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Medium Size Automatic SMT Wave Soldering Machine 900KG Weight Labor Saving

Medium Size Automatic SMT Wave Soldering Machine 900KG Weight Labor Saving

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Medium Size Automatic SMT Wave Soldering Machine 900KG Weight Labor Saving


CNSMT Medium Size Automatic wave soldering machine Save labor economi wave


P C Borad width Board width Max350mm
Wave number Number of peaks 2
PCB conveyor height PCB transportation height 760±10mm
PCB conveyor speed PCB transport speed 0-1.8m/min
Preheating length Preheat zone length 1600mm
Preheating zones number Preheat zone number 3 segments
Preheating Temperatures Preheat zone temperature Room temperature ~ 200 degrees
Suitable solder type Suitable solder type Ordinary solder
Preheating capacity Preheat power 8KW optional
Wave solder pot Wave soldering furnace 12KW
Solder volume Tin melting amount 300-350 KG
Solder temperature Tin furnace temperature Room temperature ~300 degrees
Temperature control Temperature control method PLC + PID (standard)
Flux storage tank Flux capacity Max5.2L
Power requirements power supply 3-phase 5-wire 380V 220V optional
Power for heating up Starting power 22KW
Power for operation Normal operating power MAX 7.5KW
Air supply Gas source 4-7kg/cm2 12.5L/min
Weight weight Max 1000kg
Body Dimensions Dimensions L3200xW1200xH1600
Total Dimensions Dimensions L3940xW1200xH1600



Product Name: Leadfree   Waves Soldering Machine
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



Product Overview: Medium-sized lead-free double wave soldering machine KL-300C
1. Suitable for soldering of long-foot devices and soldering of SMD and SMC chip components, streamlined design, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance and maintenance
2. It is applicable to the current advanced lead-free soldering process. Meeting industry environmental protection requirements to reduce pollution is an inevitable trend in the development of the welding industry.
3. Both the preheat zone and the filtration system adopt direct pull-out module design to facilitate maintenance and maintenance.
4. An extended preheat zone, smooth preheating curve, ensuring that the PCB is evenly heated and not deformed.
5. Using intelligent automatic tracking spray system, the spray area automatically adjusts with the width of the PCB.
6. Use Sanling FX series PLC. There is an automatic speed tracking program, and the spray time varies with the PCB transport speed.
7. There is a self-cleaning device for flux nozzles. It can be used for a long time without cleaning. Self-adjusting and spray fine-tuning function, more convenient to use.
8. Furnace adopts FS series special structure design, which can save electricity and reduce oxidation.
9. The FS series unique design of the guide rails can greatly reduce thermal deformation and ensure the complete and smooth welding and transmission of PCB boards.
10. Adopt stepless frequency conversion technology to precisely control the peak height.
11. The heating element uses the unique design of the FS series with energy storage. Stainless steel heating pipe heating uniform long service life.
12. With over temperature, sound and light alarm and emergency braking function. All motors have an overload protection system.
13. The transportation system adopts a stepless electronic speed control system, and the closed-loop control speed is stable.
14. Equipped with a spray exhaust filter plate for easy cleaning. Reduce emissions pollution.
15. Precision titanium alloy elastic titanium claws, transport PCB; stable and reliable and never sticky tin.
16. The entire control system adopts Sanling series PLC and touch screen. The operation is simple, convenient for man-machine dialogue, and high reliability.
17. Furnace and nozzle adopt FS unique design, external heating to prevent explosion of tin and reduce the amount of oxidation.
18. Preheat the IR system to heat evenly.