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Lightweight SMT Line Machine Ultrasound Handheld Stencil Cleaning Machine

Lightweight SMT Line Machine Ultrasound Handheld Stencil Cleaning Machine

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    conformal coating equipment


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    SMT Handheld Stencil Washing Machine
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    SMT Handheld Stencil Washing Machine
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Lightweight SMT Line Machine Ultrasound Handheld Stencil Cleaning Machine



SMT Handheld Stencil Washing Machine Ultrasound Manunal Stencil Cleanning table machine


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GAM-40 Steel Net Washer Handheld Screen Cleaning Machine Ultrasonic GAM-40A Steel Net Washer

SMT hand-held stencil cleaner (GAM-40)"Details
● Inline cleaning of printed meshes, especially fine pitch
● Mounter nozzle cleaning, removing stubborn dirt is easy
● Misprint PC board cleaning on the spot, quick and easy
● Completely online operation, patented technology, new SMT cleaning measures.
I. Overview and use
The metal mesh cleaning equipment consists of two main parts: a two-way power generator, a vibrator, and a washer. The two outputs can be used interchangeably.
1, the dual-channel generator operating frequency is 40KHz, the frequency of automatic tracking.
2. The vibrator (working head) generates ultrasonic vibration under the action of a high-frequency power source.
Atomization strips dirt.
3, the solution stored in the cleaner under ultrasonic cavitation, can wash the placement machine
The residual dirt in the suction nozzle can also be used for the purpose of stirring the solder paste.
4, turn on the AC power switch, the cleaner directly into a certain solution
Working conditions, nozzle cleaning time depends on the situation of the dirt, usually completed in about three minutes.
5, vibrator in the power is turned on, press the work button, vibrator indicator
Light up, act randomly on the surface of the screen with a small amount of cleaning fluid, and the dirt sinks along the mesh holes and grooves. The supporting tray is placed on the lower part of the screen to receive dirt.
Second, the principle of ultrasonic cleaner
In the SMT production process, the suction nozzle of the placement machine generates a release negative pressure when the compressed air is used to release the components. This negative pressure sucks dirt and solder paste particles and glue on the PC board. Using the principle of cavitation peeling and non-perforation generated by ultrasonic waves in the solution, the dirt in the inner pipe of the nozzle is quickly washed. The stubborn residue in the pores under the dissolution of the alcohol solution, ultrasonic power enough to clear the perfect.
Third, ultrasonic vibration cleaner principle
SMT printing machine stencil in the work process of missed solder paste, the flux component of the solder paste continuously volatile, solidified. The fine particles of the solder powder are inadvertently adhered to the edge of the hole wall. Following the increase in the number of demoulding, the pore wall finish gradually decreased, resulting in poor printing of the PC board and poor demoulding effect. A small amount of lotion is injected on the surface of the metal net plate, and the ultrasonic vibration is used. At this time, the frequency difference between the vibration mode of the mask and the dirt of the mesh hole plus the chemical dissolution and ultrasonic atomization of the lotion make the dirt follow the wall and the groove. Stripped down. The larger proportion of solder paste residue will quickly sink to achieve the purpose of cleaning.




Product Name: SMT Manunal tray
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
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