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High Precision Bga Rework Machine , Bga Workstation Mobile Phone Quick Repair

High Precision Bga Rework Machine , Bga Workstation Mobile Phone Quick Repair

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High Precision Bga Rework Machine , Bga Workstation Mobile Phone Quick Repair

Smt Line Machine smd mobile phone bga rework station quick repair high precision




1 total power 4800W
2 upper heating power 800W
3 Lower heating power second temperature zone 1200W, third (IR) temperature zone 2700W
4 Power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
5 Dimensions 635×600×560mm
6 Positioning V-shaped slot, PCB bracket can be adjusted in any direction of X, Y and configure universal fixture
7 temperature control K-type thermocouple (K Sensor) closed-loop control, independent temperature control, accuracy up to ± 3 degrees;
8 PCB size Max 410×370mm Min 20×20 mm
9 Electrically Selectable Highly Sensitive Temperature Control Module + Delta PLC+ Taiwan Touch Screen
10 machine weight


27x optical zoom (F=1.6, F=3.9mm-85.8mm) This repair station is suitable for the repair of circuit boards such as laptop motherboards, desktop computer motherboards, XBOX-360, server motherboards, and digital products.
12 times electronic zoom A total of three temperature zones are independently heated, the upper hot air is heated to 1000 W, the lower hot air is heated to 1000 W, and the lower preheating is performed using 2800 W infrared heating.
Lens magnification can be changed as needed Maximum hot air temperature: 400 °C
Operating voltage DC 12V The motor is used to control the movement of the heating head and the automation program is higher.
Imaging Device 1/4" SONY CCD With two highlighting lights to ensure the working environment is bright enough.
Effective pixels PAL: 782 (H) × 582 (V) S 7-inch touch screen is used as human-machine interface to display the temperature curve in real time. The heating temperature and heating time of the three temperature zones are displayed on the touch screen.
Signal system PAL system Accurately control the preheating and desoldering temperatures with a temperature error of about 1 degree.
Video output 1.0Vp-p75 Ω (BNC) 8 temperature rise + 8 temperature control, storage temperature curve is not limited.
Focus System: Auto Focus The standard configuration of 009 only requires a period of warming and a constant temperature to achieve the desired welding effect, which is simple and reliable.
Prism size: 50*50mm High-power cross-flow fan quickly cools the circuit board.
Chip size: 2mm×2mm-56mm×56mm Complete welding has sound alarm function.
Chip Type: BGA, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF Vacuum sucker draws BGA chip.
Minimum chip pitch: 0.3mm Universal circuit board support structure design excellence, the welding area does not support the local, never concave.
Applicable circuit board area: 500×670mm Infrared heating plate can control heating independently.
Patch accuracy: ±20um The lower part of the rework station is a preheating table, which is used for preheating the PCB board to ensure that the PCB board is not deformed and the circuit board with a maximum temperature of 500*670mm can be preheated.
Light source: bi-color LED lighting, white LED lighting on the chip, red LED lighting on the PCB pad The reworkable PCB board thickness is not limited.
Minimum illumination 1.0-0.02 Lux The reworkable BGA chip size is not limited, up to 775CPU seats, as small as CCD particles, can be welded.
LED light source voltage: 24V The rework station is equipped with 5 tuyere. Special specifications can be customized.
Power: 15W Dimensions: Length 690mm × width 550mm × height 600mm.
Auto Focus + Manual Focus Use power: 220V 50/60HZ.
Internal industrial diaphragm pump as air source Effective power: 3500W.
Applicable chip maximum weight: 60 g Machine weight: 52 kg.
LCD monitor size: 17 inches  


High Precision Bga Rework Machine , Bga Workstation Mobile Phone Quick Repair 0