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Precise Smd Components Soldering Machine 50-350MM PCB Width With Fan Cooling

Precise Smd Components Soldering Machine 50-350MM PCB Width With Fan Cooling

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Precise Smd Components Soldering Machine 50-350MM PCB Width With Fan Cooling




PCB board adjustable width Max.50~250mm
PCB board transportation height 750±50mm
PCB board transport speed 0-1.8M/Min
PCB board transport angle (welding angle) 3~7 degrees
PCB board transport direction L→R
Component height limitation on PCB Max.100mm
Preheat zone length 600mm
Preheat zone number 1
Preheat zone power 3kw
Preheat zone temperature Room temperature ~250 °C can be set
heating method Infrared
Cooling area number 1
cooling method Fan cooling
Suitable solder type Lead-free solder / ordinary solder
Number of peaks 2
Tin furnace power 6-9kw
Soldering tin quantity Approx.180-260KG
Tin furnace temperature Room temperature ~300°C, control accuracy ±1°C
Temperature control method P.I.D+SSR
Whole control method Xinjie PLC
Flux capacity Max5.2L
Flux flux 10~100ml/min
Spray method SMC cylinder + ST-6 nozzle
power supply 3-phase 5-wire system 380V
Starting power Max.12kw
Normal operating power Approx.4kw
Gas source 4~7KG/CM2
Frame size L1800×W1200×H1700MM
Dimensions L2500×W1250×H1700MM
weight Approx.700kg



SZ CNSMT Technology Co. , Ltd) is a science and technology enterprise with independent R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has long been committed to SMT-related equipment. Products continue to improve and upgrade. The company's main business products: lead-free wave soldering, reflow machine; online / offline automatic immersion tin machine; automatic / manual PCB washer; automatic soldering machine; dispensing machine; automatic screw machine; SMT peripherals. Under the correct market positioning, the company*s newly introduced long/short-leg ultra-low energy wave soldering, fully automatic PCBA washer. And has been deeply recognized by the market. Another company launched the Industrial Robotics Division at the beginning of 2015, and it has begun to take shape and is committed to the digital intelligent equipment manufacturing. In the key stage of China's industrial transformation and upgrading, it will lead the transformation of industrial intelligence. Xindong company uphold: "* Quality is the starting point of value and dignity, continuous innovation is the company's core value." Always take the market as a guide. The customer's demand is * to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect value-added services.

Wave soldering refers to the melting of molten solder (lead-tin alloy), electrical pump or electromagnetic pump into the design requirements of the solder peak, can also be formed by injecting nitrogen into the solder pool, so that pre-installed components The printed board achieves the soldering of the mechanical and electrical connections between the component's soldered ends or the leads and the printed circuit board's solder bumps.

Wave soldering process: insert components into corresponding component holes → pre-coating flux → preheat (temperature 90-100°C, length 1-1.2m) → wave soldering (220-240°C) cooling → remove excess card foot → check .

The reflow process relies on remelting the paste solder pre-dispensed on the PCB pad to achieve soldering of the surface-mounted component solder tails or the mechanical and electrical connections between the leads and the PCB lands. .

Wave soldering has a new welding process with people's awareness of environmental protection. In the past, tin-lead alloys were used, but lead was a heavy metal that caused great harm to the human body. This led to a lead-free process that used * tin-silver-copper alloy* and a special flux, and required a higher preheating temperature for the soldering temperature.

The use of perforated (TH) or hybrid technology boards, such as televisions, home audio equipment, and digital set-top boxes, is still used in most products that do not require miniaturization and high power. weld. From a process point of view, wave soldering machines can provide only a few of the most basic equipment operating parameters.


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