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CN089 SMT Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 670KG Weight With PID Control

CN089 SMT Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 670KG Weight With PID Control

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CN089 SMT Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 670KG Weight With PID Control

CNSMT 10 years production WAVE SOLDERING MACHINE after dip component




P C Broad width Board width Max200mm
PCB conveyor height PCB transportation height 700±20mm
PCB conveyor speed PCB transport speed 0-1.8m/min
Preheating length Preheat zone length 400mm
Preheating Temperatures Preheat zone temperature Room temperature ~ 180 degrees
Suitable solder type Suitable solder type Lead-free solder, ordinary solder
Preheating capacity Preheat power 2KW
Wave solder pot Wave soldering furnace power 6KW
Solder volume Solder tin capacity Lead-free 120KG
Solder temperature Tin furnace temperature Room temperature ~300 degrees
Temperature control Temperature control method PID control, SSR drive
Flux storage tank Flux capacity Max5.2L
Power requirements power supply 3-phase or single-phase 220VAC
Power for heating up Starting power 8KW
Power for operation Normal operating power 2.0KW-2.5KW
Air supply Gas source 4-7kg/cm2 12.5L/min
Control fashion Whole control method PLC+ Meter/PLC+Touch Screen
Weight weight Max 350kg
Dimensions Dimensions L2200xW1100xH1500



Wave soldering machine basic operating procedures


B1 wave soldering machine basic operating procedures

B1.1 Preparation

a. Check whether the wave soldering machine is equipped with ventilation equipment is good;

b. Check the wave soldering machine timing switch is good;

c. Check if the tin bath temperature indicator is normal.

Method: Adjust the temperature indicator up and down, and then use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the tin bath surface 10-15 mm, and determine whether the temperature changes with it:

d. Check whether the preheater system is normal.

Method: Turn on the pre-heater switch and check if it is warm and the temperature is normal.

e. Check the operation of the cutting knife.

Method: Adjust the height of the blade according to the thickness of the printed circuit board and the length of the remaining component lead. Then tighten and stabilize the blade holder, start the visual inspection of the rotation of the blade, and finally check the failure of the insurance device;

f. Check whether the supply of compressed air to the flux container is normal;

Method: Pour the flux, adjust the inlet valve, start the flux foam, use the sample board to adjust the foam to 1/2 of the plate thickness, and then tighten the IOP valve until the formal operation. Then move this valve, just open the air intake switch;

Operating rules

a. The wave soldering machine must send 1 to 2 trained professional staff for operation and management, and be able to perform general maintenance;

b. Before starting the machine, the operator must wear roving gloves and wipe the equipment clean with cotton yarn, and inject proper amount of lubricant into the oil injection hole;

c. Operators should wear rubber anti-corrosion gloves to remove waste and dirt around tin tanks and flux tanks;

d, no flammable articles such as gasoline, alcohol, cotton yarn, etc. shall be stored around the equipment in the operating room;

e. When the welder is running, the operator must wear a respirator and wear a heat-resistant flame-resistant glove.

f. Non-workers shall not enter the wave soldering operation room casually;

g. smoking in the workplace is not allowed to eat food;

h. Wear work caps, shoes, and work clothes when performing the insertion work.

B2 single machine wave soldering operation

B2.1 Open the ventilation switch.

B2.2 boot

a. Turn on the power;

b. Switch on the solder bath heater;

c. Open the foam switch air intake switch;

d. When the solder temperature reaches the specified data, check the tin level. If the tin level is too low, add solder in time;

e. Turn on the wave solder gas pump switch and adjust the tinning depth with a special fixture equipped with a printed board;

f. Remove residual oxide from the tin surface and add anti-oxidant after the tin surface is clean:

g. Check the flux, if the liquid level is too low, add appropriate amount of flux;

h. Check to adjust the flux density to meet the requirements;

i. Check whether the flux foam layer is good;

j. Turn on the preheater temperature switch and adjust to the desired temperature position; k. Adjust the angle of the drive rail;

l. Turn on the conveyor switch and adjust the speed to the required value;

m. Open the cooling fan;

n. The welding fixture into the guide;

o. The printed board is loaded into the fixture, the board is tightly clamped around the fixture slot, the force is moderate, and then the fixture is placed at the beginning of the transfer rail;

p. Prior to the welding operation, the tilted components shall be straightened by a person, and the correct components shall be verified;