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Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205

Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205

    • Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205
    • Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205
  • Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Foxconn vertical PCB storage
    Certification: Stainless steel PCB Trolley
    Model Number: CNSMT-SP0205

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: woodenbox
    Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 10pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Brand:: CNSMT ESD Foxconn Vertical PCB Storage MODEL: CNSMT-SP0205 PCB ESD Stainless Steel Cart
    Weight:: 29KG Lead Time:: 3-5DAYS
    Packing:: Standard Woodenbox CNSMT Application: SMD Factory
    PAYMENT TERM: T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
    High Light:



    Stainless Steel PCB Storage Trolley


    Foxconn Vertical PCB Storage Trolley

    Foxconn vertical PCB storage,Stainless steel PCB Trolley Manufacturer in China

    • This pcb storage tolley is widely used for big companies, such as, foxconn, Huawei
    • The pcb trolley is costomized according on your requirement, we can make any kinds of size

    Foxconn Vertical Stainless Steel PCB storage Trolley CNSMT-SP0205 0

    25B stainless steel chain wave soldering into the plate connection chain coating machine transport chain 2 points screw adjustment chain
    25B carbon steel chain 2 points connection table screw adjustment transmission chain chain buckle Jintuo wave soldering into the plate chain
    304 stainless steel mesh belt Reflow soldering high temperature resistant mesh belt B type conveyor mesh belt Reflow welding mesh belt drive wheel
    35B chain transport rubber wheel plug-in line pulley wheel assembly line nylon wheel iron wheel metal wheel guide wheel
    35B nylon chain gear 06C chain assembly line bevel gear plug-in line ninety degree angle widening gear
    35B carbon steel chain 06C industrial drive wave soldering transport width adjustment chain reflow welding 8-word side chain joint
    ANDA Anda wave soldering titanium claw L type double hook claw chain claw ANDA titanium claw V type double hook claw tin furnace
    AS380 U.S. polyfluoride DOVER reflow soldering high temperature chain lubricant Jintuo Nitto reflow soldering high temperature oil
    BTU reflow soldering gear reflow soldering chain gear VIP98 into plate gear transmission wheel
    DEK automatic printing machine steel mesh adapter steel mesh converter conversion frame Desen adjustable steel mesh frame clamp
    DEK automatic printing machine track clip edge 137516 cleaning cleaning wipe rubber strip 5157438 500MM
    Dover imported high temperature chain oil AS380 Jintuo reflow soldering oil Nitto BTU lead-free 300 degrees
    FX06-1 experimental motor SAYU high temperature motor MA09050FX06-1 single-phase motor
    GKG automatic printing machine thimble G5 thimble PCB with magnet thimble G3 pointed thimble PIN
    GKG automatic printing machine track clamping edge Automatic printing machine accessories G3 clamping edge G5 pressing block GES pressing tablet
    GKG automatic printing machine track clamping edge G5 printing machine clamping edge G3 clamping edge length 360MM/300 spot
    GKG automatic printing machine track belt MPM Desen DEK Hotan Goode slotted toothed timing belt Nitto
    HELLER reflow heating wire heller original heating tube heller heating tube custom heating wire
    Heller reflow heating wire 1913 heating wire Haile heating tube MK3 heating tube 590059H
    heller reflow soldering track screw adjustment nut central position copper sleeve heller reflow soldering copper sleeve
    Heller reflow soldering roller mesh belt roller chain roller roller reflow soldering mesh belt roller can be customized
    Heller reflow soldering motor 1806 reflow soldering high temperature motor 594695 hot air motor 1809 fan 1913
    heller reflow mesh belt wheel mesh belt puller mesh teeth B-shaped mesh belt drive wheel mesh belt gear
    heller motor 1806 reflow soldering high temperature motor 594695 hot air motor 1809 reflow soldering motor
    JT Jintuo wave soldering motor wave soldering machine Nitto solder furnace wave motor STE motor H63 B5/4P
    JT Jintuo wave soldering motor 0.3KW soldering machine Nitto tin furnace wave motor STE motor H63/B4
    JT Jin Tuo wave soldering speed change claw V3 with seat titanium claw V4 transport double hook claw double rib chain claw spot
    JUKI 750 filter cotton KE750 PX-0400020-00 JUKI filter cotton SMT filter cotton
    JUKI2050 2060 nozzle SMT nozzle 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508
    JUKI2050 SMT machine anti-static waste turnover box hollow board box PCB turnover box
    JUKI maintenance oil placement machine butter JUKI placement machine maintenance oil JUKI 6459 special butter NO.2
    JUKI placement machine 2070 filter cotton 40046646SMT suction nozzle filter core 2080 JX-100 JX-350
    JUKI placement machine filter cotton FX-1/FX-1R filter cotton JUKI metal copper filter cotton L155E421000
    JUKI placement machine filter cotton KE-2050/2060 filter core FILTER E3052-729-000 FX-3
    JUKI SMT machine nozzle maintenance oil nozzle cleaning oil nozzle maintenance lubricant DEFRIX OIL NO.1
    KH-893 Automatic SMT machine nozzle cleaning machine High pressure jet cleaning machine Can wash 30 nozzles at a time
    KIC 2000 furnace temperature tester furnace temperature tracker reflow soldering furnace temperature curve test nine channels
    KIC start furnace temperature tester, reflow soldering temperature tracer, six-channel thermometer START
    KIC2000 start furnace temperature tester six nine channel SMT reflow soldering temperature thermometer wave soldering
    KIC furnace temperature tester temperature measuring line SMPW-K-M+TT-K-30-SE thermocouple reflow soldering K-type temperature sensing line
    KIC furnace temperature tester temperature sensing wire reflow soldering temperature measuring wire TT-K-30-SLE Teflon K type thermocouple wire
    KIC data connection line KIC furnace temperature tester data line KIC2000 data transmission line 2 meters
    LED aluminum substrate splitter PCB fiberglass splitter PCB circuit splitter circuit board splitter
    MOA positioning splicing scissors EPS-020 splicing tape flat scissors SMT splicing scissors copper buckle presser
    MPM125 automatic printing machine clip edge SPEEDLINE factory price direct sales 1016013-04 1016014-04
    NPM Panasonic with magnetic rubber thimble Yamaha anti-static soft thimble Fuji placement machine flexible PIN thimble
    NSK grease NSL Yamaha chip mounter YAMAHA rail screw bearing grease butter 80G caterpillar
    PANASONIC Panasonic Lubricating Oil N510048200AA Mounter Screw Maintenance Grease LCG100Gre
    PANASONIC Panasonic Lubricating Oil N990PANA-027 80G Mounting Machine Screw Maintenance Grease
    Panasonic Panasonic Grease N510048190AA 200G Rail Screw Maintenance Lubricant LCG100
    Panasonic Panasonic SMD machine lubricant N990PANA-028 suction nozzle maintenance lubricating clear oil grease
    REMON reflow soldering chain 05B carbon steel chain 05B with tip chain imported chain PCB board transport chain
    SAMSUNG Samsung filter cotton SMD machine head vacuum filter core J7458002A SM320 sm321
    SICK photoelectric sensor photoelectric switch CDD-11N docking station optical eye wave soldering into the board induction switch
    smc imported wave soldering flux tube tu0604 acid and alkali resistant 0805 corrosion resistant trachea 1065
    Smc trachea Ridong Jintuo wave soldering flux tube 0604 acid and alkali resistant 0805 corrosion resistant gas pipe joint
    SMD parts counter automatic material counting machine resistance capacitance counter inventory electronic components material counting machine
    SMT steel mesh wiping paper Steel mesh cleaning paper solder paste wiping paper automatic printing machine wiping paper dust-free roll paper
    SMT docking station pulley metal double bearing pulley M4 flat pulley flat belt idler
    SMT docking station belt pulley groove 3MM rail assembly line copper wheel idler flat belt drive wheel round pulley
    SMT docking station pulley groove 6MM rail assembly line copper wheel idler flat belt drive wheel round pulley
    SMT docking station width adjustment device conveyor adjustment seat plug-in line width adjustment mechanism 350-600 assembly line
    smt splice tape SMT double-sided splice tape double-sided splice piece 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm splice tape
    SMT splicing scissors SMT positioning splicing scissors smt flat mouth scissors splicing tools stainless steel easy to dock
    SMT splicing scissors V-shaped material belt splicing pliers SMT serrated positioning cutting pliers dog teeth scissors lace cut billing
    SMT empty tray recovery rack SMT waste tray overhead tray overhead tray fixing rack spot factory direct sales
    SMT row jointing copper buckle continuous row stapler type row jointing pliers special connection copper buckle connection belt
    SMT automatic solder paste mixer, tin paste mixer, solder paste reheating machine, double cup solder paste mixer
    SUNEAST Nitto reflow soldering wire terminal, Jin Tuo wave soldering heating tube insulation terminal
    Suneast Nitto reflow high temperature motor wind wheel 150w cooling fan FM150K-2 hot air motor
    THK AFE-CA grease Samsung placement machine screw track slider bearing maintenance oil Shell EP2 white oil
    THK lubricants AFA/AFB-LF/AFC/AFE-CA/AFF/AFG/AFJ placement machine and other equipment lubricants
    ThreeBond ThreeBond 2706 Degreasing Cleaner Powerful Cleaning Machine Grease Dirt Deglue Spray
    YAMAHA anti-static waste turnover box YSM10 hollow board trash bin Yamaha YSM20 waste bin
    YAMAHA YAMAHA placement machine filter cotton YAMAHA YV100 filter cotton K46-M8527-C00 hard
    Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine steel mesh fixing screw with tablet screen printing screen printing machine plum blossom handle screw M10
    Semi-automatic solder paste printer accessories L-type positioning seat PIN positioning needle mounting support PCB board positioning bracket
    Semi-automatic printing machine positioning pin SMT solder paste printing machine accessories PCB board stainless steel positioning pin copper thimble
    Semi-automatic printing machine steel wire transmission belt PU timing belt Jintuo wave soldering spray nozzle toothed belt
    Semi-automatic printing machine stencil locking screw M10*60 screen printing table SMT precision fingerprint printing table pressing fixing clip
    Semi-automatic printing machine scraper cylinder CDU25*50 solder paste printing machine scraper cylinder MD25*50
    Semi-automatic printing machine energy-saving blade 200MM with baffle blade stainless steel blade solder paste blade
    Semi-automatic printing machine aluminum strip screen printing machine aluminum bead printing table support block top plate top block support bar aluminum block
    Semi-automatic printing machine manual scraper SMT aluminum alloy scraper solder paste screen printing stainless steel hand scraper blade
    Wave soldering PCB board block tin strip furnace fixture titanium alloy anti-welding rod carrier block tin strip with shrapnel spot
    Wave soldering guide rails with double hooks, chevron guide rails, transport rails, aluminum profiles
    Wave soldering high temperature gloves 360 degree filtering gas mask Fully sealed mask for tin furnace to stir tin slag
    Wave soldering high temperature mica wire Tin furnace high temperature wire Reflow soldering heating tube heating wire Pure copper high temperature wire
    Wave soldering tin furnace fixture titanium claw flow welding frame resin claw chain claw with stainless steel shrapnel carrier fixture
    Wave soldering reflow furnace cleaning agent Rosin cleaning agent Flux cleaning agent Lead-free environmentally friendly water-based
    Wave soldering reflow soldering temperature sensing line Tin furnace temperature measurement Preheating zone temperature measuring probe Thermocouple temperature sensing line
    Wave soldering into the board optical eye SICK photoelectric sensor photoelectric switch CRD-300N docking station optical eye
    Wave soldering chain grease MOBIL American Mobil compound high temperature grease XHP222 high temperature resistance 380 degrees
    Wave soldering aluminum alloy tin bar circuit board tin bar PCB board tin bar aluminum profile tin bar 1 meter double F
    Wave soldering spray control valve nozzle control valve ASC-06 -08 Yade passenger solenoid valve
    Wave soldering cleaning agent Furnace rosin cleaning agent Wave soldering claw washing liquid Reflow soldering chain cleaning agent
    Wave soldering time relay DHC8 timing controller Dahua time system replaces PET009 timer
    Wave soldering titanium alloy tin bar PCB board tin solder furnace tin block stainless steel fixture clip carrier tin bar
    Wave soldering titanium claw chain buckle 35B chain claw chain buckle tin furnace buckle snap spring transport chain buckle
    Wave soldering titanium claw brushes Titanium claw cleaning brush 80*25MM paw cleaning brush refreshing cleaning brush 100*40MM
    Wave soldering tank valve Anti-friction oxidation cover of tin furnace impeller impeller bearing heat sleeve
    Wave soldering furnace wave test glass high temperature glass tin furnace testing glass wave soldering glass
    Wave soldering lower plate machine out board machine belt assembly line connecting belt Wave soldering out board connection conveyor belt
    Wave soldering preheating heating tube wave soldering quartz heating tube wave soldering ceramic heating tube preheating tube custom
    Wave soldering transport optical eye slot type optical eye EE-SX670 slot photoelectric switch wave soldering counting optical eye
    Wave soldering flux nozzle, tin furnace atomizing nozzle, spray nozzle, nozzle for hand dip tin furnace
    Wave soldering flux trachea anti-corrosion steam pipe PET tube spot domestic 6MM 8MM trachea
    Stainless steel high temperature wire lug copper wire rope cold pressed terminal wave soldering heating wire wiring nose reflow soldering heating
    Plug-in zipper strip 06C assembly line single-row nylon chain 35B nylon chain 3 points plug-in line nylon chain
    Plug-in chain chain 06B/06C with side roller chain 35B with side ear carbon steel reflow soldering ball chain buckle joint
    Chengfeng Instrument Glass Rotor Flowmeter LZB-4DKF Wave Soldering Flowmeter Flux Rosin Flowmeter
    Desen automatic printing machine stepper motor driver DESEN servo motor transport rail wipe test paper
    Desen printing machine scraper SMT printing machine accessories Desen printing machine scraper GKG doctor
    Desen Automatic Printing Machine Rail Belt 3008 Single Side Baffle Belt Blue Printing Machine Belt
    Customized reflow soldering square heating wire Wave soldering heating tube Keita square heating wire electromechanical heating wire
    Higashino Yoshida wave welding impeller Tin furnace impeller Higashino Yoshida impeller custom wave welding impeller stirs tin
    Dodo wave soldering titanium claws Dodo chain claws with post claws resin claws heavy claws chain claws tablet claws
    Duoduo sprayer KD-S chain gear transmission guide wheel sprocket wave soldering inlet gear reflow soldering wheel
    Multi-function solder paste reheating machine
    Feixinda wave welding double hook claw double hook claw Jintuo titanium claw wave welding titanium claw chain claw PCB transport claw
    Fujia wave soldering titanium claw tin furnace chain claw Nitto SA-3 fixture claw narrow hook Nitto wave soldering SA-3
    Fuji CP7 bracket filter cotton FUJI CP743 CP742 CP8 placement machine filter cotton seat DCPH0630
    Fuji patch red glue SMT high temperature resistant glue NE8800T PCB circuit electronic components patch dispensing
    Gangyang wave welding chain claw S&M claw wave welding transport claw Gangyang wave welding double groove claw
    Gangyang reflow soldering heating wire Gangyang reflow furnace heating tube Kaitai reflow soldering wave soldering heating tube heating wire
    High-precision solder paste screen printing station SMT manual screen printing station LED manual solder paste printing station steel mesh red offset printing machine
    High quality SMC magnetic switch/sensor DZ-73 Class B (SMC type lead length 2 meters)
    High temperature 304 stainless steel float switch Jintuo wave soldering liquid level switch four ball seven line liquid level controller
    Supply of high temperature glass Wave soldering preheating area high temperature glass Black grain pattern high temperature glass can be customized
    Supply Jintuo docking station belt SMD machine belt flat belt non-slip SMT track belt 1-2 meters
    Supply Song Yi wave soldering double hook claw Song Yi titanium claw double hook claw trolley claw wave welding accessories
    Supply of lead-free anti-oxidation tin slag reducing powder tin slag reducing agent wave soldering furnace solder paste reducing powder spot
    Blower, pipeline fan, powerful air curtain machine, TAICHUN UFO fan UF-310H wave solder exhaust fan
    Guang Shengde wave soldering slot switch spray induction optical eye EE-SX671 U slot limit sensor
    Guangshengde wave soldering titanium claw tin furnace chain claw GSD double hook claw wave soldering accessories claw tin furnace PCB transportation
    Through wave soldering claws, PCB fixing claws, tin furnace fixture titanium claws, furnace template, flow welding frame resin claws
    South Korea MOA stapler-type receiving pliers SMT copper buckle presser smd row copper buckle special pliers row copper buckle
    Haobao reflow soldering high temperature motor hot air motor cooling fan SY125L motor fan custom
    Hexi wave soldering claw oblique brush 100*40MM and west titanium claw cleaning brush 4


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