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LED Light Production Line PCB Soldering Machine 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V 970KG Weight

LED Light Production Line PCB Soldering Machine 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V 970KG Weight

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LED Light Production Line PCB Soldering Machine 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V 970KG Weight

CNSMT Reflow oven for LED Light production Line PCB Soldering machine


Heating area number Top 6 Down
heating method Hot air circulation
Heating length 2080mm
Belt width 400mm
PCB board size 400mm*max
Mesh height 880±20
Belt conveyor speed 0~2000mm/min
Mesh transport direction Left→right
Temperature control method Computer + PLC control
temperature range 0-400 degrees
Heating time 20min
Passage time 1min-max
Starting power 40KW
Operating power 5-9KW
Input power 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions 4200*1450*1470
control method Computer control
Body weight 1800KG



Product Name: SMT Reflow oven
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



1. The heating system uses patented heating technology of SinoFriend SMT.

2. Imported high-current solid state relays have no contact output, which is safe and reliable. It is equipped with a dedicated SSR heat sink, which greatly improves heat dissipation efficiency and effectively extends its service life.

3. Imported high-quality components are used for heat-generating components to ensure high stability and reliability of the system and ensure a longer service life.

4. Modular design of heating area facilitates maintenance and disassembly.

5. With over temperature, fault diagnosis, sound and light alarm function.

6. Independent small circulating wind design, upper and lower heating methods, good thermal compensation, high thermal efficiency, power saving, fast heating, suitable for BGA and CSP components and other high quality welding products. Special forced hot air circulation structure system makes PCB and components heated evenly, with high efficiency and fast heating speed.

7. The wind conveying system adopts advanced air duct design, uniform air distribution and high heat exchange efficiency.

8. The preheating zone, welding zone and cooling zone are independently heated from top to bottom, independently cycled, independent temperature control, and the temperature difference MAX between the adjacent temperature zones can reach 100°C. No string temperature, and the temperature and wind speed of each temperature zone can be adjusted independently.

9. It adopts imported high-temperature motor direct drive hot air circulation, good balance of hot air, stable operation, long service life and low noise.

10. Host computer control, can cut off the computer, independent control, man-machine conversation is convenient, the interface is clear, the image is intuitive, can be switched at any time in Chinese and English, all parameters are set to realize the numerical input is accurate, fast

11. The power matching in each temperature zone is appropriate and the temperature rise is rapid, from room temperature to the set working temperature of about 15 minutes. And has fast and efficient thermal compensation performance.

LED Light Production Line PCB Soldering Machine 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V 970KG Weight 0