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High Precision SMT Wave Soldering Machine For Led Lamp / AI Components Assembly

High Precision SMT Wave Soldering Machine For Led Lamp / AI Components Assembly

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High Precision SMT Wave Soldering Machine For Led Lamp / AI Components Assembly



CNSMT High Precision Wave Soldering Machine Led Lamp Assembly Lead Free AI Components Assambly


Board width Max230mm
PCB board transportation height 760±10mm
PCB board transport speed 0-1.8M/Min
Preheat zone length 600mm
Preheat zone number 1
Preheat zone power 3kw
Preheat zone temperature Room temperature-180°C
heating method Infrared
Cooling area number 1
cooling method Axial fan cooling
Tin furnace power 12kw
Soldering tin quantity 180KG
Tin furnace temperature Room temperature -300°C
Transportation direction about
Temperature control method PID temperature control
Whole control method Key operation
Flux capacity Max5.2L
Spray method Japan SMC rodless cylinder + Japan Meiji nozzle
power supply 3-phase 5-wire system 380V
Starting power 16kw
Normal operating power 4.5kw
Productivity 2000-3000pcs/8hfs
Gas source 4-7KG/CM2 12.5L/Min
Frame size L1800×W1100×H1600MM
Dimensions L2500×W1100×H1600MM
weight Approx.650kg
matter performance
PCB board requirements  
Basic PCB size Standard machine W=50-230mm
Component height limitation on PCB 100mm
PCB board transport direction Standard Left-right
Spray part  
Nozzle The use of Japan Meiji nozzle, spray range 20-65mm fan adjustable,
  Spray head height 50-200mm adjustable, maximum flow 60ml/min
Air system Imported filters, control valves and fittings, digital display
Spray nozzle movement system Japan Koganei rodless cylinder drive, Japan Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control, optional spray
Head movement method Rodless cylinder drive
Flux Filtration Recovery System Exhaust system: stainless steel mesh filter, using the characteristics of the fluid to maximize the filtration recovery of excess flux
Preheating parts  
Extended warm-up area 1 section infrared warm-up total length 600mm, temperature independent control
Temperature control method PID temperature control
Heating element Taiwan Taiwan Exhibition high temperature ceramic heating tube
Preheat power Total power 3kw
Installation mode Heat pipe modular design, easy maintenance and maintenance
Tin furnace parts  
Tin furnace material 304SUS 3MM thick
Solder tin melting capacity 200kg
Tin furnace temperature range Room temperature -300°C
Height adjustment range 0-120mm
Tin furnace power 12kw
Tin furnace movement Manually
Peak Spout Alignment Plane Tin Wave, Single Peak
Low oxidation design In most cases: there is lead-zinc slag 2.0kg/8h, tin impurities containing different tin slag about deviation
Crest Motor Italian B&M high temperature motor wave height digital adjustment
Heating element Specially-made long-life, infrared heating tube, Taiwan Yangming solid state relay, tin liquid heating are ± 2 °C
Refrigeration system (standard)  
Refrigeration method Axial fan natural air cooling
PCB transfer system  
High-strength wear guide Kai Lida special aluminum rails use high-temperature wear-resistant, stainless steel rail special thermal compensation anti-deformation telescopic structure to ensure that the rail does not deform can not afford to lose board
Guide rail parallelism 0.5mm
Widening Manually widen
Transfer with double hook titanium claw Kai Lida Dedicated Double Hook Titanium Claw Splint Clamp 2.5mm
C/V speed setting minimum unit range The minimum unit 1mm/min 0-1800mm/min
C/V speed deviation range Electronic closed-loop control within 0-10mm/min
Chain tensioner Sprocket adjustment tension
Transport motor Taiwan STK three-phase inverter 60W motor
Body structure  
Body structure Streamlined body frame structure, streamlined design, beautiful and durable
Front and rear door structure All closed structure, maximum maintenance space
Frame size L1800×W1100×H1600MM
Dimensions L2500×W1100×H1600MM
Electrical and control performance  
control method Relay + PLC Japan Mitsubishi
Control interface Human-machine button operation interface is simple and convenient
Abnormal alarm method content Temperature too high or too low alarm
Temperature control protection system Stop heating when preheating or solder pot fails
Service system  
Warranty time 2 years of all customers of Kelita
Out of warranty Paid service. Parts are charged at the purchase price by 1.2
After-sales service response time Within 4 hours in Shenzhen, the factory arrives in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Huizhou arrives within 8 hours, and other areas and provincial capitals reach the factory in 24 hours (first flight)
Key Accessories Models and Brands  
PLC Mitsubishi FX Series
Transport motor, tooth box Taiwan STK three-phase 60W tooth box 1:100K
Titanium claw Kai Lida titanium alloy special claws, thickness 1.5MM
Tin furnace motor Three-phase 6-pole 0.18kw high temperature Italian B&M
Rodless cylinder Japan SMC
Pneumatic Components Genuine Yadek
Temperature control instrument Japan RKC48*48MM
Intermediate relay OMRON MY2 MY4
Inverter Taiwan Delta 0.4kw



Product Name: Leadfree   Waves Soldering Machine
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



Open-style streamlined shell design, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.
2. Soldering furnace made of alloy material. High-strength and high-hardness special aluminum alloy rail, long service life.
3. Use Mitsubishi PLC control technology to ensure system reliability and stability.
4. Rodless cylinder spray device can be automatically adjusted with the width of PCB to effectively save flux.
5. The solder pot peaks adopt stepless electronic frequency conversion and can independently control the peak height.
6. Unique flux isolation device, flux fumes discharged from dedicated exhaust and recovery channels to meet environmental requirements.
7. With cooling module, temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free and a variety of process requirements.
8. The preheating device of the ceramic heating tube fully stimulates the activity of the flux and obtains a good welding effect. The heat is directly radiated to the bottom of the PCB board, and the heat is quick and the service life is long.
9. Patented die-cast titanium alloy claws, non-stick tin, never deformation, long life, stable and reliable transport PCB.
10. Transparent observation windows throughout for easy observation of production and maintenance operations.
11. Tin furnace manual lifting and access, easy to adjust. Adopts a backrest design to prevent accidental damage to the machine.
12. Transportation system adopts stepless electronic speed control, PID closed-loop control, and stable transportation speed.
13. Automatic wave over board to minimize tin oxidation.
14. The temperature control system adopts PID closed-loop control, stable and reliable temperature control. Short circuit and overcurrent protection system.