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SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter

SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter

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    Reel Tape SMD Chip Counter


    SMT LED SMD Chip Counter


    CNSMT CE-Y802

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SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter

Automatic SMT LED Digital Counter for SMD chip and components reel tape counting machine
SMT part counter/dotting machine /SMT counter /SMD counting machine/component counter /SMD part counter



smd counter machine
reel counter machine
component counting machine
smd reel counter machine

Types of the SMD component counter machine

model YS-801E YS-801 YS-801S YS-802E YS-802 YS-802S YS-891 YS-892 YS-892Z
Leak detection function NO NO NO YES YES YES NO YES YES
tailings stop not support not support not support support support support not support support support
running speed 25S 13S 10S 25S 13S 10S 10S 10S 10S
  REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000 REEL/5000
motor 42step 42step 57step 42step 42step 57step 57step 57step 57step
Motor adopts CHINA Foreign Foreign CHINA Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign
power 50w 50W 80W 50W 50W 80W 80W 80W 80W
processor single core double core 8 cores single core double core 8 cores 8 cores 8 cores 8 cores
Voice broadcast       not support       support
Fixed point material support
Multi-speed speed regulation support
scan print support
Positive and negative counting support
Scope of use Tape-type parts are suitable for all sizes   The maximum REEL diameter that can be put down is 460mn
weight 10kg 10kg 10. 5kg 10. 5kg 10. 5kg 11kg 11kg 11kg 11kg
size L770+W340+H190 L670+W400+H270

1,YS801E  Common SMD component counter

2,YS802E  Prevent side leakage  SMD parts counter

3,YS801  High quality SMD component counter

4,YS802 High quality Prevent side leakage  SMD parts counter


CNSMT is one of the most reliable SMD parts counting machine manufactuer in China, who has its own factory for producing this machine.


As we are the first hand of the SMD component counting machine, you will be got the best price from us, and our professional engineer will provide the best after sale service for you,


If you are the first time use this machine, and you dont know how to operate it, we will provide online teaching and vedios.


Except common model of SMD reel counter machine, we also can customize all kinds of other special models  according your requirement.


This machine used for calculate smd parts, count electric component parts.

Quick Detail

Our advantages :(gather the advantages and advantages of various SMD component reel parts counters in the market, and guarantee the quality)
1: material with strong adaptability, because of our feeding belt structure is integrated the advantages of the many models on the market, so our SMD parts counter machine for strip resilient, a lot of smd chip counter machines on the market now run into the market is easy to take off the strip material.
2. Ball bearing structure is adopted in the rotation part of the machine gear, which is more stable than plastic bearing used by other companies and has unlimited service life.
3. The SMD component reel counters machine shell is made of one-time bending, not welded, and has a strong and durable character.
4: the monitor and switch power supply, electronic components and other key components of our machine all adopt very reliable products.
5. The purpose of our after-sales service is to guarantee the whole SMD component reel counter machine for one year and to guarantee the product quality for one month.

Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter 0

SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter 1

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SMD Reel component Counters

This will helps you and the fast way to count components on the reel.
To keep your SMT production line running smoothly as much as possible you need an accurate SMD component counter on every reel. A precise SMD parts counter will make production flow better and give you more production.


This makes an SMD components counter very smooth so choose the right SMD component counter.

Component Counters

Provides the high-speed optical fiber, the user-friendly design may cut examines knows the spatial material to stop two conditions, the former convenience assembly line work quality control. Aside from easy to operate it is so convenient that it can set several components.

CNSMT bragging this proudly that we gain over 500 customers' trust and buy SMD Counter Machine. We still have lots of machines with different kinds of models at our factory. We are a well known and respected supplier in China. Place the order and leave the rest to us.



CNSMT specializes in the production and sales of "SMD reel counter-SMD component counting machine-smd parts counter-SMT parts counter/pointing machine/SMT counter/SMD counting machine. The first-class product quality and superb technical service have won unanimous praise from users. .

Features: Fully automatic method to calculate the number of parts, the operation is simple, fast and accurate (zero error), the number of components can be preset, and the speed can be adjusted, which is convenient for ordering, sending and picking.


It is specially designed for SMT material belt parts, and can be used in any size. With the function of normal and reverse belt return, it can fully control the number of SMT components in the factory, avoid the backlog of inventory and funds, small size, light weight, and easy to carry.


Power supply: 220V /110v Power consumption: about 15W
Counting quantity: -99999~99999 pcs.

Machine weight: 10KG
Dimensions: 450 (L) 270 (W) 220 (H) MM Brand: ETOOL
Scope of application:

1, material belt wheel (REEL) diameter: any size can be applied
2. Tape width (WQIDTH) 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44, 56 (MM)
3. Part interval (PITCH) 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52.56 (MM)

SMT parts counter/pointer/SMT counter/SMD counting machine/component counter/SMD parts counter

Features: Using the photoelectric sensor principle, using the corresponding relationship between the part carrier tape guide hole and the part, the number of SMD parts can be accurately measured, which can realize convenient and fast counting.


It is an efficient auxiliary equipment for SMT factory material management, especially in the outbound processing. Issuing materials are of great help. Count the number of components in a fully automatic way, which is convenient for ordering, issuing and inventory counting.


The speed of this SMD reel counting machine can be adjusted from one to nine levels. When it is adjusted to level 9, the speed is twice that of ordinary parts counters. Trouble-free operation.


Low operating noise. Unique design of preventing material from falling off. Both forward and reverse can be counted, the number can be preset, and the number can be set as much as needed, and it can be stopped at the preset number.


With LCD display, easy to read, the operation panel is Chinese and English, and the operation is simple. Humanized operating platform design. High accuracy, no counting error.

table of Contents

*: Counter function, working environment and machine specifications------------------- 1

*: Counter film panel function and operating instructions ---------------------- II

*: Counter operation method ------------------------------------------ III

*: Precautions for use-------------------------------------------- IV

*: Scope of application---------------------------------------------- ---- Fives

1. Function:

1: This machine is a fully automatic electronic component counter, with convenient operation, accurate and fast functions, replacing manual counting and improving work efficiency.

2: It is suitable for counting SMT tape-type electronic components, which brings great convenience to the staff in ordering, sending and picking materials.

3: The staff can make appropriate settings according to the number of components to be counted and the center spacing of two adjacent components on the material belt.

2. Working environment:

Power (Power) AC220V /110V 50Hz/ AC110V 60Hz

Power consumption: 15W

Three main specifications and technical parameters

Counting range (Counter Range -99999~99999

Noise rank <65 decibels

Weight (Weight) 10kg

Dimensions (Dimension)(mm) (L) 450 * (W) 270 * (H) 220mm

3.1 Outline structure diagram

Four film panel functions and operating instructions:

0~9-----Number symbol key: each key has the function of number on the key.

SPEED +------Speed ​​increase button: press this button to adjust the speed upwards, the maximum speed is 9 levels.

SPEED-------Speed ​​reduction button: Press this button to adjust the speed downwards, the minimum speed is level 1.

At the same time, there is a corresponding speed display on the display, SP stands for speed, and the number below SP stands for corresponding speed.

PITCH↑ (spacing) ----Electronic component spacing upward adjustment key: It can be set according to the center spacing of two adjacent components on the tape.

The specific setting method is as follows: there are guide holes under any SMD reel loading belt, and the distance between two adjacent guide holes of any SMD reel loading belt is 4mm,


the unit of the number of our PITCH is mm, the number that can be set is as follows: 2,4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48,52,56. The meaning of this number is the center distance between two adjacent components in mm. From the corresponding relationship between the components and the guide holes,


we can know how much the PITCH number of the tape should be set to. For example, a general 0805 resistor: the bottom of a component corresponds to a guide hole, because the distance between the guide hole and the hole is 4mm, so the center distance between two 0805 resistors is also 4mm, then the number of PITCH should be set to 4.


The bottom of the corresponding to 2 guide holes, then PITCH should be set to 8. The same reason, if there are two components above a guide hole (such as 0402 resistance), then PITCH should be set to 2, and so on, you can know other The setting principle of spacing.

PITCH↓ (spacing) ---- downward adjustment key for the spacing of electronic components.

CLEAR (clear) ------ delete key: delete the data currently displayed on the LCD screen. (Note: In the AUTO state, the deleted number is the number under COUNT, and in the MANL state the number under the SET).

LOSS (leak test) ----- missing parts setting button (leak test type).

MANL/AUTO (manual/automatic)------MANL is the method of setting the number of components, and AUTO is the method of counting the total number of components.

TIME (time)-------time setting key: After pressing this key to enter the time setting state, you can enter the year, month, date, hour, and minute in turn (the year is four digits, and the rest are two digits). Press the confirm key once to be effective.

REWINDING-----Motor reverse key: Press this key to rotate the motor in reverse.

STOP (stop)---------stop key: press this key to stop the counter.

START (forward rotation) ---------Motor forward key, press this key to rotate the motor forward.

Five operation methods:

1: After the counter is connected to the AC220V/110V power supply, the LCD screen will display COUNT, PITCH, SET and other data.

2: Select the PITCH parameters according to the center distance between the two adjacent electronic components of the tape to be counted.

3: Mount the electronic component tray to be counted on the tray support on the left, and fix the empty tray on the tray support on the right.

4: Pass the material belt under the guide wheel and close the conveyor hole of the material belt to the counter gear, and fix the front end of the first component of the material belt on the empty tray (generally, the front end of the material belt is 10~30CM without components)


Then align the leading edge separator pin of the first component with the center line of the red arrow of the counter and press the delete button to reset the number on the LCD screen to zero, and then start counting. The counting is divided into automatic mode (ATUO) and manual mode (MANL).


a. If you are in AUTO (automatic) state (there is no data under SET on the display at this time), you can press "START"

To start counting.

b. After counting, press the "PRINTER" key, and the barcode printer will print out the correct number of components and the set characters or date.


a. If you are counting in the MANL (manual) state (at this time, the status 00000 will be displayed under the display SET), please set the number of components to be counted.

b. Then repeat the fourth step.

c. Press the "START" key to start counting. When the number of components exceeds the set count, the machine will stop (but due to the inertia of the motor, the feeder will stop after the motor brakes for a while).

d. If the number of components exceeds due to inertia, you can manually rotate the left tray counterclockwise to the required number.

Six matters needing attention:

1: Do not place the machine in a humid, high temperature place, and keep the surface of the machine clean.

2: Be careful when handling the machine, and the working place of the machine should be stable and clean.

3: When loading the material belt, the staff should align the conveyor hole of the material belt with the counter gear, so as not to damage the material belt while the counter is working, and check whether the material belt is fixed.

4: When using the machine, the staff must manually judge whether the component on the tape has been counted to the last one. If the count reaches the last one, press the "STOP" button to stop counting, but due to inertia, the tape will follow the motor Rotate and move a little to the right. At this time, the tape should be pulled to the left to the last element.


The COUNT number displayed on the display is the total number of tape counting elements. The staff can press the "PRINTER" key to print this number come out. To return the material to the left side, press "REWINDING".

5: Counting in the MANL state, the machine will automatically stop working every time the set count is completed, and the final total quantity is superimposed when counting again.

6: If the staff presses the "STOP" key during the counting process, the display will show the number of components counted before stopping. At this time, just press the "START" key and the counter will continue to work or press "REWINDING" Key to return the tape.

7: During the counting process, if the right material belt becomes loose, the motor will stop rotating. At this time, the staff should first press the "STOP" key to stop working, fix it, and then press the "START" key to make the counter continue to work.

8: Be sure to eliminate static electricity when the machine is working, that is, install a grounding device on the FG hole.

9: Turn off the power in time when the machine is not working.

10: After counting, press the power switch to turn off the power of the machine.

Seven scope of application of this machine:

Tape-type SMD electronic components (resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.)

Strip width: 65 (MAX)

Diameter of the tray: 400 (MAX)

The distance between the tape elements 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56 is in millimeters.



SMT Reel Tape Automatic SMT LED Digital SMD Chip Counter 3




smd component counter machine is basically an equipment that is used in industries. It is manufactured in China. It is a highly-efficient reel counter machine for SMT material management.


By using this smd component counter machine, all your problems related to chip counting would resolve. SMD component counter has the potential of counting forward and backward. Although, able to come to its initial stage. Its design allows the user to see the LCD and its parts that are being counted.

There are various SMD counting machines with different characteristics for easy count on industrial level.

How to choose the best smd component counter machine?

  1. SMD reel counter machine must be easy to use and reliable.
  2. SMD parts counter machine must occupy less space.
  3. SMD component counter must be sufficient enough to handle the workload.
  4. Research and get reviews of people before ordering a Reel counter machine.


Our product is satisfied because of positive feedback from our clients. Customer’s satisfaction is our main aim in selling our SMD PARTS COUNTER. We guarantee you there will not any bumps counting.


What makes our manual smd component counter machine best?


Due to its easy operation and high accuracy, it is one of the most demanding product . SMD parts counter machine is error-free and its reliability due to SMD tape and reels make it best for use.


Moreover, it is highly recommended due to its unique design which save the tape from drop down and lessens risk of damage is very low.

Some other characteristics of product are

  • Our manual SMD reel counter is affordable and user-friendly.
  • This product fulfills all the guarantees and standard checks.
  • It is modern in its design and working.


You can get all these benefits in one package. To avail all these advantages, buy this extremely reliable product (SMD counter machine).

What is SMD component counter?

  • SMD is one of the best brand in China, that manufactures and sells its products all around the world.
  • It is recommended for buying because of its specification.
  • We are providing carton packaging for the SMD parts counter which reduces the risk of damage.
  • Its packaging is robust.
  • We are offering different warranty policies for our smd component counter machine so that your money may not be wasted.
  • We are surely providing customer support in case of any issues related to our product.
  • There are two options, label printing, and Bar code copy. You can use any of these two.
  • It is light in weight as compared to other counting machines.



What is the working principle of an SMD component counter work?

SMD counter works according to photoelectric sensing and use correspondent relation between part and guide hole. It passes through the specific functioning chip and at last measures the numbers of SMD parts.

How to operate smd component counter machine?

We operate this machine as follows:

  1. Connect the power cable to the anchor and connect the power supply.
  2. Switch on the “Power” of the smd counter machine panel and the LCD panel will sparkle.
  3. Press the “Pitch” option to set the distance between the counted part.
  4. Press “Enter” and put the parts to count on the left side.
  5. Pull out the material belt manually between counting gear and material plate.
  6. Align the hole of the first part and blank space in the middle line of the material plate.
  7. Press the “Rest” button for some seconds to reset to zero

. Note: when you will pull the material belt, the counting gear will start rotating and counting.

  1. Press the “setting” button to choose automatic or manual mode. In the case of the automatic mode, you have to choose the quantity of the count otherwise, press “Forward”.
  2. By using hand pull material belt, and curve it to the material plate. Press “Forward” to start the counter.
  3. The motor will stop after the reach of the desired number.
  4. After completion with counting, press “reverse/Left”. Then roll back to the original panel, and rotating will stop.

Does this product is compatible with English language?

Of Course, this smd component counter machine enables the English language for the people.

Do you perform any quality check standards of your smd component counter machine?

Yes, we fulfill all standards, because customer satisfaction is our first priority. After passing certain quality tests, this product is launched for public use.

After placing the order in how many days you will receive the product?

Usually, it takes 5 to 6 working days. Delivery also depends on the distance and can be delayed due to the weather condition.

What is the age of the smd counter machine?

The smd component counter lasts for five years but it also depends on the ways how you use the product.

Do you sell spare parts of this smd component counter?

Yes, if you want to replace, spare parts of this product are available.




CNSMT also supply bellow smt spare parts: