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YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras

YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras

    • YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras
    • YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras
    • YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras
  • YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan smt machine
    Brand Name: CNSMT YV100X
    Certification: CE5
    Model Number: YAMAHA YV100X assembly machine

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Standard Package
    Delivery Time: 2-3 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
    Supply Ability: 12pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: SMT YAMAHA YV100XG Pick And Place Machine Keywords: YAMAHA YV100X
    Weight: 1265kg Lead Time: 1-2days
    Application: SMT LINE PRODUCTION Equipment Condition: Original Used
    High Light:

    smt pick and place equipment


    pcb pick and place machine

    YAMAHA YV100X, SMT YAMAHA YV100XG Pick And Place Machine Manufacturer in China


    Product Name
    SMT YAMAHA YV100XG Pick And Place Machine
    Brand Name
    yamaha yv100x/Refurbished Machines
    YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras
    Yamaha yv100x is the multifunctional Pick and Place Machine.
    That is fully automatic which is easier for every person to operate by getting simple guidance. No matter what is the nature of your business, the important feature of the machine is that it is perfect for every business.
    It is suitable for all types of industrial applications including electronics, automotive, electrical manufacturing, and many others.
    The Refurbished yamaha yv100x Machine comes with multiple sizes only for the best cause of our customers. The latest technology is applied to the model YV100X.
    Different PCB sizes along with multiple conveyors are also provided in the model to facilitate you for extra comfort. Usually, 0.4mm -3.0mm is the thickness of the PCB in the Yamaha yv100x.
    The transportation direction of Yamaha Yamaha yv100x is very convenient for you because it can be left to right or right to left. So, you can change direction as per your needs and adjustment.
    Low power consumption by using the Yamaha yv100x machine makes it perfect for you. It will save your money as well as time amazingly. Screen Monitor is fixed in the model.
    You can touch the screen to run your work in more efficient ways. The Yamaha yv100x machine can be run on your fingers. You will give the command to the functions of the machine, and it will run as per your order.
    You need to order again and again. That is the reason; you need to engage fewer human resources that will, of course, save your money by completing desired tasks quickly.
    Cnsmt offers you the best yamaha yv100x at highly economical rates. You will really love to make the machine part of your business. Quality material in the preparation of the machine makes the machine perfect for long term usage.
    YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras
    Always pick and place your products through the automated machines, yamaha yv100x.
      Yamaha YV100X, YV100X placement machine
      Medium speed mounter Yamaha mounter YV100X
      Our company supplies medium speed mounter Yamaha mounter YV100X, the following are the parameters of Yamaha mounter yv100x:
      Yamaha mounter YV100X
      1. 0.2 seconds / CHIP ultra-high speed placement (optimal conditions) 16000CPH (grains / hour)
      2. In the state of IPC9850, the placement speed is up to 16200CPH (equivalent to 0.22 seconds / CHIP)
      3. Ensure the whole placement accuracy is up to ± 50 microns, and the full repeat accuracy is up to ± 30 microns
      4. Large application range, from 0201 (inch) micro components to 31mm QFP large components
      5. Use 2 high-resolution multi-vision digital cameras
      6. Continuous identification of all solder balls for CSP / BGA components, including the judgment of the defect of solder balls.
      7. Optional flying nozzle with YAMAHA patent can effectively reduce the idle loss of the machine
      Suggestion: The introduction of SMT placement machine equipment is not to be bigger, newer, and better, but to formulate a reasonable introduction plan based on the investment capacity of the enterprise, the size of the output, and the accuracy requirements of the placement of the circuit board.
      Welcome to purchase Yamaha YV100X, yv100x placement machine.
      YAMAHA YV100X multi-function placement machine
      Comprehensive, multi-functional, ultra-high-precision production line
      At the forefront of SMT technology, the placement machine is required to have the ability to cope with various situations. The Yamaha production line can support lead-free solder paste, mount 0402 microchips, identify CSP / BGS ball pin components, irregular connectors, can identify whether the pins are lifted, and can also support large substrates.
    Board size ATS20 (final placement) W-AT assembly: L460 * W250 (Max) / L50 * W50 (Min)
    Substrate thickness 0.4-3.0
    Board transfer direction right-left
    Mounting accuracy ± 0.1mm / CHIP ± 0.08 / QFP
    Placement speed 0.2 seconds / CHIP 1.7 seconds / QFP
    Types of originals: 100 originals (MAX, 8MM band conversion)
    Original pallets: 80 types (used for TMAX, YTF)
    Original supply form 8-56mm wide, rod, bulk, tray
    Mounting original 0402-32mm original, long plug, CSP, BGA, QFP
    Power Three-phase AC220 / 208/230/240/380/400 / 416V ± 10%, 50 / 60HZ
    Power Three-phase 4KVA
    Air pressure above 0.55MPA, 350MIN
    Dimension L1650 * W1408 * H1850
    Weight 1570KG
      The company also supplies similar products of the above products: YAMAHA placement machine Yamaha placement machine YS24, YAMAHA placement machine Yamaha placement machine YG12, YAMAHA placement machine Yamaha placement machine YV100X, YV100II, YV100XG and other models
      Our company is a well-known Yamaha placement machine agent in China, providing customers with new Yamaha placement machines and a complete set of SMT placement equipment, supplying new JUKI placement machines, Samsung placement machines, yamaha placement machines, JUKI placement machines, FUJI placement machine, Yamaha placement machine, Siemens placement machine, Sanyo placement machine. Welcome new and old customers to call us to visit our factory. TEL: (Ma S)
      CNSMT Supply Yamaha Mounter YV100X / YAMAHA Mounter YV100X Yamaha Mounter

    YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras

    CNSMT provide all kinds of SMT YAMAHA pick and place machines in China, we have over 10 years experience of export smt yamaha yv100x and yv100xg machines to worldwide


    YAMAHA YV100X if a high cost-effective smt line machine, which is price cheaper than other brands of machine, most of customers can afford it


    YAMAHA YV100X smt assembly machine widely used for smt facotories, especially in India market, we export a lot of this machine to india every year.


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    YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras

    YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick And Place Machine High Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras


    we also supply bellow smt yamaha spare parts


    YG12_YS12 Vacuum Inspection Board KHY-M4592-010.PDF VAC SENSOR BOARD ASSY
    YG12F solenoid valve JA10AA-21W KHY-M7153-00 VALVE 21W solenoid valve
    YG12 solenoid valve 21W + 34W, KHY-M7152-00 EJECTER KHY-M7152-00
    YG12 SMT machine Feida platform gas seat KJV-M3407-A00 JONINT ASSY
    YG200 CCD element fixed camera KV1-M73A0-331 KV1-M73A0-33X
    YG200 IF board KGR-M4530-013 KGR-M4530-01X INTERFACE BOARD ASSY
    YG200 placement machine head R-axis belt R-axis belt Angle belt YAMAHA 252-1.5GT leather
    YG200 SMT machine nozzle 201A NOZZLE KGT-M7710-AOX 201A nozzle
    YG200 SMT machine nozzle 201A NOZZLE KGT-M7710-AOX Yamaha 201A nozzle
    YG200 SMT machine nozzle 209A NOZZLE KGT-M7790-A0X YAMAHA 209A nozzle
    YGD dispensing nozzle Type 111, Type 112, 114 nozzle KV6-M7113-1XX (imitation)
    YGD dispensing nozzle Type 111, Type 112, Type 114 nozzle KV6-M7113-1XX
    YMDA 16 * 35-1W YAMAHA sub-baffle plate out cylinder YAMAHA placement machine cylinder
    YMDA16 * 35-1W plate-out cylinder YAMAHA placement machine auxiliary baffle cylinder Part nr .: 53
    YS100 placement machine 22W solenoid valve KJJ-M717B-00X KOGANEI JA10AA-22W
    YS100 Mounter Solenoid Valve KJJ-M717B-002 JA10AA-22W VALVE Brand New
    YS100 head solenoid valve KOGANEI JA10AA-22W YAMAHA 22W solenoid valve
    YS12 solenoid valve vacuum air seat filter YAMAHA filter cotton plug KHY-M7155-01
    YS12 solenoid valve vacuum air seat filter core cover cup Yamaha SMD machine filter cotton plug KHY-M7155-01
    YS24 BIT filter core KHY-M7154-C0X 34W vacuum valve copper core filter core
    YS24 placement machine track transmission belt KKE-M917H-00 YAMAHA belt
    YS24 system board KHL-M4209-01 SYSTEM UNIT ASSY for std.
    YTF cylinder, KOGANEI KV5-M1770-00X YAMAHA cylinder
    YV100II YV100A slow down solenoid valve A010E1-35W buffer solenoid valve genuine
    YV100III vice operation keyboard YPU handle YAMAHA YPU vice operation panel KH1-M5180-20X
    YV100II safety door switch KH4-M668R-00X 100X YAMAHA door lock safety trigger switch
    YV100II side clamp cylinder KG7-M9236-00X CYLINDER KOGANEI JDAD12X5
    YV100II clamp cylinder KG7-M9236-00X Japanese original brand new KOGANEI JDAD 2X5
    YV100II placement machine track conveyor belt YAMAHA belt conveyor belt KG7-M9129-00X
    YV100II IO board KM1-M4570-00X HEAD BOARD UNIT KM1-M4570-001
    YV100II main cylinder KG7-M9165-00X YAMAHA PDAS6 * 30 cylinder brand new
    YV100II main cylinder KG7-M9165-00X YAMAHA PDAS6x30 cylinder
    YV100X VISION board / vision board / KM5-M441H-02X KM5-M441H-03X
    YV100X VISION board / vision board / KM5-M441H-02X Part nr 9498 396 00494
    YV100XG Z axis slider KV8-M7136-00X GUIDE Z AXIS original IKO slider
    YV100XG YG200 Feida Opposite beam solder KGA-M3455-11X KGS-M3961-00X
    YV100XG Feida platform tilting detection optical soldering beam bending resistance sensor KGA-M3455-11X
    YV100XG flight head rod KGB-M711S-A0X KGB-M711S-B0X FNC SHAFT, SPARE
    YV100XG track out board sensor KGA-M911A-00X HP300-D2 YAMAHA sensor
    YV100XG head IO board KV8-M4570-011 I / O BOARD HEAD YV100X head I / O board
    YV100XG head IO board KV8-M4570-011 I / O BOARD HEAD YV100X head I / O board
    YV100XG nozzle station, nozzle exchange station, nozzle change station NOZZLE CHANGE STATION
    YV100XG component camera recognition camera YG200 material recognition camera KV1-M73A0-340
    YV100X nozzle rod KV8-M713S-A0X KV8-M712S-A0X standard rod brand new
    YV100X mobile camera mobile lens CS8420-06 YV100X MARK camera KV7-M7210-00X
    YV180XG side clamp cylinder Koganei original cylinder KOGANEI CRB-137W CRB-75W cylinder
    YV180XG side clamp cylinder cylinder KGD-M9279-01X KOGANEI PBSA10X10-M
    YV64D dispensing nozzle connector KG3-M7190-00X YV64D YV100D dispensing nozzle
    YVL88 placement machine R axis belt KG7-M7116-00X BELT Yamaha belt
    YVP-XG MARK camera light source KGJ-M76A0-00X YVP-XG mobile camera light source
    YVP printing machine cylinder KGJ-M925G-00 YVP-XG splint stop plate cylinder RAPS10-100-S
    Conveyor belt wheel YV100II track wheel belt rubber wheel KG2-M9102-00X KV7-M9140-00
    Foamed cotton thimble SMT chip machine soft thimble anti-static black PCB soft support
    Philips ITF feeder motor 4022 594 10050 Feeder motor KS 8mm
    Fiber amplifier HPX-A2 Sensor Amplifier Part nr .: 5322 130 10062
    Track belt pulley KV7-M9140-00X KG2-M9102-00X YAMAHA placement machine accessories wheels
    Hotan Goode GD-S540 Desen DSP1008 track belt belt length 2413 width 6
    Black soft thimble soft PIN (foam) anti-static foam top PIN YAMAHA soft PIN
    Jintuo reflow soldering high temperature chain oil AS380 American polyfluoride DOVER reflow soldering chain lubricating oil high temperature oil
    New Xiaojinjing KOGANEI R300-03 R300-03-W pressure regulator KG7-M8504-00X
    Automatic SMT steel mesh wiping paper SMT wiping paper Printing machine wiping paper
    Japan PISCO SP2550 R75 drag chain YS24 placement machine tank chain KKE-M2267-00
    Japan Koganei KOGANEI PBDA10X30 air cylinder YAMAHA track thimble cylinder
    Japan Koganei KOGANEI PBDA10X30 air cylinder YAMAHA track thimble cylinder
    Samsung CP45 placement machine mark mobile camera XC-ST50
    Sanyo servo motor YAMAHA placement machine motor P50B08100DXS4Y new with box
    Sanyo servo motor Q2AA04010DCS0E Sanyo servo motor imported motor
    Sanyo servo motor SANYO DENKI model Q2AA07030DXS2D motor Q shape 300W motor
    Shenshi photoelectric switch SUNX EX-14A sensor Yamaha chip sensor sensor genuine
    Panasonic CM602 support rod CM402 gas spring KXF0A3EAA00
    Panasonic Vibration Feeder Vibration Feeder Single tube double tube optional Panasonic BM Vibration Feeder
    Tianlong placement machine M1 motor P50BA2004DXS23 Sanyo servo motor I PLUSE Z axis motor
    Mounter detection board KM1-M4592-12X YAMAHA vacuum small board vacuum induction board brand new
    Mounter cylinder Yamaha YV180X rail clamp cylinder PBSA10X10-M
    KOGANEI DAB32x25-2 stainless steel cylinder Yamaha SMD machine cylinder accessories
    Koganei MEF12 ME12F-S3 ME12E1 YAMAHA solenoid valve station for calibration
    Yamaha YS24 placement machine Feida platform sensor YAMAHA new sensor
    Yamaha YV100XG power board KGA-M5303-000 + 5V power supply Chassis power board
    Yamaha YV100X sensor Sensor DZ-7232-PN2 rail sensor transmission sensor
    Yamaha 12 / 16MM feeder adjustment gear KHJ-MC24D-00 adjustable spacing piece SS electric feeder accessories
    Yamaha 301A nozzle YG12 YG12F YS12 YS24 SMT nozzle
    Yamaha 71F nozzle KV8-M71N1-A0X NOZZLE 71F 5322 360 104
    Yamaha 76A nozzle KV8-M7760-00X NOZZLE 76A Part nr .: 5322 360 104
    Yamaha SS24MM pressure cap front button safety buckle Feida pressure cap hook KHJ-MC445-00
    Yamaha YG100R placement machine gear plate cylinder (CKD) SCPD2-L00-10-30 brand new
    Yamaha YG100 optical solder signal amplifier HPX-NT4-015 KGS-M911D-A1X
    Yamaha YG100 vacuum detection board KHL-M4592-00 KHL-M4592-001
    Yamaha YG12 / YS12 placement machine with soft thimble soft support PIN soft thimble seat
    Yamaha YG12 / YS24 placement machine solenoid valve plastic cover KHY-M7156-00
    Yamaha YG12F YS12F solenoid valve head group head solenoid valve complete set KOGANEIJA10AA-21W
    Yamaha YG12F placement machine R-axis angle belt 199.5-1.5GT YS12F belt
    Yamaha YG12 placement machine W-axis widening belt 249-3GT-9 KHW-M9146-00
    Yamaha YG12 placement machine seal ring 34W solenoid valve seal ring O-ring ORING sealant
    Yamaha YG12 pick-up nozzle rod, SHAFT rod, YG12 axis bar KHY-M7107-A0
    Yamaha YG200 SMT head I / O board KGT-M4570-00X KGT-M4570-10X
    Yamaha YG200 SMT system board KGK-M4200-00X SYSTEM UNIT system motherboard
    Yamaha YG300 head Z axis motor P50B02002AXS29 placement machine Z motor brand new
    Yamaha YS100 Z-axis motor 90K2B-022803 90K2B-022904 P50B02002DXS2V
    Yamaha YS12 placement machine X axis tank chain drag chain keel KHY-M2267-00 GUIDE X
    Yamaha YS24 transmission track sensor PCB sensor light soldering sensor KHM-M654B-01
    Yamaha YV100X / YV100XG 750W X-axis motor 90K52-87174X placement machine motor
    Yamaha YV100XE SMT machine PCB main gear plate cylinder PBDAS6x40 KV7-M9165-00X
    Yamaha YV180XG clamp cylinder KGD-M9279-01X PBSA10X10 small Jinjing cylinder
    Yamaha ZS 44MM electric feeder KLJ-MC600-002YAMAHA placement machine dedicated
    Yamaha maintenance kit KM8-M715H-00 KGB-M715H-503 KHY-M383A-00X brand new
    Yamaha electric feeder SS12MM / 16mm gland pin SS electric feeder accessories
    Yamaha electric feeder car YAMAHA feeder car FEEDER storage cart with casters
    Yamaha sub-operation panel MSP Part nr .: 5322 218 10607 TOPAZ YPU
    YAMAHA filter cotton K46-M8527-C0X YV100 filter cotton 5322 360 20081
    Yamaha new 35W solenoid valve KM1-M7162-20X A010E1-35W AIR VALVE solenoid valve
    Yamaha Mounter 71F nozzle KV8-M71N1-A0X 5322 360 10484
    Yamaha placement machine YS24 head servo board KKE-M5804-00 KKE-M5804-021 brand new

    Business Scope:
    1. Buy and sells SMT pick and place machines (YAMAHA JUKI FUJI, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, , SIEMENS, ASSEMBLON, Mirae, SONY, ...
    2. SMT Full-auto printer & semi-auto printer
    3. SMT reflow oven & wave solder machine
    4. SMT loader and unloader
    5. SMT conveyor
    6. AOI, SPI
    7. SMT peripheral equipment.
    8. Insert machine
    9. Machine spare parts such as feeders nozzles
    10. Full line solution service


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