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Solder Paste Printer SMT Line Machine High Accuracy With Image Acquisition System

Solder Paste Printer SMT Line Machine High Accuracy With Image Acquisition System

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    smt assembly equipment


    smt assembly machine

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    Aleader ALD5800S
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    Aleader ALD5800S
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Solder Paste Printer SMT Line Machine High Accuracy With Image Acquisition System

Aleader ALD5800S SMT AOI Machines china brand online test solder paste printe
Quick Detail

ALD5800S is a professional furnace AOI. It is equipped with image acquisition system and software analysis algorithm. It is developed for post-mounting and pre-reflow soldering processes. The image quality is stable and reliable, and it can accurately detect the presence or absence of missing parts. Parts, bridging, offset, polarity, misalignment, etc.



Product Name: SMT AOI online Machines 
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


Detected circuit board Post-SMT board inspection after SMT printing
Detection method The TOC algorithm, WELD algorithm, MATACH algorithm, COMPARE algorithm, LENGTH algorithm, OCV algorithm and other international leading algorithms, the system automatically sets its parameters according to different detection points
camera High-speed smart digital industrial camera
Resolution / Vision Range / Speed Standard: 15μm/Pixel 30.72mm×30.72mm Detection speed <160ms/FOV;
  Optional: 8μm/Pixel 16.00mm×16.00mm Detection speed <180ms/FOV;
light source Bright three-color ring LED light source + flat LED light source (color light)
Programming mode Importing Gerber files for automatic programming, automatic frame drawing, automatic search for component libraries and many other quick programming methods
remote control In the LAN, remote operation via TCP / IP network, view, start or stop the operation of the machine, modify the program and other operations
Detection coverage type Bad after printing: presence or absence, spilled tin, offset, tin, tip, multiple tin, open circuit, continuous tin, pollution, etc.
  Adverse defects after patch: missing parts, offsets, flips, wrong parts, reverses, etc.
Special features Support automatic call-up program, multi-board multi-program detection function
Bar code system Automatic barcode recognition (1D or 2D code)
Server mode Using centralized data server, centralized management of several SPI data
operating system Windows 7 Professional
Inspection result output 22-inch LCD monitor or other extensions
System parameters  
CPK > 1.33 (4σ, ±40um)
PCB size range 50×50mm(Min)~510×500mm(Max)
PCB thickness range 0.3 to 5 mm
PCB clamping system edge clearance TOP: 2mm Bottom: 2mm
The maximum PCB weight 3KG
PCB curvature <5mm or 2% of the PCB diagonal length
Clear height above and below PCB PCB Top (Top Side): 30mm PCB Bottom Side: 85mm
Conveyor system Bottom-up fixed, automatic compensation for PCB bending deformation, automatic feeding in and out of plate, flat belt, automatic adjustment of width
Conveyor height above ground 890 to980mm
Conveyor flow Can be set to Left → Right → Left by buttons
X/Y platform driver Screw and AC servo motor drive; PCB fixed, Camera moves in XY direction, each one is CTQ certified
power supply AC230V 50/60 Hz is less than 1.5KVA
Pressure 0.4~0.8Mpa
Before and after device communication Smema or extended Smema protocol
equipment weight About 700KG
Equipment dimensions 900 × 1300 × 1565mm (L × W × H) does not include the height of the signal lamp
Environmental temperature and humidity 10 to 35°C 35 to 80% RH (without condensation)
Equipment safety regulations Comply with CE safety standards
Optional items 1) SPC repair station 2) NG Buffer 3) Off-line programming


Management cost reduction advantages:
By saving people and improving the degree of automation, it can greatly save the company's management costs, reduce personnel, improve the degree of automation, can save the company a great deal of cost.

Maintenance cost advantage:
The quality is produced instead of repaired. Through the quality control of the front AOI at the front end, the defects after the furnace will be greatly reduced, and the workload of the maintenance personnel will be greatly reduced. The fewer products that are being repaired, the more assured the quality of the products, and the greater the quality of the products, and the more secure the company’s acceptance in the market and guests.

Product rework advantage:
If there is a wrong material in the patch, it will be detected after the reflow has finished. It is too late and the cost of rework will be quite high. If there is precious material, the cost of rework will be higher. Can detect the wrong materials in time, can detect erroneous parts in advance, can prevent mistakes in real time.

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