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Customized Automatic Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V

Customized Automatic Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V

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    3-phase 5-wire 380V
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Customized Automatic Wave Soldering Machine Lead Free 3 Phase 5 Wire 380V




Thermal system Preheating length 1800mm
  Preheat zone number 2
  pre-heat temperature -250℃
  Preheat power 10KW
  Thermal compensation power 2.5KW
  PCB transport width 50-350mm
  PCB transportation height Max.100mm
Transportation System PCB transport speed 0-1.8m/min
  PCB transport angle 3-7°
  PCB transportation direction Left → Right or Right → Left
  Solder type Lead-free
  Solder capacity Max.450KG
Solder system Tin furnace temperature Room temperature -400°C
  Tin furnace power 10KW
  Tin furnace temperature control PLC+SSR
  Flux capacity 20L
Spray system Flux consumption 10-100ml/min
  Spray head movement mode Rodless cylinder
  Power 2P
cooling system Cooling temperature 5-8°C
  Cooling speed 6-8°C/sec
  power supply Three-phase five-wire system (380V 50/60HZ)
  Starting power Max.26KW
  Normal operating power 12KW
Machine parameters Gas source 0.5MPa
  weight 2300KG
  size 4400X1620X1710mm




crafting process

After the board enters the wave soldering machine through the conveyor belt, it passes through some form of flux coating device where the flux is applied to the board by means of crests, foaming or spraying. Since most fluxes must reach and maintain an activation temperature during soldering to ensure full solder joint penetration, the board must pass through a preheat zone before entering the crest. Preheating after flux application can gradually raise the temperature of the PCB and activate the flux. This process also reduces the thermal shock that occurs when the assembly enters the peak. It can also be used to evaporate all possible absorption of moisture or carrier solvents that dilute the flux. If these things are not removed, they will boil over the peak and cause solder sputter, or steam will remain inside the solder to form a hollow. Solder joints or trachoma. In addition, because the heat capacity of double-sided and multi-layer boards is larger, they require a higher preheating temperature than a single panel.

At present, wave soldering machines basically use heat radiation for preheating. The most commonly used wave soldering preheating methods include forced hot air convection, convection of electric heating plates, heating of electric heating bars and infrared heating. In these methods, forced hot air convection is often considered to be the most efficient heat transfer method for wave soldering machines in most processes. After preheating, the board is soldered with single-wave (lambda) or double-wave (spoiler and lambda) waves. A single wave is sufficient for a piercing element. When the circuit board enters the peak, the direction of solder flow is opposite to the direction of travel of the board. Eddy currents can be generated around the component pins. This is like a scrubbing process that removes all of the above flux and oxide film residues and forms infiltration when the solder joint reaches the infiltration temperature.

For mixing technology assemblies, spoiler waves are generally used before lambda. This kind of wave is narrow, with high vertical pressure during perturbation, which allows the solder to penetrate well between the compact pin and the SMD pad, and then uses λ waves to complete the solder joint formation. . Before making any assessment of future equipment and suppliers, it is necessary to determine all the specifications of the board soldered with the wave peaks, as these can determine the performance of the required machine.

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