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Desktop Mini Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven For PCB Welding Packaging 1 Year Warranty

Desktop Mini Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven For PCB Welding Packaging 1 Year Warranty

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Desktop Mini Lead Free SMT Reflow Oven For PCB Welding Packaging 1 Year Warranty

CNSMT lead-free mini reflow oven Desktop solder for PCB Welding packaging 1year warranty

6, technical parameters:
Effective welding area: 300×320 mm
Product dimensions: 43 x 37 x26 cm
Rated power: 1500W
Process Period: 1-8 min
Power supply voltage: AC110V ~AC220V/50~60HZ



Product Name: SMT Reflow oven
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



1, large volume reflow area:

In effect welding area: 300 × 320 mm greatly increase the scope of use of the machine, saving investment.

2, multiple temperature curve selection:

Eight kinds of memory temperature parameters are available for selection, and manual heating, forced cooling and other functions are provided; the entire welding process is automatically completed and the operation is simple.

3. Unique temperature rise and temperature uniformity design:

The fast infrared heating with output power up to 1500W is matched with the temperature-sharing fan to make the temperature more accurate and uniform. The entire production process can be automatically and accurately completed according to your preset temperature profile, without your extra control.

4, humanized technology boutique:

The fortitude of appearance, visualized operation, friendly man-machine operation interface, perfect temperature curve program, embodying science and technology from beginning to end; lightweight volume and weight, let you save a lot of money; tabletop placement mode allows you to Have more space; simple instructions, let you see it.

5, perfect function selection:

Reflow, drying, heat preservation, shaping, rapid cooling and other functions in one; can complete single and double-sided PCB board welding of CHIP, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, etc.; can be used as glue for product curing. Circuit board heat aging, PCB board maintenance and other work. Widely used in various types of companies, companies, institutions research and development and small batch production needs.

Reflow soldering error:

Bridging: Solder sagging occurs during welding heating. This occurs in both preheating and main heating. When the preheating temperature is in the range of several tens to a hundred, the solvent as one of the components in the solder will If the viscosity is reduced and flows out, if it does not return to the soldering zone during melting, a stagnant solder ball is formed. In addition to the above factors, whether the end electrodes of the SMD device are well-formed, whether the circuit board layout design and the pad pitch are standardized, the selection of the solder resist coating method, and the coating accuracy thereof are the causes of bridging. Also known as the Manhattan phenomenon. Discrete components are exposed to rapid heating. This is due to the temperature difference between the two ends of the rapid heating element. The solder on one side of the electrode is completely melted to obtain good wetting, while the other side of the solder is completely melted to cause poor wetting. , This promotes the uplift of the components. Therefore, from the point of view of time elements when heating, a horizontal temperature distribution is formed in order to avoid the formation of rapid heat.