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3 Axis X Y Z Selective Conformal Coating Machine Solid Frame Structure 700KG Weight

3 Axis X Y Z Selective Conformal Coating Machine Solid Frame Structure 700KG Weight

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    pcb coating machine


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    Pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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    pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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3 Axis X Y Z Selective Conformal Coating Machine Solid Frame Structure 700KG Weight

PCB Full Conformal coating machine 3 axis X Y Z platform coating equipment
Quick Detail

Equipment features:
The solid frame structure of the u-shaped steel platform provides a strong guarantee for the stability of the operation.
U adopts high precision full seal module to completely isolate the corrosion of wire rod and slide rail from fog. Compared with the control system of the stepping motor in the market, it has stable and high precision motion control effect.
U professional control card and high quality sports configuration system provide a solid foundation for high speed and high precision operation
U - alloy track and non - embroidered steel transmission chain.
U adopts man-machine interface, and the fast programming method can greatly reduce the programming time.
U control software is xinnuocoating software independently developed in the environment of windows7 in accordance with the requirements of various coating processes of customers in the industry.
U is fast and stable.
U flexible multi - axis control, can achieve complex PCB plate high - difficulty spraying.
Strong process control ability to ensure high quality and consistency of coating.
U independent paint container barrel and equipped with exhaust vent, effectively reduce the emission of irritating gas.
U spray valve is made by German technology, the size of spray fan is adjustable.
U spray pressure regulating valve adopts high precision digital pressure regulating valve, which can control the edge cleanliness effectively and accurately.
U is equipped with automatic immersion and automatic spitting device, which can avoid the blockage of glue valve outlet spray.
U is equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices.
U has sound and light alarm and menu display.
U paint automatic constant current constant pressure supply to ensure coating consistency.
Automatic cleaning device of u glue valve.
U can be equipped with two sets of feeding system to realize the simultaneous coating of two coatings.
U can be equipped with dual-track system without waiting for teaching in and out of the board, which greatly improves the work efficiency.



Product Name: SMT PCB Selective Conformal Coating Machine
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


Technical parameters
The body parameter
Installation dimensions
H1650mm W1350mm L1200mm * *
The weight of the
Approx. 800 kg
PCB conveyor
PCB transmission height:
900 + 20 mm
Transportation speed
5000 mm/min
Transmission direction:
L - > R (R, L)
PCB edge space
5 mm
Transmission motor power
24 v DC 30 w
Amplitude modulation part
Amplitude modulation range:
50 to 450 mm
Amplitude regulating motor power:
24 v DC 30 w
Amplitude modulation speed
600 mm/min
Coated parts
Number of glue valves:
Type of glue valve:
Needle point glue valve, fine conical spray valve, fan - shaped spray valve
Maximum coverage:
W = 450 * L = 400
Maximum workpiece height
80 mm
Minimum coating accuracy
2 mm
Minimum atomization accuracy
5 mm
Sector atomization width
15 ~ 30 mm
Rubber valve rotation Angle
+ 180 °
Valve tilt Angle
Rubber valve 1: L - > R 35 ° rubber valve 2:35 ° R and L
Convulsions part
The fan power
220 v AC 500 w
Control parameter
The power supply
The total power
2.6 KW

3 Axis X Y Z Selective Conformal Coating Machine Solid Frame Structure 700KG Weight 0