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SMT Assembly Line PCBA Glue Dispensing Equipment High Speed 270 Points / S

SMT Assembly Line PCBA Glue Dispensing Equipment High Speed 270 Points / S

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    pcb coating machine


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    Pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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    pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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SMT Assembly Line PCBA Glue Dispensing Equipment High Speed 270 Points / S

CNSMT On-line high speed dispensing machine PCBA GLUE Equipment speed 270 points /s
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Both the dispensing machine and the coating machine are used to control the fluid in the product process.
Coating machine, it is in PCB board above the position that needs to stick a piece of special glue in advance, after curing through the oven. The coating is done automatically according to the procedure. The coating machine is mainly used in the production process of three anti-paint, UV glue and other liquids to spray, paint, drip to the precise position of each product, can be used to draw line, circle or arc.
The dispensing machine is also called gluing machine, glue dripping machine, gluing machine, glue pouring machine and so on. And the fluid drip inside, surface coating in the product or product automatic machine, which can realize 3 d, 4 d path point glue, accurate positioning, accurate control adhesive, not drawing, not leak adhesive, no glue. Dispensing machine is mainly used in the product process of glue, paint and other liquid precise point, injection, painting, drop to the precise location, each product can be used to implement dot, line drawing, or circular arc.
So the coating machine is not much different from the dispensing machine.



Product Name: SMT PCB Selective Conformal Coating Machine
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


The on-line high speed injection point glue machine has obvious advantages of high cost performance, reliable and durable, simple design, suitable for multi-specification circuit board, base material. The XYZ axis adopts precision ball screw, servo motor and simple friendly operating software to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
The system is designed for the application of microchip packaging, circuit board assembly, medical supplies, etc., with track width adjustment.
High performance, high cost performance
• high cost performance;
• non-contact injection valve hp-810 to achieve a smaller point glue diameter, thereby broadening the wider application field;
• non-contact injection valve hp-810, high point glue consistency, reduce material waste, improve productivity and yield;
• mature and stable high-speed sports platform;
• UFD control software is easy to operate and easy to program;
• simple integration of automatic upper and lower board machines. Increased capacity
• non-contact injection eliminates z-axis movement time
• non-contact jet speed of 270 points /s
• integrated temperature control technology to reduce manual intervention
• the amount of glue is compensated automatically to reduce the manual adjustment time
• dual-track configuration reduces wait time
• automatic visual position recognition and compensation
• non-contact laser height detection reduces the height detection time of hp-810 high speed injection valve
• non-contact injection • high speed does not require z-axis motion, and the injection speed is up to 270 points per second, 3 to 8 times of the traditional glue.
• high precision and minimum glue volume of 5nl, with unattainable uniformity of traditional glue.
• high flexibility and non-contact to avoid needle collision with workpiece; Small amount of glue, suitable for more compact space.
• advanced structure design with low maintenance and high life, simple daily cleaning and maintenance.
• advanced nano wear-resistant material accessories, more than 20 times the life of ordinary materials.
• independent intellectual property rights
• flow channel and nozzle thermostat system to ensure the consistency of glue temperature
• independent adjustment of pretension and high flexibility of travel
• can handle substrate or substrate of various sizes to meet the requirements of various customers
• flexible selection and allocation of heating modules
• double track independent control, easy software operation
• rapidly changing product lines

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