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Automatic PC Optional SMT Reflow Oven Mini Machine For SMD Led Lamp Assemble Line

Automatic PC Optional SMT Reflow Oven Mini Machine For SMD Led Lamp Assemble Line

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    heller reflow oven


    lead free reflow ove

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    3-phase 5-wire 380V
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Automatic PC Optional SMT Reflow Oven Mini Machine For SMD Led Lamp Assemble Line

CNsmt reflow oven SMD Led lamp assemble line of automatic PC optional mini Machine


Heating area number
Above 4 warming zones, below 4 warming zones
Cooling area
Cold air outlet
Heating zone length
Transmission band width
Transmission direction
Transmission method
Stainless steel mesh drive
PCB transport speed
0~1500mm/min adjustable
Temperature control accuracy
± 2°C
Temperature control method
Import temperature control table
Power outage protection
UPS and delay switch
Abnormal alarm
Abnormal temperature (temperature too low or too high alarm)
power supply
380V, 50/60HZ
Starting power
Starting power 10KW, continuous power about 4KW
Heating time
Normal temperature set temperature time ≦15min
L2600 X W612 X H1250mm
net weight



Product Name: SMT Reflow oven
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



The use of Great Wall LCD computer + Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ~ 2 °C (if the computer unexpectedly crashes, can achieve offline work, does not affect production), to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

First, WIN2000 operation interface, powerful, simple operation;

Second, equipped with network belt tensioner, transportation is stable, no jitter, no deformation, to ensure smooth PCB transportation;

Third, the network transmission by the computer for full-closed-loop control, to meet the different types of PCB board production;

Fourth, with fault sound and light alarm function

V. There is a leakage protection device to ensure the safety of operators and systems;

Six, built-in UPS and automatic delay switch system to ensure that the PCB and reflow machine will not be damaged in the power or overheating.

VII. Adopting the world's leading hot air circulation heating method of the United States HELLER, high-efficiency pressurizing accelerating air duct, greatly improving circulating hot air flow, rapid temperature rise (about 20 minutes), high thermal compensation efficiency, and high temperature welding and solidification.

The principle of wave soldering welding is to melt the liquid solder, the role of the power pump, in the solder bath surface to form a specific shape of the solder wave, insert the component PCB placed on the conveyor belt, after some specific angle and a certain The immersion depth passes through the solder peaks to achieve solder joint welding. When the PCB enters the front of the crest, the substrate and the leads are heated and the entire PCB is immersed in solder before leaving the wave solder, that is, surrounded by the solder, but at the moment of leaving the end of the crest, a small amount of solder due to the wetting force The role of adhesion on the pad, and due to surface tension, will be the center of the lead to the contraction to a minimum state, this time the solder and the pad between the wetting force is greater than the solder between the two pads of the cohesion, As a result, perfect solder joints are formed, and excess solder leaving the tail of the wave falls back to the solder pot due to gravity