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Laptop / Mobile PCBA Chip Bga Rework Equipment With High Definition Touch Screen

Laptop / Mobile PCBA Chip Bga Rework Equipment With High Definition Touch Screen

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Laptop / Mobile PCBA Chip Bga Rework Equipment With High Definition Touch Screen

Smt BGA chip rework station for laptop/mobile PCBA chip soldering and desoldering


Total Power Total Power 4850W
Upper heating power Top heater 800W
Lower heating power Bottom heater Second temperature zone 1200W, Third temperature zone 2700W (Adding large heating area to suit various P plates)
Power supply power AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions Dimensions L640×W800×H850 mm
Positioning Positioning V-shaped card slot, PCB bracket can be adjusted in any direction of X, Y and equipped with universal fixture
Temperature Control Type Temperature Control K Type Thermocouple (K Sensor) Closed Loop
Temperature control accuracy Temp accuracy ±2 degrees
PCB Dimensions PCB size Max 370×410mm Min 22×22 mm
Workbench fine-tuning workbench fine-tuning before and after ± 15mm, left and right ± 15mm
Magnification Camera magnification 10x-100x times
Applicable chip BGA chip 2X2-80X80mm
Suitable for minimum chip spacing Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
External Temperature Sensor 1-5 optional, expandable (optional)
Placement Accuracy ±0.01MM
Machine weight Net weight 93kg


Embedded industrial control computer, Windows system, high-definition touch screen human-machine interface, PLC control, power-on password protection and modification functions, can display 4-6 temperature curves and store multiple sets of user data at the same time, and has instant curve analysis function. Real-time display design Determine and measure the temperature curve, and analyze and correct the curve.

● In order to ensure the heating effect and placement accuracy, the upper heating head and the mounting head are independently controlled, and the linear carriage is used to fine-tune or quickly position the three axes of X, Y, and Z; the lower part does not need to move the PCB after placement is completed. The plate can be directly heated by only moving the upper heating head, eliminating the displacement of the BGA when moving the PCB board, ensuring the mounting accuracy and welding effect;

● The machine adopts three temperature zones to independently control temperature, hot air from top to bottom, bottom infrared, and three temperature zones independently control the temperature. The heating time, temperature and curve are all displayed on the touch screen.

● High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and automatic temperature compensation system, combined with PLC and temperature module to achieve accurate temperature control, maintain the temperature deviation at ± 2 degrees. At the same time, the external temperature measurement interface can accurately detect the temperature. And to achieve accurate analysis of the measured temperature curve and proofread.

● The V-shaped groove is used for positioning the PCB board. The positioning is quick, convenient, and accurate. It can meet different PCB layout modes and the positioning of PCB boards of different sizes.

● The flexible and convenient removable universal jig can protect the PCB board, prevent PCB edge device damage and PCB deformation, and can adapt to the rework of various BGA package sizes.

● With a variety of specifications alloy nozzle, the nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees arbitrary positioning, easy to install and replace;

● Adopts high-definition adjustable CCD color optical vision system, with split bi-color, zoom, fine-tuning, auto-focus, auto-correction, and equipped with automatic color difference resolution and brightness adjustment device. Manual/automatic adjustment of imaging clarity.

● The X, Y and R angles are fine-adjusted with micrometer, the alignment accuracy is up to ±0.01MM, and it is equipped with high-definition LCD display, completely avoiding human error.

● 8 segments of rising (falling) temperature + 8 thermostatic control, mass storage temperature curve, curve analysis, setting and correction can be performed on the touch screen;

● Configure voice-activated “early warning” function. In the 5-10 seconds before disassembly and welding are completed, the operator is alerted in voice-activated manner; at the same time, after the disassembly and welding are completed, the large-flow cross-flow fan is used to automatically/manually cool the PCB board. Prevent PCB board deformation and ensure welding effect.

● Built-in vacuum pump, Φ 60° rotation, Micrometer precision trim nozzle, no gas source.

● After CE certification, there is an emergency stop switch and accidental automatic power failure protection device.


JUKI 775 KE775
JUKI 710XY E86117150A0
JUKI 775/2050
JUKI 710 E8621715BA0 E86227150A0
JUKI 710 /
JUKI CTFR8mm 8*4 CN081CR CF081CR
JUKI 2050/2060 ZTZ3PN:40003321
JUKI 32mm FF32FR-OP E6000706RBC
JUKI 2070/2080X 40044528 MAGNETIC SCALE X
JUKI 710
JUKI 2070/2080 YM 40044529 MAGNETIC SCALE YM
JUKI 710 710
JUKI 710 710 VZ212
JUKI 2050/2060 HEAM MAIN BOARD 40001926 40001925
JUKI 2050/2060/2070/2080Y 40000732
JUKI FX-1R XL 40044417 PSLH016
JUKI HOD E9649729000
JUKI 2050/2060XY 40062552 XY AMP BOARD
JUKI 2010Y 2020Y TS4515N2821E201 E9624729000
JUKI MTC Z E96047170A0 TS4509N1021E100


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