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KHJ-MC100-00A YS12 8MM FEEDER Manufacture

KHJ-MC100-00A YS12 8MM FEEDER Manufacture

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    samsung feeder


    panasonic feeder

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  • Weight
  • Lead Time
    IN Stork
  • Packing
    Standard Paper BOX
  • CONdition
    T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
  • Place of Origin
    JAPAN KHJ-MC100-004
  • Brand Name
    yamaha YS12 YS24 feeder
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    KHJ-MC100-00A FEEDER
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  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    5-7 work days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union
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KHJ-MC100-00A YS12 8MM FEEDER Manufacture

SMT Feeder yamaha KHJ-MC100-00 YS12 YS24 YSM20 YSM40 PICK AND PLACE ELECTRIC FEEDER intelligent





CNSMT is your best yamaha feeder supplier in China, we not only provide new yamaha machines and feeders,but also buy and sell used yamaha pick and place machines and feeders,

This KHJ-MC100-00A YAMAHA SS8MM FEEDER can be adjust both 8*2mm and 8*4mm pitch, so you just need buy only one 8mm feeder enough for 2 types of component.


The ss8mm electric feeder is a long-life feeder , not any problem even you use 5 or 10 years, and not dropping problems while mounting . its more stable than mechanic feeder.



Intelligent smt feeder  smt electronics feeder

CNSMT has bellow ss8mm/ss12mm/ss16mm/ss24mm/ss32mm/ss44mm/ss56mm feeder in store


Khj-mc100-000 khj-mc100-003 series YS electric flight 8MM
Khj-mc200-000 yamaha12/16mm ev SS12MM ev
Khj-mc400-000 khj-mc400-002 electric flight-up to 24MM electric material rack SS model flight-up
Khj-mc500-000 YAMAHA32mm electric feeder SS32MM electric FEEDER
Khj-mc600-000 khj-mc600-001 SS electric intelligent material rack 44MM electric feeder 
Khj-mc700-000 electric FEEDER FEEDER FEEDER FEEDER of SS type 56MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC100-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS8MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC200-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS12/16MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC400-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS24MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC500-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS32MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC600-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS44MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC700-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS56MM FEEDER

KLJ-MC800-004/001/002/003/005/006/007 ZS72MM FEEDER



KHJ-M4488-020 KHJ-M4488-021 YAMAHA electric feeder control board
KHJ-M4488-032 KHJ-M4488-B0 YAMAHA electric feeder board KHJ-M4488-000
KHJ-M4488-B01 YAMAHA SS electric feeder control board new circuit board FEEDER BOARD
KHJ-MC104-00 RAIL, UNDER YAMAHA electric feeder bottom guide
KHJ-MC110-00 KHJ-MC110-10 KHJ-MC210-00 YAMAHA electric feeder motor
KHJ-MC110-002 MOTO, FEED YAMAHA SS8mm electric feeder front motor
KHJ-MC131-00 YS electric feeder iron gear
KHJ-MC134-00 GEAR, IDLE YAMAHA electric feeder pinion SS electric feeder gear
KHJ-MC136-01 GEAR, IDLE F3 SSY8MM electric feeder gear YS electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC141-03X (SS8mm feeder gland) electric feeder gland
KHJ-MC153-00 GEAR, IDLE P3 feeder gear YAMAHA electric feeder pinion
KHJ-MC16E-00 SPRING, P / O LEVER YAMAHA YS8MM electric feeder spring
KHJ-MC16U-00 TAIL COVER ASSY KHJ-MC16U-S0 8MM electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC16V-00 GEAR SS8mm gear SS electric feeder accessories KHJ-MC16V-01
KHJ-MC16V-022 electric feeder belt-pressing gear KHJ-MC16V-00
KHJ-MC1AA-00 YAMAHA electric feeder button control board soft cable electric material rack accessories
KHJ-MC1C1-00 SS8MM guide slot shrapnel YAMAHA electric feeder shrapnel with screw
KHJ-MC210-00 electric feeder feed motor KHJ-MC210-011 12mm feeder motor
KHJ-MC210-011 YAMAHA electric feeder motor big feeder motor MC210-011
KHJ-MC210-110 YAMAHA electric feeder motor MC210-110 rear motor
KHJ-MC210-110 YAMAHA electric feeder motor SS12MM rear motor MC210-110
KHJ-MC244-00 LEVER, TAPE GUIDE R YAMAHA YS12 / 16mm electric feeder accessories
KHJ-MC252-00 GEAR, IDLE P2 SS electric feeder pinion
KHJ-MC253-00 YAMAHA electric feeder 8MM-12 / 16mm-24mm feeding plastic pinion
KHJ-MC26V-00 P / O LEVER ASSY electric feeder accessories pressure rod with gear
KHJ-MC400-00 YAMAHA SS24MM electric feeder new
KHJ-MC400-000 feeder YAMAHA YS24MM brand new electric feeder
KHJ-MC400-003 Yamaha SMD machine feeder electric feeder SS24MM feeder new brand new
KHJ-MC441-00 KHJ-MC441-01 KHJ-MC441-03 24MM electric feeder press cover
KHJ-MC600-000 SS44MM electric feeder YAMAHA YS44MM electric material rack
KHJ-MC645-00 SS44MM front end buckle electric feeder grab hook front buckle
KHJ-MC700-000 SS56MM electric feeder 56mm feeder
KHJ-MD400-000 YAMAHA electric feeder calibration instrument SS models ZS model FEEDER standard calibration jig
KKJ-MC15B-S02 YAMAHA electric feeder special pressure cover for LED lights
KLJ-M4488-001 ZS electric FEEDER motherboard control board YSM FEEDER board
KLJ-M4488-002 ZS electric FEEDER motherboard control board KLJ-M4489-001
KLJ-MC110-000 ZS8MM electric feeder motor YAMAHA feeder motor
KLJ-MC120-000 YAMAHA ZS8MM electric feeder motor coil motor ZS accessories
KLJ-MC120-000 ZS8MM feeder motor YAMAHA electric feeder motor
KLW-M3700-110 YAMAHA YSM20 FEEDER trolley electric FEEDER trolley
MC210-110 YAMAHA electric feeder motor small motor
SS44MM electric feeder YAMAHA YS44MM electric material rack KHJ-M6500-000
SS8mm new gland YAMAHA electric feeder material cover golden gland local gold version
SSY8MM gland insurance buckle KHJ-MC145-00 YAMAHA electric feeder accessories
YAMAHA YG12 VISKER electric feeder
YAMAHA YG12 YG200 modified electric platform uses SS electric feeder
YAMAHA YS12 electric feeder feeding table YS24 placement machine online loading platform adjustable pitch
YAMAHA YS24MM electric feeder SS24MM electric feeder feeder
YAMAHA YS electric feeder feeding table KHJ-MD200-000 power loading unit
YAMAHA YS electric feeder communication interface KHJ-MC1A9-00
YAMAHA electric feeder correction instrument SS FEEDER ZS FEEDER correction instrument
YAMAHA electric feeder calibrator KHJ-MD800-000 SS TUNE-UP STATION
YAMAHA electric feeder corrector board SS feeder corrector ZS corrector image acquisition card
YAMAHA domestic electric feeder feeding table electric material rack offline feeding table KHJ-MD200-000
YAMAHA pneumatic platform changed to electric YG200 YV100XG equipment upgrade to support SS electric feeder
YAMAHA pneumatic platform changed to electric feeder domestic electric 12 / 16mm feeder feeder gun
YAMAHA pneumatic platform is replaced by electric FEEDER domestic 12 / 16mm FEEDER YV100XG electric material rack
YS12 FEEDER trolley YS24 electric FEEDER trolley KHY-M3701-010
Yamaha YS loading platform SS feeder loader ZS electric feeder preparation platform offline loading
Yamaha FEEDER accessories YS electric feeder loading table film card slot YAMAHA YS FEEDER card slot
Khj-mc252-00 GEAR,IDLE P2 feed-in pinion SS12MM feed-in accessories
KHJ - MC251-00 GEAR, IDLE P1
Khj-mc136-01 GEAR,IDLE F3 SSY8MM electric feidas GEAR YS electric feidas accessories
Khj-mc253-00,GEAR,IDLE P3 ss12/16mm-72mm coiling GEAR with axle glue GEAR
Khj-mc152-00 GEAR SS8mm GEAR SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc153-00 GEAR,IDLE P3 feed-in GEAR SS electric feed-in accessory black pinion
Khj-mc156-00 khj-mc156-01 khj-mc156-02 electric 8MM feida accessories
Khj-mc24d-00 PLATE,GUIDE 12/16mm regulating block SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc134-00 GEAR SS 8mm-16mm GEAR SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc131-00 SPROCKET YAMAHA YS electric feidah gear is original and new
Khj-mc166-00 BLOCK P/O TOOTH SS 8mm TOOTH BLOCK 1 SS electric feida fitting
Khj-mc149-00 SS ZS type feida accessories electric feida guide rail R rod baffle ring
Khj-mc103-02 SS 8MM electric electronic feida fitting front bolt
Hy-m66te-00 HNS, f. ctrl-fdr YS laminating machine feida platform connector plug
Khj-mc28h-00 electric feidah fitting 8MM electric feidah cover button
Khj-mc161-01 BOX,TOP TAP YAMAHA electric tail cover khj-mc161-02
Khj-mc10w-00 YAMAHA flight-front positioning column YAMAHA flight-up accessories
Khj-mc281-00 electronic flying controller 12mm-72mm electric flying controller original product
Khj-mc181-00 HANDLE SS8mm HANDLE SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc159-00 COVER IDLE GEAR2 SS electric feed-in gear COVER
Khj-mc183-00 SPACER,TENSION 1 8-72mm thick TENSION pad SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc28b-00 COVER,WIRE 1 ss12-72mm WIRE rope COVER SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc16v-02 00 BLOCK P/O TOOTH SS 8mm TOOTH BLOCK 2 SS electric feida fitting
Khj-mc154-00 khj-mc155-00 SS type 8MM electric feida accessories
Khj-mc151-00 GEAR SS8mm GEAR SS electric feida accessories
Yamaha YS flying handle wire khj-mc286-00
Khj-mc1aa-00 YAMAHA electric feidah button control panel soft wiring electric material rack accessories
YAMAHA electric feida SS type motherboard protection cover 8MM 12 16 24 32 44, khj-mc1a1-00
Khj-mc182-00 TENSION,WIRE 1 8-72mm WIRE pad SS electric flying accessories
YAMAHA electric feida SS type motherboard protection cover 8MM 12 16 24 32 44, khj-mc1a2-00
Khj-mc18c-00 COVER,WIRE 2 SS8mm steel WIRE rope COVER SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc16b-00 SHAFT,P/O LEVER 2 8mm pressure rod pin SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc18b-00 COVER,WIRE 1 SS8mm steel WIRE rope COVER SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc184-00 SPACER,TENSION 2 8-72mm thin tensioned pad SS electric flying accessories
Khj-mc15a-00 SHAFT 112 SS8mm gland/clasp pin SS electric feida fitting
Khj-mc162-01 COVER,TOP TAPE BOX 8mm waste TAPE COVER SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc1c6-000 YAMAHA feida YS feida magnetic spacer
Khj-mc144-00 khj-mc144-01-yamaha SS8MM elastomer pin for electric feida accessories
Khj-mc144-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE R YAMAHA electric flying accessories SS8MM LEVER
Khj-mc244-00 LEVER 01,TAPE GUIDE R ss12-72mm pressure buckle
Khj-mc104-00 RAIL,UNDER YAMAHA electric airfield bottom guide
Khj-mc145-00 khj-mc145-01tape GUIDE F 8MM electric flying cover safety clasp
Khj-mc245-01. LEVER,TAPE GUIDE SS12mm/16mm electric reach hook
Khj-mc245-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE F ss12/16mm safety buckle electric feida accessories
Khj-mc445-00 LEVER 01,TAPE GUIDE F SS24MM electric fader cover front button
Khj-mc545-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE SS32mm safety buckle SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc645-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE SS44mm safety buckle SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc745-00 LEVER,TAPE GUIDE khj-mc745-01 56MM pressure cover safety clasp
Khj-mc141-00 TAPE GUIDE ASSY SS8mm pressure cover old SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc141-01 khj-mc141-04 (SS 8mm) YAMAHA electric feed-down material cover
Khj-mc141-02 khj-mc141-03x YAMAHA electric FEEDER SS8mm gland guide rail
Khj-mc241-00 khj-mc24j-00tape GUIDE ASSYSS12, 16mm electric flying material cover
SS type feida gland with 24MM material cover for khj-mc441-00 khj-mc441-01 feida fitting
Khj-mc541-00 khj-mc541-01 feida fitting 32MM 44MM electric feida cover
Khj-mc741-00 khj-mc741-01 electric feida fitting 56MM electric feida material cover
Khj-mc16u-00 khj-mc16u-s0 TAIL COVER ASSY. SS8mm waste belt buckle
Khj-mc26u-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS 12/16mm rear COVER SS electric feida accessories
Khj-mc46u-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS24MM rear COVER SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc56u-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS32MM rear COVER SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc66u-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS 44mm rear COVER SS electric reach accessories
Khj-mc76u-00 TAIL COVER ASSY SS 56mm rear COVER SS electric reach accessories



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