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Axial Radial Insertion Machine Automatic Universal AI Led Insert Equipment

Axial Radial Insertion Machine Automatic Universal AI Led Insert Equipment

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Axial Radial Insertion Machine Automatic Universal AI Led Insert Equipment


Radial Auto Insertion Machine china brand Radila and Axial AI led insert equipment

Quick Detail
we supply all brand insert machine
Universal  and panasonic brand avk3 rh2 ...


Theoretical velocity 18000 / h (software system upgrade can be speeded up)
Insertion loss rate Less than 300PPM
Insertion direction The 0-360 degree increment is 1 degrees.
Lead span Double spaced 2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm or 3.5mm
Substrate size Minimum 50mm * 50mm, maximum 450mm x 450mm
Substrate thickness 0.79-2.36mm
Component specification The maximum height is 23mm, the maximum diameter is 10mm, and the maximum pin diameter is 0.8mm.
Component species Capacitors, transistors, triode, LED lights, button switches, resistance, connectors, coils, potentiometers, fuse seats, fuse wire and other vertical tape packaging materials.
Length of shear foot of element lead 1.5 + 0.3mm (short leg knife), 2 + 0.3mm (long sword).
Angle of elbow of element lead 10-35 degree (adjustable)
Number of material stations The 60 stop (the number of push to use stations) is optional (10-100 stations).
Machine size (long * width * high) Host size 1800mm x 1600mm x 2000mm
Material station size 500mm x 600mm x 760m
Machine weight 2000KG (40 station)
Use power 220V, AC (single phase) 50/60HZ, 2.0KVA/1.8KW (energy saving)
System protection Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) configuration can run for 15 minutes after power failure.
Use power 1.6KW (energy saving type)
Use of air pressure 0.6--0.8MPA
Gas consumption 0.3 cubic / minute
Use of ambient temperature 5-25 degrees
Machine noise 65 decibels
Hole position correction method Machine vision system, multi point MARK visual correction.
driving system AC servo, AC motor
Data input mode USB interface input (EXCEL document format)
Control system Chinese operation interface (WINDOWS system control platform) LCD monitor
Component density The 1mm distance between the components and the distance between the patch element and the hole can not be less than 3mm
Worktable operation mode Clockwise and counterclockwise direction
Transmission mode of PCB Manual / automatic optional



Product Name: smt   Auto Insertion Machine
Used for: smt assembly full line
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world

Packaging details:foam and carton
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information

5.WE sell and buy used equipment long-term
Conditional requirements
Requirements for environment: temperature: 15 ~ 35 C, humidity: not greater than 75%RH.
Requirements for compressed air: pressure 90PSI, flow rate 2.75, air quality: clean and dry.
Demand for electricity: AC:200/230V 6.25A 50/60HZ.
Automatic vertical plug-in
Automatic vertical plug-in
Requirements for working PCB board:
1, size: 100 * 80mm ~ 480 * 400mm thickness =0.8 ~ 2.36mm.
2, there is a positioning hole parallel to the horizontal axis of the machine worktable.
3. The silk screen is clear with the hole position.
Operation method
1, tooling cuffs require beam ends, work shoes must be skid resistant, and high heels can not be worn.
2, when working on the machine back stack, you must press the STOP key to make it light.
3, women workers require wearing headscarves, long hair to hang up, male workers are not allowed to wear ties, to prevent entry into the machine at work.
4, machine single operation, strictly prohibit many people at the same time operation.
5, work in the hands of the board, the lower board, in the machine internal repair components to use pliers or tweezers (axial components), hands well, hand out of the plug-in area, and then operate the control panel.
6, before starting the machine, remove all tools and debris on the machine table.
Special-shaped component plug-in
Special-shaped component plug-in
7, do not put anything on the worktable in order to avoid damaging the machine.
8, in the work, if the machine suddenly stops because of unknown reasons, it must not extend to the head of the plug.
9. When a plug-in error occurs in normal production, you must not extend your hand to the plugin head.
10, for automatic upper and lower plate machine, the machine is normal production, prohibit to extend the hand into the bridge.
11. Understand the mesa movement area of the machine without collision.