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220V / 110V SMT LED Wave Soldering Machine PLC Controlling With 6 Heat Zone

220V / 110V SMT LED Wave Soldering Machine PLC Controlling With 6 Heat Zone

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220V / 110V SMT LED Wave Soldering Machine PLC Controlling With 6 Heat Zone

SMT Reflow Oven LED wave Soldering Machine With 6 Heat Zone from cnsmt

Product Feature:
Brand LCD computer and PLC controlling system, temperature accuracy is ±1℃; the reflow oven can continue manufacture offline and when computer crashes unexpectedly; that can ensure system more stable and reliable.
Windows menu screen shot, powerful functions and simple operation.
Equipped with tension device in mesh system, smooth transmission, no shock, no deformation and those will make PCB running stably.
t is synchronous chain transportation structure (which can connect automatic pick and place machine online) in the machine, that will ensure accurately width adjustment and long using life.
Automatic lubrication system is designed in the reflow oven; filling time and amount can be set and then lubricate transmission chain automatically according to setting.
All heating zones are controlled by computer and PID, Every temperature zone can be set and started independently.
Mesh/Chain transmission system is controlled by computer, it is closed loop; all kinds of PCBs can be manufactured at same time.
Sound and light malfunction alarm system is applied in GLICHN reflow oven.
There is leakage protection to ensure operators and machine safe.
Build-in UPS and automatic delay system are designed in the reflow oven, which will avoid damage PCB and reflow ovens when power off or over heating.
Hot air circulation heating technology from HELLER has been applied, fast air vents improve greatly hot air flow, warm up will be fast and time is 20 min; high thermal compensation, it is suitable for high temperature soldering and curing.
Separate temperature sensors have been designed in every temperature zone, which is used to monitor and compensate temperature balance at real time. (Separate temperature sensors is optional)
To protect operators set, password can be set in operation system; software can save current temperature and speed setting and relate temperature curves, all data and reports can be printed.
Equipped with online temperature measurement system for three temperature zones, it can measure and monitor real temperature at any time.
Urgent cooling system is designed in reflow oven, with magnifying focus urgent cooling, the speed rate is up to 3.5~6℃/s; outside force cooling device can make soldering effect. (Force air cool system is standard design)
Special fan structure and abnormal heating wires design are used in the reflow oven; no noise, no vibration, high heating exchange, it is little temperature difference between BGA bottom and PCB boards. It is best for lead free soldering.




R50MD (Meter))



Heating parameters
Heating zonesUpper 5/lower 5Upper 5/lower 5Upper4/lower 4Upper 4/lower 4
Length of heating zone1730mm1730mm1400mm1400mm
Conveyor parameters
PCB widthChain 300mm, mesh 350mm
Conveyor chain width range50-300mm
PCB directionL→R or (R→L)
Chain fixingFront fix(back fix is optional)
Conveyor heightMesh 880±20mm,Chain 900±20mm
PCB Enter the plate heightMesh ≤ 50mm,Chain ≤30mm
Transmission methodmesh and chain
Conveyor speed0-2000mm/Min
Controlling parts
Power supply5wires 3phase 380V 50/60Hz
Start power12KW12 KW10KW10KW
Work powerApprox.4KWApprox.4.5KWApprox.5KWApprox.6KW
Warm up timeAbout 20 min
Temperature rangeRoom Temper ature-400℃
Temperature controlComputer/Meter PID closed-loop controlling, SSR drive
Machine controlComputer/Meter
Temp accuracy±1℃
Temp deviation±2-3℃
CoolingAir cool
AlarmAbnormal temperature (over high/low)
Three color light

Three colors light:
yellow—warm up; Green-constant temperature; Red—abnormal

Machine size
WeightApprox. 410KgApprox.400KgApprox.360KgApprox.350Kg
Machine size (mm)L3100*W750*H1400L3100*W750*H1400L2600*W750*H1400L2600*W750*H14


KJK-M1300-000 YAMAHA FSII82 0201 0402KHJ-MC100-000 KHJ-MC100-003 YS
KJK-M1500-010 000 YG12 YAMAHA FT8x2 FT8*2mmKHJ-MC200-000 YAMAHA12/16mm SS12MM
KJW-M1200-023 YAMAHA YAMAHA FT84mmKHJ-MC400-000 KHJ-MC400-002 24MM
KJW-M1200-02X KJW-M1200-021 YG12 FT8*4mmKHJ-MC500-000 YAMAHA32mm
 KHJ-MC600-000 KHJ-MC600-001
KW1-M1300-020 00X CL 0402 CL8*2KHJ-MC700-000 SS 56MM FEEDER
KW1-M1100-030 000 YAMAHA YV100II YV100X YV100XG CL8YYAMAHA YV100X YV100XG
KW1-M2200-100 KW1-M2200-300 301YAMAHA CL12mmYAMAHA YS12 YS24
KW1-M3200-100 KW1-M3200-300 301 YAMAHA CL16MMKW1-M5500-014 KW1-M5500-01x CL32MM FEEDER
KW1-M4500-015 YAMAHA CL24KW1-M6500-000 015 YAMAHA CL44MM FEEDER
KW1-M5500-015 CL32MM YAMAHAKW1-M7500-015 YAMAHA CL56MM

220V / 110V SMT LED Wave Soldering Machine PLC Controlling With 6 Heat Zone 0