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CNSMT Lead Free Dual SMT Wave Soldering Machine Streamlined Design 1300KG Weight

CNSMT Lead Free Dual SMT Wave Soldering Machine Streamlined Design 1300KG Weight

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CNSMT Lead Free Dual SMT Wave Soldering Machine Streamlined Design 1300KG Weight

CNSMT Leadfree Dual Waves Soldering Machine SMT Lead-free Reflow soldering LED Machine

Quick Detail


Flux capacity Max5.2L
Flux flux 10~100ml/min
Overall dimensions L4300×W1400×H1650MM
PCB board transport direction L→R/R→L (optional)
PCB board welding angle 3~7 degrees
PCB board transport speed 0~1800mm/min
PCB board transport height 750±50mm
PCB board adjustable width Max.50~350mm
Frame size L3600×W1400×H1650MM
Strong after-sales service support Spray method Germany FEST rodless cylinder + two fluid nozzle
1. Whole year warranty! Power supply 3-phase 5-wire system 380V
2. Free labor costs for three years! Starting power (total power) max.25kw
3. Lifelong maintenance! Normal operating power Approx.7kw
4. 24 hours a day to stand by! Air source 4~7KG/CM2
Weight Approx.1400kg

1. Streamlined design, the surface of the spray process, can not afford to paint, do not fade, beautiful and durable. 

2, four independent 1.8 meters preheating zone, preheating the whole hot air, so that the PCB get a good welding effect.

3, patent titanium alloy claws, non-stick tin, never deformation, long life.


4. High-strength wear-resisting guide rails, special anti-deformation structure ensures that the guide rails do not deform and cannot be removed.


5. Worm gear and worm heightening precision screw width adjustment, narrowing accuracy less than 0.2mm.


6, the use of force limiter transport system to ensure the stability and safety of transport.


7, two observation windows, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.


8, tin furnace lift and access, automatic adjustment combined with manual adjustment

9, with a strong cooling module, temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free welding and a variety of process requirements

Peak height range 0-12mm adjustable

PCB board height limit Max.100mm

Number of peaks 2

Preheat zone length 1800MM hot air/infrared (optional)

Preheat zone number 4

Trachea using acid and alkali, anti-corrosion gas tube Preheat zone power 10kw

Preheat zone temperature Room temperature ~250 °C can be set

Number of cooling zones 1

Cooling method Fan forced cooling

Suitable solder type Lead-free solder/Ordinary solder

Tin furnace power 10kw

quantity in solder pot Approx.360KG

10, tin stove with adjustable nozzle design; tin slag oxidation is very low, the use of liquid tin flow design principles, reduce the impact of tin oxide, the peak can be adjusted with the width of the PCB board, greatly reducing the soldering PCB board tin Oxidation, adjustable distance 70-350MM.

Heating method Hot air/infrared (optional)


11. The transmission mechanism adopts a precise modular design with accurate transmission, long service life and easy maintenance.

12, rosin spray device can be pulled out, and removable, easy to clean and maintain.

13. The spray system uses high-end filters, control valves, and digital display of air pressure.

14. Isolated spray device, flux fumes discharged from a dedicated duct.

15, a powerful parameter library function, PCB process parameters can be called on-demand operation. 
16, using the brand computer + PLC control system to ensure that the system has reliability and stability. 
17. It can automatically switch on and off according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user.

18. Self-diagnosis of system faults, automatic display of faults, and troubleshooting at any time.

19, heating temperature using PID closed-loop control, stable and reliable temperature control.

20. Thermocouple abnormal alarm function; motor overload protection alarm Soldering tin

21, closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time automatically adjust, and can be set as needed to advance and extend the spray time.

Furnace temperature Room temperature ~300°C, control accuracy ±1-2°C
22. Economic operation is set up, and automatic wave over board is used to minimize tin oxidation. Temperature Control Method P.I.D+SSR
23, short-circuit and over-current protection system, the device plays a protective role of key electrical components.

Machine control method Mitsubishi PLC+ brand computer
24. Closed-loop control of the transportation system. Stepless speed regulation, precise control of PCB warm-up and welding time.




Product Name: Leadfree Dual Waves Soldering Machine
Used for: SMT FULL LINE 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


1, the use of special furnace design, open streamlined appearance
2, special aluminum alloy rail, high strength and high hardness
3, automatic with the board connection device, into the board stable and smooth
4, high quality titanium alloy claw / claw type chain elasticity is not easily deformed, anti-corrosion
5, flux automatic tracking system, using continuous live injection, spray area, time automatically adjust with the PCB board width and speed changes
6. Equipped with double-layer rosin waste gas filter plate (can be extracted and cleaned at will, effectively reducing pollution
7. Preheater: It adopts a direct pull-out modular design to facilitate cleaning
8, jet wave: : spiral jet design, the SMD component shadow welding without flaws
9, precision flow peak: advanced advection technology, very little tin oxidation
10, automatic washing claw device: imported high-quality micro-pump, propanol as a cleaning agent, automatic cycle cleaning chain claw
11, strong emergency cooling system
12. Economical Operation: Tin Wave automatically takes off and land with the PCB board, and the maximum amount of tin oxidation per day can be reduced by 30%.
13, with a temperature error (too high or too low) automatic alarm function, PCB board automatic tracking count system

CNSMT Lead Free Dual SMT Wave Soldering Machine Streamlined Design 1300KG Weight 0