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8 Heating Zones SMT Reflow Oven Soldering 380V For Led PCB Board

8 Heating Zones SMT Reflow Oven Soldering 380V For Led PCB Board

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8 Heating Zones SMT Reflow Oven Soldering 380V For Led PCB Board

8 heating zones smt reflow oven led PCB board reflow soldering machine 1year warranty



Main control module PLC and temperature control module
Computer control host, monitor Lenovo
Number of heating zones There are 8 small circulation heating areas on the top and 8 small circulation heating areas on the bottom.
Heating zone length 3140MM
Number of cooling zones 2 independent cooling zones + 1 external air cooling system
Cooling zone length (350*2)+600 mm
Conveyor belt width 450 mm
Guide rail width adjustment range 50~320mm
PCB size 50-320mm
PCB height limit 25mm
Transmission direction L-R (R—L) direction can be selected before manufacturing
Transmission method Mesh belt + guide rail
Conveyor belt height 900±20mm
PCB transportation speed 0~1.8m/min
Temperature control accuracy ±1-2℃(static)
temperature control range Room temperature ~ 300℃ can be set
Applicable solder type Lead-free solder/lead solder
Temperature control method PID+SSR
Type of components used CSP, BGA, μBGA, 0201chip and other single/double panels
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temperature (over-temperature alarm after constant temperature)
Power outage protection UPS effectively prevents PCB boards from being burned out during sudden power outages.
power supply 3Φ, 380V, 50HZ
Starting power 38KW
Working power 8KW
Heating time Approx.20min
Dimensions L4800*950*1450 mm
net weight 1200kg

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Technical Features of the Machine:


1. **Intelligent Control System**:
- Utilizes Lenovo computer and PLC intelligent control system with a temperature control accuracy of up to ±1-2℃.
- Even in the event of computer failure, offline operation can be achieved without affecting production, ensuring stable and reliable control system operation.


2. **Operating Interface**:
- Windows 7 operating system with powerful functionality and user-friendly interface for enhanced operational efficiency.


3. **Safety Design**:
- The lifting mechanism of the upper furnace body employs automatic cylinder lifting and is equipped with safety support rods to ensure safe and reliable operation.
- Features fault alarm functions and leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and the control system.


4. **Stable Transport System**:
- Equipped with a mesh belt tensioning device to ensure smooth, vibration-free, and deformation-free transportation of PCBs.
- Utilizes synchronous rail transport mechanism, allowing precise adjustment of the rail width and ensuring high longevity, with the capability to interface with fully automatic chip mounters.


5. **Lubrication System**:
- Incorporates an automatic lubrication system that enables automatic lubrication of transmission chains by setting lubrication time and volume.


6. **Temperature Control**:
- All heating zones are PID-controlled by the computer, with independent temperature control for the upper and lower zones to achieve high-precision temperature control.
- Each temperature zone is equipped with independent temperature sensing sensors for real-time monitoring and compensation of temperature imbalances.


7. **Emergency Shutdown Protection**:
- Built-in UPS automatic delay shutdown system to ensure equipment integrity in the event of power failure or overheating.


8. **Efficient Heating System**:
- Adopts the world's leading small cycle heating method, with independent upper and lower hot air small cycle systems for uniform temperature distribution and high thermal compensation efficiency.
- Equipped with a high-efficiency pressurized air duct to significantly increase the circulation of hot air and achieve rapid temperature rise.


9. **Process Parameter Management**:
- Features a password-protected operating system to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying process parameters.
- Operation record management allows for the tracing of process parameter changes, facilitating process improvement.


10. **Rapid Cooling System**:
- Incorporates an emergency cooling system based on international advanced technology, achieving cooling rates of up to 3.5~6℃/sec.
- Optional external forced cooling devices are available to ensure optimal solder crystallization effects.


11. **Rosin Recovery System**:
- Rosin flows directionally for easy replacement and cleaning, with dedicated pipelines for exhaust gas transmission, requiring no maintenance throughout its lifetime.


12. **Quiet Design**:
- Special pressurized air delivery structure and unique heating wire design ensure noise-free and vibration-free operation, providing a quiet working environment.


The comprehensive application of these technical features results in outstanding performance and stable operational efficiency of our product, meeting various production requirements and delivering higher production value to our customers.

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