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Durable Smt Electronic Components Mounter J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Interface Board

Durable Smt Electronic Components Mounter J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Interface Board

Durable Smt Electronic Components Mounter J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Interface Board

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CNSMT
Certification: CE
Model Number: J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Woodenbox
Delivery Time: 1-2 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 10pcs/day
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Dimensions: 1 X 2 X 1
Voltage:: 110V/220V Weight: 0.1101Kg
Lead Time: 1-2days Application: SMT Placement Machine Parts
High Light:

smt electronic components


smt components

Samsung Mounter J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Interface Board 1 IO Interface Board Green Board

Samsung Mounter J9060288B J9060288C CP60 CP63 SM310 Interface Board 1 IO Interface Board Green Board



Panasonic SMT accessories KXFB043YA01 3 head CPK JIG glass IC (30 JIG-WORK
Panasonic SMT accessories KXF038DAA00 N510017124AA 101 long stroke 8 nozzle rods with
Panasonic SMT accessories KXF02G7AA00 CM 8 heads pole packing upper bearing
KXF0DXJ4A00 KXFP6F7YA00KXFB043XA00N510020431AA
N510003585AA KXF00RNAA00 CM 8 head Angle shaft motor under the bearing Panasonic brand new
Panasonic SMT accessories N510011403AA CM 12 head angle shaft motor under the bearing
Panasonic SMT Accessories N510019154AA CM 12 Head Pole Guide Bearings
N210010113AB N210010113AA N210010113AC CM lightweight 8-head bracket 1-4
Panasonic SMT accessories KXF0CWDAA00 24/32 or more feed gear screw bearings
N510054833AA N510068524AA MTNS000433AA NPM 16 head flow SENSOR
N210010111AB N210010111AA N2100100111AC Lightweight 8 Z-axis card fixing
Panasonic SMT Accessories N510014383AA N510056835AA CM602 Cutter Cylinder ACQ63X35-
N610032084AA 8mm Feida board Panasonic SMT accessories CM402 KXF0DWTHA00
Flying over CM 402 602 N610014407AA N610014407AC 8mm feed gear with screws
KXF0DWTHA00 N610032084AA 8mm Feida board Panasonic SMT accessories CM402
N510050718AA N510060030AA N510060401AA NPM-D Transmission Belt
CM402 CM602 Feida Accessories N610027558AD 8mm Feed Gear New
N510002167AA N510001383AA N610116866AA CM402 602 101 Conveyor Belt
Panasonic SMT Accessories CM402 KXF0DWTHA00 N610032084AA 8mm Feida Board
N510055507AA NPM 16-head angle belt 286-2GT-6
N610140272AA N610098146AA Panasonic sensor line
KXF0E0GGA00 N510010794AA N610116865AA CM402 602 without edge
N610097899AA N610097899AB N610097899AC NPM 16 metal filter
N610097899AA N610097899AB N610097899AC NPM 16 metal filter
KXF00JZAA00 CM402 X-axis positive limit end bearing 6000ZZ
N510042809AB N510042809AA MTNM000172AA NPM 12H2H Angle Motor 4W
N210062110AA CM402 HOLDER 8 head claws KXFB00S6A03 domestic
KXF0CWRAA00 KXF0CWRAA01 CM402 standard head Z-axis screw Panasonic original brand new
KXFB00L1A02 DT401 NPM HOLDER 3 head minions made in China
KXF00RWAA00 CM402 602 BEARING A-2015(EZO ET2015)/ET2015
N510058280AA N510067405AA NPM 2 head / 3 head vacuum SENSOR
N510041345AA NPM Emergency Stop Beginning XW1E-BV403VR-BC-TK2377
N510064219AA NPM 12H rod without bushing SMT Panasonic accessories
N510003588AA CM602 angle intermediate shaft inside / nozzle rod sleeve bearing DDL-1060ZZ
N510011382AA N510069003AA CM402 602 BEARING DDLF-850zz
N510065133AA NPM-D2 Transmission Belt 4.5X1566X0.65
NPM trolley push rod straight tube
KXF0DLLAA01 CM Universal Head Suction Solenoid Valve Line Length 370mm VK332V-5HS-M5
N510054836AA N510068527AA MTNS000436AA NPM 16 Head Flow
N510054834AA N510068525AAMTNS000434AA NPM 16 head flow SENSOR
KXFA1PSVA02 N210015051AB N610030637AB N610030637AC
N510054835AA N510068526AA MTNS000435AA NPM 16 Head Flow
KXF0DU9AA00 1216MM or more stitching sensor
KXF0DYSAA00 N610003782AA Blue Black Coffee" CM212 Pallet Sensor"
01FCC081220 KXFY1504A00 KXF0DL8AA01
N610002222AA KXF0DL5AA01 MTKC003237AA
KXF0DYSGA00 KXF0DYSFA00 "Blue Black Coffee" TP axis origin / limit sensor
N510064335AA N510063640AA N510068432AAN510058687AA N5100564
002JC183090 00DWC081440 010UC183101 KXF0DXAJA00 KXF0DKYAA00
N610002260 N610006489A N610006613AA N610006588AA KXF0DTJAA00
KXF0DTJAA01 KXF0DL7AA01 N610002223AA MTKC003807AA
KXF0DR4AA00 CM402 602 support platform upper and lower solenoid valve VQZ1421-5MO-M5
N610133687AA NPM-W Widening PIN Induction Sensor
N610006577AA Blue Black Coffee" (CM402X Positive and Negative Limit, Y Positive Limit)"
N610084450AA NPM braided floating sensor R surface (1000mm)"
N510040355AA N510064708AA CM101 NPM 8H Upper and Lower Fine Nozzle Rod
N610143088AA NPM BEAM Sensor
KXF0DR3AA00 CM402 602 support table exchange solenoid valve VQZ1421-5MO-C6
N510054811AA N510024102AA N510028548AA N510028739AA
KXF0DL4AA01 KXF0DXDGA00 N610006570AA N610006571AA
N610074486AA NPM braided floating sensor F-face (1000mm)"
KXF0DYSBA00 N610006491AA Blue Black Coffee" TL Axis Negative Limit 500mm"
KXF0DWVWA01 N610026749AA 8 vacuum SENSOR H1-4 N610040037AA
N610074483AA NPM braided floating sensor F-face (350mm)"
Mitsubishi Electric Servo Motor HC-MF-S73B 750 W 117V 5.2 A
152AC181010 KXF0DKWAA00 CM tape floating detection SENSOR (pair)
N610002221AA CM101 braided float detection SENSOR (pair)
N510002505AA N510054810AA CM402 nozzle rod lightweight
N510002505AA N510054810AA CM402 nozzle rod lightweight
N610002258AA CM602 Y-axis positive limit SENSOR 250mm Blue Black Coffee"
KXF0DU8AA00 8mm splicing sensor EE-SX3142-P1
N610121533ABMTKP001721AB NPM-W TT braided floating pair NPM-DX braided float
010CC082060 010HC282061 18A5C081101 18A5C281101
KXF0E1KUA00 lightweight head universal head overload sensing SENSOR
N510054501AA NPM Solenoid Valve 2 Head Solenoid Vacuum VQZ115R-5MOZ1-C6-X513
000TC181740 KXF0DKZAA00 CM402 Y negative limit blue black coffee" 150mm always bright"
N942M399-110 3994730001 N510038350AA PCB Camera LED Shade
N210101872AC NPM-D3 Security Door Transparent Cover
KXF0DYEYA00 N510005273AA N510015534AA N510037999AA
150FC181090 152AC081011 CM tape floating detection SENSOR (pair) 250mm
KXFY1541A00 01FDC081091 KXF0DH4AA01 CM Universal Head Head Limit Sensor
N610059692AA Hard Disk SDD
N210089416AA PCB Camera Shade Housing
KXFYC021A00 N510053281AA CM trolley main power signal line trolley end
N610084447AA NPM braided floating sensor original brand new"
X01M1508303 X01M1508304 BM Feida Link
KXF08YDAA00 CM602 8-head lock guide block screw
N510059518AA N510061361AA NPM-W Transmission Belt 5.5WX608.5L
N510026293AA N510026294AA CM402 head CABLE
N510018161AA BM handle screw
N238109P-103 motor fan
N510026292AA N510026295AA CM402 head CABLE
1089600071 BM electric feeder eccentric wheel BM Feida
KXFP6E1AA00 CM402 Pallet Main Power Signal Line Machine End
N941Q3A03340 BM 2D Camera Cover COVER, GLASS
N610127907AA N510043608AA N510066185AA NPM Pulley
Panasonic Mounter CM212 High Speed ​​Machine CM Mounter
KXFP6EMLA01 N510011502AA KXFYC021A00 trolley power cord
KXF0DQXAA00 N510025620AA CM 3 head vacuum SENSOR
KXFA1N2AA00 12/16 tail guide piece
N510068517AA N510048692AA MTNS000431AA NPM 8-head vacuum SENSOR H5
Panasonic original maintenance oil N510048190AA 200G
Panasonic Mounter CM212 High Speed ​​Mounter 8 +8
Panasonic maintenance oil 400G caterpillar N510048188AA imported
N510064307AA SPG Printing Machine 1762*4.5MM
KXFB03KAA00 KXFB03KAA01 CM602 hot correction point domestic
KXFP6EVE00 N610006917AA N510006597AA Multi-function head proportional valve power cord
N510028646AA KXFP6ELLA00 N510028646AB Feida Power Cord
N510063692AA SPG Printing Press 927*4.5MM
Trolley line insurance buckle CM402 CM602 NPM Panasonic placement machine
KXFB03KAA00 KXFB03KAA01 CM602 hot correction point original brand new
N610073915AB N610073915AC N610119365AD NPM Feida Power Cord
N510054170AA NPM Solenoid Valve 2 Head Solenoid Valve Blowing VQZ115R-5LOZ1-M5-X550
KXF0DLKAA01 CM general purpose head blowing solenoid valve line length 37



Shenzhen SMTLINE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005


Company Information:
5. Manufacuture of SMT FEEDERS AND NOZZLES
4. BUY AND SELL USED EQUIPMENT1. SMT FULL LINE SOLUTIONService:5.WE sell and buy used equipmentS long-term4.100%T/T before shipment OR 30%T/TADVANCE,Banlance 70% before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment1. We ship to world wideShipment:Delivery time:Within 1~3 working daysPackaging details:VACUUM&WOODENBOXPackaging & Shipping3. AI INSERT MACHINE, SMT PERIPHERY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER

1.registered capital of 6 million yuan and more than 60 employees.
2.The company's core personnel of the professional R&D team have 15 years of automated R&D and manufacturing experience.
3.Our company has developed and mass-produced refow oven and wave welding machine at the end of 2010. The machine is the first in the country.
4.The sales volume of products reached more than 200 units in half a year.
5.Our philosophy: integrity, strength first, wholeheartedly for the customer.
6.Our company adhering to the customer first, service-oriented business philosophy,
benign competition, will continue to work hard to learn, so that more customers to use the quality and cheap SMT china high-end equipment, for customers to save labor costs, factory costs.

Business Scope:
1.Buy and sells SMT pick and place machines(YAMAHA JUKI FUJI,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,,SIEMENS,ASSEMBLON,Mirae, SONY,...
2.SMT Full-auto printer&semi-auto printer
3.SMT reflow oven& wave solder machine
4.SMT loader and unloader
5.SMT conveyor
7.SMT peripheral equipment.
8.Insert machine
9.Machine spare parts such as feeders nozzles
10.Full line solution service

CNSMT Electronics Equipment Co,.LTD
Ms:Lizzy wong

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Shenzhen CN Technology Co. Ltd..

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