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Customized Lead Free Wave Solder Machine , Automatic Wave Soldering Machine

Customized Lead Free Wave Solder Machine , Automatic Wave Soldering Machine

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Customized Lead Free Wave Solder Machine , Automatic Wave Soldering Machine

CNSMT Lead free SMT wave soldering WITH Computer touch buttons optional double GUIDE CAN Customized


Dimensions L1600×W1200×H1550MM cooling method Computer fan cooling
Frame size L1110*W1000MM*H1500 Suitable solder type Lead-free solder / ordinary solder
PCB board adjustable width Max.50~250mm Tin furnace power 6kw
PCB board transportation height 650±50mm Soldering tin quantity Approx.100KG
PCB board transport speed 0~1800mm/min Tin furnace temperature Room temperature ~300°C, control accuracy ±1-2°C
PCB board welding angle 3~7 Temperature control method P.I.D+SSR
PCB board transport direction L→R/R→L( ) Whole control method Mitsubishi PLC+ display control touch screen
Component height limitation on PCB Max.100mm Flux capacity Max5.2L
Peak height range 0—12mm Flux flux 10~100ml/min
Number of peaks 1 Spray method Stepper motor drive spray
Preheat zone length 350MM power supply 3-phase 5-wire system 380V
Preheat zone number 1 Starting power (total power) Max.10kw
Preheat zone power 2kw Normal operating power Approx.2kw
Preheat zone temperature ~250℃ Gas source 4~7KG/CM2
heating method hot win weight Approx.400kg
Cooling area number 1  


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Product Name: Leadfree   Waves Soldering Machine
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world



The technical characteristics of the machine
1, the body streamlined design, the use of spray paint can not afford to paint, beautiful and durable.
2, two independent 0.35 meters preheat zone, preheat all hot air, so that the PCB get a good welding effect.
3, patent alloy claw, never deformation, long life.
4, curved observation window, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.
5, tin furnace lift manual adjustment, tin furnace access manual adjustment.
6, equipped with temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free welding and a variety of process requirements.
7. Tin stove adopts adjustable nozzle design; tin slag oxidation is extremely low; liquid tin flow design principle is adopted to reduce the impact oxidation of tin, and the crest can be adjusted with the width of the PCB board, greatly reducing the soldering time when soldering the PCB board. Oxidation, adjustable distance is 80-250MM.
8. The transmission mechanism adopts precise modular design, accurate transmission, long service life and easy maintenance.
9, rosin spray device can be pulled out, and removable, easy to clean and maintain.
10. Isolated spray device, flux fumes discharged from a dedicated duct.
11, a powerful parameter library function, various types of PCB process parameters can be called on demand operation.
12, using the brand display control touch control system to ensure that the system has reliability and stability.
13, according to the user set the date, time and temperature control parameters for automatic switch machine.
14. Self-diagnosis of system faults, automatic display of faults, and troubleshooting at any time.
15, heating temperature using PID closed-loop control, stable and reliable temperature control.
16, step motor closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time automatically adjust, and can be set as needed to advance and extend the spray time.
17. Economic operation is set up, and automatic wave over board is used to minimize tin oxidation.