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PCB Automatic Stack Machine For Single Side PCB  a Single Layer PCB

PCB Automatic Stack Machine For Single Side PCB a Single Layer PCB

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    PCB Automatic Stack Machine


    Single Side PCB Automatic Stack Machine

  • Voltage
  • Type
  • Weight
  • Transfer Height
  • Product Name
    PCB Automatic StackING Machine
  • Air Pressure And Flow Rate
  • Full Load Quantity
    200 Or More
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  • Packaging Details
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    5 days
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    Western Union
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PCB Automatic Stack Machine For Single Side PCB a Single Layer PCB

Product Description:

SMT Periphery Equipment: PCB Automatic Stack Machine

This SMT Periphery Equipment, PCB Automatic Stack Machine, is a type of SMT MACHINE. It is lightweight and compact, only weighing 70KG, yet it is capable of handling full loads of 200 or more. It is also equipped with an air pressure and flow rate of 4-6BAR, making it an ideal choice for a variety of SMT PCB stacking applications. This machine is an economical and efficient PCB Automatic Stack Machine, and economy SMT PCB Automatic Stack Machine, providing a cost-effective solution for the production of quality products.

PCB Automatic Stack Machine For Single Side PCB  a Single Layer PCB 0


  • Product Name: PCB Automatic Stack Machine
  • Transfer Height: 900±30mm
  • Machine model: CNSMT-ST250
  • Cycle time: 10S
  • Weight: 70KG

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name PCB Automatic Stack Machine
Machine Model CNSMT-ST250
Transfer Height 900±30mm
PCB Thickness 0.8-3.0mm
Full Load Quantity 200 Or More
Voltage 110,220V
Cycle Time 10S
Power Supply 50Hz
PCB Size 50mm-500*400mm
Power 0.05KW


CNSMT-ST250   A PCB stacking machine is a type of automated equipment used in the field of electronics manufacturing, particularly in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Its main function is to stack and arrange multiple PCBs in a precise and organized manner, usually for further processing, assembly, or packaging. This automation helps improve efficiency, reduce errors, and speed up the manufacturing process.

PCB Automatic Stack Machine For Single Side PCB  a Single Layer PCB 1


Key features and functions of a PCB stacking machine might include:

Precision Stacking: The machine ensures accurate alignment and stacking of PCBs to avoid misalignment, damage, or defects.

High Throughput: These machines are designed to handle a large number of PCBs in a short amount of time, improving production efficiency.

Automation: PCB stacking machines are typically fully automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing the risk of human error.

Adjustability: Some machines offer adjustable parameters to accommodate various PCB sizes, thicknesses, and configurations.

Integration: Stacking machines can often be integrated into larger assembly lines, complementing other processes such as component placement, soldering, and testing.

Quality Control: These machines might incorporate sensors and vision systems to ensure proper alignment and detect defects.

Conveyor Systems: Some PCB stacking machines are equipped with conveyor systems to transport the stacked PCBs to the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Software Control: Control software allows operators to set up the machine, adjust settings, and monitor the stacking process.

Safety Measures: Safety features might be integrated to prevent accidents and protect operators.

Overall, PCB stacking machines play a crucial role in streamlining the PCB manufacturing process by efficiently arranging and handling PCBs, ultimately contributing to higher production rates and better product quality.


Support and Services:

SMT Periphery Equipment Technical Support and Service

We provide comprehensive technical support and services for SMT Periphery Equipment. Our experts are available to help you maximize efficiency and productivity. We offer a variety of services such as:

  • Onsite installation and set up
  • Troubleshooting maintenance and repair
  • Remote technical support
  • Consultation on system optimization
  • Upgrades for better performance
  • Software updates
  • Training and education

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. If you have any questions or concerns about our SMT Periphery Equipment services, please feel free to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

The packaging and shipping of PCB stacking machine include the following steps:

  1. Package the equipment carefully using appropriate materials.
  2. Label the package with the customer's name, address and contact details.
  3. Use a reliable shipping service to ensure the equipment reaches its destination safely and on time.
  4. Provide tracking information for the customer to monitor the progress of the shipment.
  5. Monitor the progress of the shipment and inform the customer of any delays.


Q1: What is the brand name of PCB stacking machine?

A1: The brand name of PCB stacking machine is CNSMT.

Q2: What is the model number of PCB stacking machine?

A2: The model number of PCB stacking machine is CNSMT-ST250.

Q3: Where is the PCB stacking machine made?

A3: The PCB stacking machine is made in China.

Q4: What are the features of PCB stacking machine?

A4: The features of PCB stacking machine include high-speed operation, accurate placement, low noise operation, and high precision.

Q5: How to use PCB stacking machine?

A5: PCB stacking machine should be used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions.