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Remote Control SMT Inline Aoi Inspection Equipment High Detection Rate

Remote Control SMT Inline Aoi Inspection Equipment High Detection Rate

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    smt assembly equipment


    smt assembly machine

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Remote Control SMT Inline Aoi Inspection Equipment High Detection Rate

Aleader ALD700D SMT Inline AOI Machines born for a smart factory High detection rate low false positive rate
Quick Detail
High-precision, full-color vision technology
Offline programming, offline debugging
Puzzle and Multi Mark (including Bad Mark function)
High-quality hardware configuration, concise and stable machine
Powerful SPC software features, real-time quality analysis
Multiple detection algorithm with high detection rate and low false positive rate
Automatic recognition of Barcode and OCV text recognition by camera
Can be used after printing, before the furnace, after the furnace and other locations, more than one machine
Based on CAD data, automatically search component libraries for automatic programming
Remote control system connected via wired or wireless network

Product Name:SMT AOI online Machines 
Used for:smt assembly full line 
Warranty:1 Year
Shipmentby air
Delivery Time:1-2Days
Our Main MarketWhole of the world


Detected circuit boardThrough-hole and mixed-technology SMT solder paste printing and reflow furnace front and reflow oven circuit board inspection
Detection methodTOC algorithm, Histogram algorithm, Match algorithm, Short algorithm, OTHER algorithm, CREST algorithm, PIN algorithm and many other leading international algorithms, the system automatically sets its parameters according to different detection points
cameraHigh-speed smart digital camera
Resolution / Vision Range / Speed(Standard) 15μm/Pixel FOV : 38mm×31mm Detection speed <200ms/FOV
 (Optional) 8μm/Pixel FOV : 20mm×16mm Detection Speed ​​<200ms/FOV
light sourceBright RRGB four-color coaxial ring tower LED light source (color light)
Programming modeManual programming, automatic programming, automatic import of CAD data into the component library
remote controlIn the LAN, remote operation via TCP / IP network, view, start or stop the operation of the machine, modify the program and other operations.
Detection coverage typeSolder Paste Printing: Yes, No, Offset, Less Tin, More Tin, Broken Circuit, Continuous Tin, Pollution, etc.
 Part defects: missing parts, offsets, skew, monuments, side elevations, overturned parts, wrong parts (OCV), breakages, reversals, etc.
 Solder joint defects: tin, tin, vacant solder, tin, and copper foil contamination.
Special featuresSupports automatic program retrieval, multi-board multi-program detection functions, and positive and negative program detection functions.
Minimal part testing8μm: 01005chip & 0.3pitch IC.
SPC and process controlRecord test data and conduct statistics and analysis throughout the process. Local area network can view production status and quality analysis through remote control or remote monitoring. It can output report formats such as Excel, Txt, and Word.
Bar code systemAutomatic barcode recognition (1D or 2D code).
Server modeWith the central data server, several AOI data can be centrally managed.
operating systemWindows XP Professional.
Inspection result output22-inch LCD monitor, OK/NG signal, send data file to Repair station (option)
AOI system parameters 
PCB size range50×50mm(Min)~510×500mm(Max)
PCB thickness range0.3 to 5 mm
PCB clamping system edge clearanceTOP:3.5 mm Bottom:3.5 mm
The maximum PCB weight3KG
PCB curvature<5mm or 2% of the PCB diagonal length
Clear height above and below PCBTop Side: 30 mm PCB Bottom Side: 85 mm
Conveyor systemBottom-up fixed, automatic compensation for PCB bending deformation, automatic feeding in and out of plate, flat belt, automatic adjustment of width
Conveyor height above ground890 to980mm
Conveyor Flow / TimeIt can be set as Left→Right→Left/Plate-out time by button: 4 seconds
X/Y platform driverScrew and AC servo motor drive, PCB fixed, Camera moves in X/Y direction; each one is CTQ certified
power supplyAC230V 50/60Hz less than 1.5KVA
Before and after device communicationSmema
equipment weightAbout 700KG
Equipment dimensions900 × 1300 × 1565mm (L × W × H) does not include the height of the signal lamp
Environmental temperature and humidity10 to 35°C 35 to 80% RH (without condensation)
Equipment safety regulationsComply with CE safety standards

That is, after the brush machine is used: In general, defective soldering is derived from defective solder paste printing. At this stage, you can easily and economically remove solder defects from the PCB. Most 2-D inspection systems can monitor solder paste shifts and skews, insufficient printed areas, and sputter tin and short circuits.
After the placement machine: can effectively prevent the loss of components, polarity, shift, erection, negative and so on.
After reflow use: Located at the end of the production line, the inspection system can check for missing, offset, and skewed components, solder joint accuracy and solder paste deficiencies, solder shorts, and awkward feet and all polarity defects.
Remote Control SMT Inline Aoi Inspection Equipment High Detection Rate 0