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Black BGA Rework Station Smd Pcba Repair Machine High Precision With PLC Control

Black BGA Rework Station Smd Pcba Repair Machine High Precision With PLC Control

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Black BGA Rework Station Smd Pcba Repair Machine High Precision With PLC Control


Smt Line Machine black BGA Rework Station smd pcba repair machine semi-Auto Main market India


Embedded industrial control computer, high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control, and instant curve analysis function. Real-time display settings and measured temperature curve, and can analyze and correct the curve.

● High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and temperature automatic compensation system, combined with PLC and temperature module to achieve precise temperature control, maintain temperature deviation at ± 2 °C. At the same time, the external temperature measurement interface enables precise detection of temperature, and Realize accurate analysis and proofreading of measured temperature curve.

● The V-shaped groove is used for positioning the PCB board. The positioning is quick, convenient, and accurate. It can meet different PCB layout modes and the positioning of PCB boards of different sizes.
● The flexible and convenient removable universal jig can protect the PCB board, prevent PCB edge device damage and PCB deformation, and can adapt to the rework of various BGA package sizes.
● With a variety of specifications alloy nozzle, the nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees arbitrary positioning, easy to install and replace;

● Up and down a total of three temperature zone independent heating, three temperature zones can simultaneously perform multiple sets of multi-segment temperature control, to ensure that different temperature zones simultaneously achieve the best welding results. Heating temperature, time, slope, cooling and vacuum can all be set on the man-machine interface.


This repair station is suitable for the repair of circuit boards such as laptop motherboards, desktop computer motherboards, and XBOX-360.
A total of three temperature zones are independently heated, the upper hot air is heated by 1000 W, the lower hot air is heated by 1000 W, and the lower preheating is performed by 3200 W infrared heating.
A high-precision temperature controller is used to achieve a temperature error of about 1 degree.
Mobile heating head, easy to operate.
8 sections of temperature increase + 8 sections of constant temperature control, standard configuration can store 10 groups of temperature curves. It can be expanded as needed.
The standard configuration of the T3 requires only a period of warming and a constant temperature to achieve the desired welding effect, which is simple and reliable.
High-power cross-flow fan quickly cools the circuit board.
Complete welding has sound alarm function.
Vacuum sucker draws BGA chip.
Infrared heating plate can control heating independently.
The lower part of the rework station is a preheating table, which is used for preheating the PCB board to ensure that the board is not deformed and the circuit board with a maximum temperature of 450*650mm can be preheated.
The rework station is equipped with 5 tuyere, up to 775CPU seats, small to memory particles, can be welded.
Dimensions: length 700mm × width 580mm × height 500mm.
Use power: 220V 50/60HZ.
Machine power: 3200W.
Machine weight: 38 kg.


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