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LED Bulb Automatic Pcb Coating Machine  , Selective Conformal Coating Equipment

LED Bulb Automatic Pcb Coating Machine , Selective Conformal Coating Equipment

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    pcb coating machine


    bga rework machine

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    Pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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    110V/220V OPTION
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    CE Selective PCB Conformal Coating Equipment
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    pcb Selective Conformal Coating Machine
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    5-7 work days
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LED Bulb Automatic Pcb Coating Machine , Selective Conformal Coating Equipment

LED Bulb Assembly Automatic SMT Selective Conformal Coating Machine SMD PCB uv oven




PCB coating machine, pcb conformal coating machine, pcb selective coating machine 


CNSMT is a expert of PCB conformal coating machine, who has over 10 years experience of produce the pcb coating machine , with excellence quality and best price for you.


We not only make standard pcb conformal coating machine, but also develop customize models of the coating machine
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Equipment application:
Home appliances control panel, automotive electronic control board, military instrument circuit board, the computer control panel, industrial equipment control panel, agricultural equipment control panel, battery protection board, LED panel, outdoor LED display, inverter circuit boards, security control board, motor control board, etc.


With the development of industrial modernization, more and more products are produced using production lines. The automatic conformal coating pcb line is an indispensable automatic conformal coating pcb line in the product PCB spraying production line.

It realizes the spraying of semi-finished or finished products and the spraying oven Curing, most existing PCB board coating machines can only coat one PCB board carrier, and the positioning accuracy of the nozzle of the existing pcb coating spray machine is poor, and the response time of the nozzle is slow



Product Name: SMT PCB Selective Conformal Coating Machine
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


Equipment advantages:
Automatic coating machine assembly line: one-time investment, lifelong benefit.
High efficiency: automatic coating, automatic curing, pipeline operation, greatly improve the production capacity.
High quality: the amount and thickness of each product are consistent, the product is consistent, and the quality of each product is stable and reliable.
High precision: selective coating, uniform and accurate, the coating precision is much higher than manual.
Low cost: it economizes manpower, and a line only need one, save material costs, such as the protective tape and saved the time stick and protective tape, greatly reduces the production cost and improve the utilization rate of artificial.
Save glue: artificial anti-corrosion coating paint dosage of each product are inconsistent, film thickness is not uniform, and selective coating machine, spray coating, accurate film thickness is moderate, glue, saving 50% than manual saving coatings.
Low carbon environmental protection: low power and low power consumption; The machine adopts fully enclosed structure, with multi-angle exhaust recovery and sewage system, so as to avoid air pollution in the workshop, protect employees' health and create a safe working environment.
Equipment description:
The solid frame structure provides a strong guarantee for the stability of the platform.
High precision full seal module is adopted to completely isolate the corrosion of the wire rod and slide rail from fog. Compared with the control system of the stepping motor in the market, it has stable and high precision motion control effect.
Special aluminum alloy track and non - embroidered steel transmission chain.
With the man-machine interface, the fast programming method can greatly reduce the programming time.
Fast speed, stable operation.
Strong process control ability to ensure high quality and consistency of coating.
Independent paint container barrels and equipped with exhaust vent effectively reduce the emission of irritating gases.
The spray valve is made by German technology. The size and width of spray fan are adjustable.
Spray valve adopts high precision digital pressure regulating valve, which can control edge cleanliness effectively and accurately.
Equipped with automatic immersion and automatic spitting device, it can avoid the blockage of glue valve outlet spray.
Equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices.
Have sound and light alarm and menu display.
The equipment is equipped with a lighting system and a ultraviolet detection light source, which is convenient and practical

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