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SMT Line Machine BGA Rework Station Integrated Design With Touch Screen Operation

SMT Line Machine BGA Rework Station Integrated Design With Touch Screen Operation

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SMT Line Machine BGA Rework Station Integrated Design With Touch Screen Operation

SMT Line Machine BGA Rework Station Black Repair machine From CN company




1. Integrated design of hot air head and mounting head, with automatic placement automatic welding and automatic disassembly.
2. The top wind picking hot air system is characterized by rapid temperature rise, uniform temperature, and rapid cooling (down from 50 to 80 degrees when cooling down), which better meets the technological requirements for lead-free welding. In the lower heat zone, infrared and hot air are used to heat the mixture. Infrared radiation directly acts on the heating zone and is conducted simultaneously with the hot air. This can make up for the lack of each other, allowing the PCB to warm up quickly (heating rate up to 10°C/S), while maintaining the temperature evenly.
3, independent three temperature zone (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and the lower temperature zone realize synchronous automatic movement, can automatically reach the bottom infrared preheating zone any position, the lower temperature zone can be Moving up and down, supporting the PCB, using the motor to automatically control, realize that the PCB does not move on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be integrally moved to the target chip of the PCB.
4. The PCB card board adopts high-precision sliders to ensure the accuracy of BGA and PCB board placement.
5. The original bottom preheating platform adopts imported German excellent heat-generating material (infrared gold-plated light pipe) anti-glare thermostat glass (temperature resistance up to 1800°C) to preheat the area up to 500×420mm
6. The preheating platform, plywood device and cooling system can be moved in the X direction as a whole, making the PCB positioning and folding welding more safe and convenient.
7. X, Y adopts automatic motor control and movement mode, which makes the position alignment faster and more convenient. The equipment space is fully utilized and the large surface is achieved with a relatively small device volume.
8, double rocker control, alignment lens and heating platform above and below, in order to ensure alignment accuracy.
9, built-in vacuum pump, φ angle rotation, precision fine-tuning placement nozzle.
10. The suction nozzle automatically recognizes the suction and mounting height, the pressure can be controlled within a tiny range of 10g, and it has 0 pressure suction and mounting functions, aiming at smaller chips.
11, color optical vision system with manual X, Y direction movement, with split two-color, zoom and fine-tuning function, including color difference resolution device, auto focus, software operation, 22 optical zoom, can repair the largest BGA size 80×80 mm
12, 10 paragraphs of rising (falling) temperature + 10 constant temperature control, mass storage mass curve, curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen.
13, a variety of sizes of alloy hot air nozzle, easy to replace, 360 ° rotation positioning.
14, configure 5 temperature ports, with multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis capabilities.
15. With solid state operation display function, the temperature control is more safe and reliable.
16. The machine can automatically generate SMT standard temperature disassembly curves at different temperatures in different regions. It does not need to manually set the machine curve, and can be used by experienced operators to achieve machine intelligence.


The largest PCB size W650×D610mm
Applicable PCB thickness 0.5-4mm
Applicable chip size 1×1-80×80mm
Applicable chip minimum pitch 0.15mm
Mounting maximum load 500g
Mounting accuracy ±0.01mm
PCB positioning method Shape or positioning hole
Temperature control method K-type thermocouple, closed-loop control
Lower hot air heating Hot air 1200W
Upper hot air heating Hot air 1200W
Bottom infrared preheat Infrared 5000W
using electric AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Machine size L970×W700×H830mm (without bracket)
Machine weight About 140KG
Exterior color Milky white

SMT Line Machine BGA Rework Station Integrated Design With Touch Screen Operation 0