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Lightweight YAMAHA FT8MM Smd Feeder FT 8 * 2MM Small Rail With Screw

Lightweight YAMAHA FT8MM Smd Feeder FT 8 * 2MM Small Rail With Screw

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Lightweight YAMAHA FT8MM Smd Feeder FT 8 * 2MM Small Rail With Screw

SMD Factory FT8MM FEEDER SMT FST8*2MM 8*4MM Feeder kjw-m1200-000 small rail with screw


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KJW-M1200-023 YAMAHA Feida YAMAHA FT84mm Feida YG12 Special feeder
KJW-M1200-02X KJW-M1200-021 YG12 FT8*4mm Domestic Feida Little Tail Feida




Product Name: yamaha FT 8*2MM 8*4MM Feeder FOR YG12
Used for: yamaha YV100XG  yg12 Surface mounter  Machine
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world






 Full line high speed pick and place machine feeder 

we also repair feeders




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1 15 years experience on SMT Full Line Solution
2 10years export experience
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4 over 3times inspect before shipment
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7 Our business include SMT pick and place machines, printing presses, reflow welding, wave solder machine, loader and unloader, conveyor, AOI, SPI, and peripheral equipments
8 We also buy Used Machines And spare parts





Electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC252-00 GEAR, IDLE P2 feeder pinion SS12MM feeder parts
KHJ-MC136-01 GEAR, IDLE F3 SSY8MM Electric Feida Gear YS Electric Feida Accessories
KHJ-MC253-00,GEAR,IDLE P3 SS12/16MM-72MM Roller Gears Shaft Gears
KHJ-MC152-00 GEAR SS8mm gear SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC153-00 GEAR,IDLE P3 Flywheel gear SS electric feeder accessories black pinion
KHJ-MC156-00 KHJ-MC156-01 KHJ-MC156-02 Electric 8MM feeder accessories
KHJ-MC24D-00 PLATE, GUIDE 12 12/16mm Adjustment Block SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC134-00 GEAR SS8MM-16mm Gear SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC131-00 SPROCKET YAMAHA YS Electric Feida iron gear original brand new genuine
KHJ-MC166-00 BLOCK P/O TOOTH SS8MM tooth block 1 SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC149-00 SS ZS models feeder accessories electric feeder rail R ring retaining ring
KHJ-MC103-02 00 SS 8MM Electric Electronic Feeder Accessories Front Latch
KHY-M66TE-00 HNS, F. CTRL-FDR YS Mounter Feida Platform Connector
KHJ-MC28H-00 electric feeder accessories 8MM electric feeder cap buckle
KHJ-MC161-01 BOX,TOP TAP YAMAHA electric feeder cap KHJ-MC161-02

KHJ-MC10W-00 YAMAHA Feida front positioning column YAMAHA Feida accessories
KHJ-MC281-00 Electronic Feida Handle 12MM-72MM Electric Feida Handle Original Genuine
KHJ-MC181-00 HANDLE SS8mm handle SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC159-00 COVER IDLE GEAR2 SS electric flywheel gear cover
KHJ-MC183-00 SPACER,TENSION 1 8-72mm thick tension pad SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC28B-00 COVER,WIRE 1 SS12-72mm wire rope cover SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC16V-02 00 BLOCK P/O TOOTH SS8MM tooth block 2 SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC154-00 KHJ-MC155-00 Electric Feida Accessories SS 8MM Electric Feida Accessories
KHJ-MC151-00 GEAR SS8mm gear SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC186-00 YAMAHA YS Feida handle wire KHJ-MC286-00
KHJ-MC1AA-00 YAMAHA electric fly button control panel soft line electric rack accessories
KJK-M117A-01 FRONT LEVER ASSY. Front press buckle
KHJ-MC1A1-00 YAMAHA Electric Feida SS Board Cover 8MM 12 16 24 32 44
KHJ-MC182-00 TENSION,WIRE 1 8-72mm Wire Pad SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC1A2-00 YAMAHA Electric Feida SS motherboard cover 8MM 12 16 24 32 44
KHJ-MC18C-00 COVER,WIRE 2 SS8mm wire rope cover SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC16B-00 SHAFT,P/O LEVER 2 8mm Clamp Pin SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC18B-00 COVER,WIRE 1 SS8mm wire rope cover SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC184-00 SPACER,TENSION 2 8-72mm Thin Tension Pad SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC15A-00 SHAFT 112 SS8mm gland/snap pin SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC162-01 COVER,TOP TAPE BOX 8mm waste belt cover SS electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC1C6-000 feeder accessories YAMAHA feeder accessories YS feeder magnetic gasket
KHJ-MC144-00 KHJ-MC144-01 YAMAHA SS8MM Electric Feeder Accessories Shrapnel
KHJ-MC144-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE R YAMAHA electric feeder accessories SS8MM pressure bar
KHJ-MC244-00 01 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE SS12-72mm Crimping Electric Feida Clamp
KHJ-MC104-00 RAIL, UNDER YAMAHA electric feeder bottom guide

KHJ-MC145-00 KHJ-MC145-01TAPE GUIDE F 8MM electric feeder cap insurance buckle
KHJ-MC245-01. LEVER, TAPE GUIDE SS12mm/16mm Electric Feida Hook
KHJ-MC245-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE F SS12/16mm insurance buckle Electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC445-00 01 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE F SS24MM Electric feeder stopper front button
KHJ-MC545-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE SS32mm Insurance Buckle SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC645-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE SS44mm Insurance Buckle SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC745-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE KHJ-MC745-01 56MM gland cover insurance buckle

KHJ-MC141-00 TAPE GUIDE ASSY SS8mm cover old SS electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC141-01 KHJ-MC141-04 (SS 8mm) YAMAHA Electric Feeder Drum Cover
KHJ-MC141-02 KHJ-MC141-03X YAMAHA Electric FEEDER SS8mm gland rail
KHJ-MC241-00 KHJ-MC24J-00TAPE GUIDE ASSYSS12, 16mm electric feeder cap
KHJ-MC441-00 KHJ-MC441-01 feeder accessories SS models feeder cap 24MM gauge covers
KHJ-MC541-00 KHJ-MC541-01 feeder accessories 32MM 44MM electric feeder cap
KHJ-MC741-00 KHJ-MC741-01 Electric Federer Accessories 56MM Electric Feida Feeder Cover

KHJ-MC16U-00 KHJ-MC16U-S0 TAIL COVER ASSY. SS8mm waste buckle
KHJ-MC26U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS12/16MM Tail Cap SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC46U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS24MM Cap SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC56U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS32MM Cap SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC66U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS44MM Cap SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC76U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS56MM Cap SS Electric Feeder Accessories

KHJ-MC210-00 KHJ-MC210-10 MOTOR, PEEL YAMAHA electric feeder SS8MM small motor
KHJ-MC110-10 YAMAHA Electric Feida Motor SS Feida Motor


KHJ-MC147-02 KHJ-MC147-00 Feida spring SS electric Feida spring 8MM spring
KHJ-MC146-02 00 SPRING TAPE GUIDE R SS Electric Flyspring
KHJ-MC247-00 KHJ-MC247-01 Feida spring SS electric fly spring 12MM spring
KHJ-MC187-00 SPRING,TENSION 8-72mm Handle Spring SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC10E-00 SCREW, FLAT HEXLOBE SS8MM-24mm Torx White Screws
90440-01J030 CIRCLIP E 8mm-72mm Reel Retainer SS Electric Feeder Accessories
KHJ-MC18A-00 SPRING,CLAMP SS8-72mm base spring SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC18F-00 CIRCLIP E 8-72mm wire rope retainer SS electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC16F-00 SCREWFLAT HEAD TAPSS8MM cross black screw SS electric feeder parts
KHJ-MC16E-00 SPRING,P/O LEVE YS Electric feeder PO rod spring
KHJ-MC10F-00 YAMAHA Electric Feida Accessories SS 8MM-72MM Electric Feida Screws
KHJ-MC16J-00 SCREWFLAT HEAD8-16mm Cross Black Pushi 2 SS Electric Feeder Accessories
92A08-03303 SET SCREW M3X3 SS8MM-72mm meters meters SS electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC1A6-00 SCREW, FLAT HEXLOBE T 8-72mm Plum Black Screws
KHJ-MC13E-00 BOLT,EXTRA LOW SS8mm Gear Screw SS Electric Feeder Accessories



Stamping cap TAPE GUIDE ASSY
KW1-M1340-00X CL8X2 Binder Cap CL8*2 Feeder Cap 9965 000 10250
KW1-M1340-00X YAMAHA CL8X2 feeder cap Part Nr.9965 000 10225
KW1-M1140-00X CL8X4 clamp cap TAPE GUIDE ASSY YAMAHA feeder cap
KW1-M1140-00X CL8X4 Binder Cover CL84 Feeder Parts Part nr.9965 000 10249
KW1-M2240-010 KW1-M2240-01X feeder cap YAMAHA CL12MM feeder cap
KW1-M2240-00X YAMAHA CL12MM feeder cap Part nr 9965 000 10225
KW1-M3240-00X pressing material 16MM clamping cap TAPE GUIDE ASSY
KW1-M3240-010 Part nr.: 9965 000 10237 YAMAHA CL16MM feeder cap
KW1-M4540-000 CL24MM feeder cap AS-A24-1119-C YAMAHA 24MM press cover
KW1-M4540-001 KW1-M4540-00X YAMAHA CL24mm FEEDER Binder Cover
KW1-M5540-000 CL32MM feeder cap AS-A32-1119-DYAMAHA CL32MM press cover
KW1-M6540-000 AS-A44-1119-C YAMAHA CL44mm feeder cap
KW1-M7540-000 KW1-M7540-010 YAMAHA CL section 56MM clamp cover
KW1-M7540-00X CL56MM TAPE GUIDE ASSY Part nr.: 9965 000 161

KJW-M1140-00 FT82 feeder cap YG12 feeder cap FT82mm feeder cap
TOPAZ/ FEEDER Binder Cap 9498 396 01387ITF feeder cap



KJW-M1192-00 YAMAHA FS One Direction Wheel 8MM One Way Gear
K87-M1199-A0X FV old feeder parts 8MM Feida wheels, small one-way wheels
KJK-M119F-01 KJK-M119F-00 Yamaha FS FSII FS2 Feida one-way wheel bearing
KW1-M1192-00X YAMAHA CL8284 one-way bearing without wheels INDENTATION LVR
KW1-M1191-00X DRIVE ROLLER UNIT YAMAHA 8MM Unidirectional Wheel Set
KW1-M1191-001 00X CL8X2 CL8X4MM One-way Gear YAMAHA Feida One-way Whee

Lightweight YAMAHA FT8MM Smd Feeder FT 8 * 2MM Small Rail With Screw 0