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60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line

Place of Origin China-CNSMT
Brand Name CNSMT
Certification CE-YS802
Model Number CNSMT-YS802
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price negotiation
Packaging Details Woodenbox
Delivery Time 1-2 work days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability 10pcs/day
Product Details
Place Of Origin China Brand Name CNSMT
Model Number CNSMT-Y802 Machine Size L350*W774*H184mm
Voltage 110/220v Option Counter Capacity -99999~99999PCS
Material Width 8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm Placement Accuracy 0.5
Weight 10kg Warranty 1 Year
Application SMD PCB Assembly Production Line
High Light

220v Component Reel Counter


60HZ 40W SMD Reel Counter Machine


Tap Gap 72mm Component Reel Counter

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Product Description

Component Reel Counter, SMD Reel Counter Machine-CNSMT


Component Reel Counter is a great development for SMT production line, with this machine, you wont have to spend too much time on counting electronic component in your SMT factory. This will save your time and cost.


Advantages of Component reel counter machine:


  • SMD Component Reel Counter is a automatic component counting machine, you dont have to count them manually, by this machine, you will finish count one reel parts within few seconds instand of few hours by manually.


  • In CNSMT, we started to produce this SMD reel counter machine from 2005year, until now we have 15 years experience on develop the SMD parts counting machine. 


  • So you dont need to worry about our machine quality, we have a professional engineer team for support your business.


  • We provide you free technical support online or vedios.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 0

Types of SMD Reel counter machine in CNSMT:

model YS-801E YS-801 YS-801S YS-802E YS-802 YS-802S YS-891 YS-892 YS-892Z
Leak detection function NO NO NO YES YES YES NO YES YES
tailings stop not support not support not support support support support not support support support
running speed 25S 13S 10S 25S 13S 10S 10S 10S 10S
  REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000
motor 42step 42step 57step 42step 42step 57step 57step 57step 57step
Motor adopts CHINA Foreign Foreign CHINA Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign
power 50w 50W 80W 50W 50W 80W 80W 80W 80W
processor single core double core 8 cores single core double core 8 cores 8 cores 8 cores 8 cores
Voice broadcast       not support       support
Fixed point material support
Multi-speed speed regulation support
scan print support
Positive and negative counting support
Scope of use Tape-type parts are suitable for all sizes   The maximum REEL diameter that can be put down is 460mn
weight 10kg 10kg 10. 5kg 10. 5kg 10. 5kg 11kg 11kg 11kg 11kg
size L770+W340+H190 L670+W400+H270
CNSMT-Y802[With empty/ leadkage]
AC220/110V 50/60HZ 40W
AC220/110V 50/60HZ 40W
Counting Scopes




Price also different for different types machine, Please contact us online or by mail about the price and more specifications.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 1


Keywords: Component Reel Counter, SMD Reel Counter machine, SMD Chip Counter, electronic component reel counter, tape and reel counter, resister reel counter,SMD Parts counter, component counting machine.


All SMD chip tapes,SMD IC reel, SMD components reel, SMT electronic materials, SMT electronic components,SMT electronic parts,SMT electronic element are suitable for this machine
Tap Gap: 1,2,3,4,8,10,12,16,24,32,44,56,64,72mm
Tape width:8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm
Suitable for SMD reel: 1206,0805,0603,0402,0201,01005
Suitable factory: Electronic products manufacturer, SMD manufacturer, SMD chip tape supplier, OEM/ODM professional electronics manufacturer and others.
Automatic type, English system and display. Easy operating and accuracy
Reel carrier can prevent SMD reel from dropping. 45ºstand, sit or stand to operate it.
Count forward and backward, double-checking ensures accuracy, built-in memory allows you to preset count quantity.
Small stepper motor and machine, easy to carry.
Leak detection function for your option. When founding empty chips, the machine will stop and alarm.
Can install bar code and printer


You have read so much about our SMD component counter machine.


It is possible that you may have many questions regarding our product in your mind.


Well, in the following FAQs section, we have tried to cover maximum points to answer your queries.


So, please read through!


Q: What is SMD component counter Is Used For?


A: The SMD counter machine is the devices that help in counting electronic components for short as well as long time. This machine is widely used in electronic factories.


To count the real value of SMD reel components, every factory should invest in a reliable and safe SMD component counter. You can trust on our product for the real counting of electronic components.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 2


Q: Why Should I Buy the SMD component counter From You?

  • Competitive prices: you will get the best SMD component counter at competitive prices from CNSMT.
  • Reliable product: Our product is 100 percent reliable and can help you with the accurate counting of electronic components.
  • Quality material: we never compromise with quality, and our SMD component counter is made of premium quality material that can last longer.

Q: Can I Get Spare Parts of SMD Component Counter From You?


A: Yes, of course, you can get spare parts of the SMD component counter from us. In addition to manufacturing the whole machine, we also produce spare parts for the SMD reel counter.


We understand that every time buying a new machine can be expensive for you. So, if some part of your device is not working, you can replace that and can buy from us at a low price.


Q: Tips to Use SMD Counter Machine

  • Use the machine in a clean environment: Keep the SMD parts counter in a clean area to avoid dust buildup. This will increase the life of your machine.
  • Handle with care: Use the SMD reel counter with care and do not use much force to make it work. Also, read the manual carefully to use it in a perfect manner.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 3Q: Is Your SMD Machine Durable?


A: Yes, our SMD component counter machines are made of quality metal and are durable as well. If you use these machines with care, they can last for years without causing any error in component counting.


Q: If I Have No Experience, Can I Also Operate It Well?


A: Our SMD counter machine is specially designed to use for a novice. You can easily operate it with the help of the manual. You will also get an English user manual for free from us to use this machine with ease.


Q: What Type of Materials SMD component counter Is Useful?


A: SMD counter machine is useful for counting various materials or components, including resistor, capacitor, LED, diode, triode, multi-pin IC, and more.


Q: Is There Any Sensor in your SMD component counter To Detect the Missing Components?


A: Yes, our SMD reel counter are equipped with a fiber sensor detector that can help to detect the empty or missed component. There is an indicator, which will send a signal to the device to stop when as soon as it detects missed parts.


Q: Advantages of Our SMD Component Counter Machine


A: Following are the advantages of using the CNSMT SMD component counter.

  • It saves you time by offering you a fast and accurate counting for up to 5000 pieces in 30 seconds.
  • A precise SMD component counter also helps to improve the production flow and increase your production as well.
  • Our machine is fully automatic, which ensures that the tapes are safe and undamaged.
  • It is also equipped with built-in memory to record the forward component count. It also helps with accurate backward counting.
  • It also acts as a great tape inspection platform in addition to component counting.
  • Last but not least, our SMD machine is easy to use and portable.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 4Q: SMD Counter Machine Can Operate In Two Following Ways:


Totalizer: it starts counting the components from a zero reference, and the counter automatically stops at the tape end.

Preset mode: The component gets a number key with the help of the keyboard, and the machine stops automatically when it reaches the desired component.


Q: How About Warranty and After-Sale Service?


A: For CNSMT, customers are the top priority. We always offer a valid warranty on all our products and also offer after-sale service too. You can reach us anytime for any help regarding the SMD parts counter.


Q: Check the Few Things before Buying a SMD component counter Machine

  • Think about the machine quality: Always buy the SMD component counter, which is made of quality material and is durable. This will save you money by spending again and again on the same machine.
  • Look for the features:
  • Cost: The price will always serve as an important factor of consideration when it comes to buying a new SMD component counter machine. Try to buy the best machine at affordable prices.
  • Buy from trusted brands: Buy the SMD machine from a popular brand like CNSMT. This will ensure that you get quality products for accurate component counting. Also, a brand’s popularity speaks about the quality of the product as well.

60HZ 80W SMD Component Reel Counter For Production Line 5Q: How to Buy SMD component counter from CNSMT?


A: You can call us any time to inquire about the SMD component counter. After this, let us know about your requirements and negotiate for the price.


Once you finalize the product, make us a payment via any online method or via cash. Now, for shipping, let us know your shipping address and a valid contact number.


We will try to deliver you the SMD counting machine at your place as soon as possible.


Note: our customer support is open 24*7.


Q: Why Choose CNSMT for SMD Parts Counter?


A: We have over ten years of experience in producing SMT products, including SMD counter machines. Also, we never compromise with quality and deliver the best device at affordable prices. Further, we offer support services for all our customers.




Now that you have got the answers to most of the questions, you should not feel hesitate in buying the SMD component counter from CNSMT.

Buy the best machine that eases your production flow and component counting process.

Good luck!