy operator will not be inferior to the printer. The operator can directly influence the quality. The above operation process is the best way discovered by our company's long-term adjusters and customers and is for reference only. If there is a better, faster positioning method, everyone is welcome to share it together, and the use of such a printing station is extremely useful.
1, can choose the same platform with the printing press, single and double-sided positioning is convenient and flexible, ensuring printing accuracy;
2, the printing plate can rotate 45 degrees, and the repeat accuracy is extremely high, comparable to the machine;
3, The school edition mode adopts the stencil net movement, combined with the X, Y axis fine-tuning correction of the printing platform, convenient and quick;
4, The rack is made of thickened Fangtong, with superior material selection, strong and durable, and the stencil frame adopts spiral screw up and down 5, adjustable height, which is convenient for controlling the PCB thickness;
6, according to the customer's different size of the PCB to develop various sizes of models;

Manual Smt Screen Printing Machine 1 Year Warranty For Small Batch Production. 0