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H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories

H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories

    • H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories
    • H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories
  • H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FUJI
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: 460-5GT-15

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Woodenbox
    Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 10pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Rubber Color: Black
    Supplier: Cnsmt Min Order: 1pcs
    Packing: Paper Box Lead Time: 1-2days

    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories

    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories


    Original JUKI Feida X-axis positioning pin E1002706000X-AXIS POSITIONING PIN
    JUKI 507 suction nozzle 40001345 NOZZLE JUKI high imitation suction nozzle
    Original JUKI FX-3 Belt 40092061 CONVEYOR_BELT_JOINT_XL
    JUKI track entrance motor belt E2155725000 AWC BELT (M/L) original genuine
    Supply high quality JUKI Feida accessories 40081800 SMT Feida accessories
    Original genuine JUKI FX-3 belt 40092060 CONVEYOR_BELT_IN_OUT_XL
    Domestic new JUKI FEEDER FF 32 MM / JUKI FF 32 MM Feida / JUKI FF 32FS Feida
    JUKI 2050 Mater KE-2050 SMT Mater Price to be Negotiated
    JUKI 2050 power plate card 40001902 Z THETA POWER PCB ASM
    JUKI 507 Inhaler 40001345 NOZLE JUKI Inhalation Price Sales
    JUKI 2080 solenoid 4011812 EJECTOR 80 original brand new
    JUKI 2050/2060 Security Door Support Bar GAS SPRING A 40001471 40110174
    JUKI FX-2 solenoid valve 40077094 VACUM VALVE R ASM original brand new
    JUKI 506 Inhales 40001344 NOZLE JUKI Inhales Price Sales
    JUKI Feida accessories press cover E32037060 AD UPPER COVER 12NS ASM
    JUKI original special-shaped suction mouth JUKI 237 suction mouth 237 special-shaped suction mouth
    Original new JUKI Feida accessories X axis positioning pin E1005706 CA 0
    Original new JUKI Feida accessories 12mm Feida single swing arm E33037060A0
    Original new JUKI 2080 new solenoid valve EJEECTOR 80 ASM 40118824 40118812
    JUKI original special-shaped suction mouth JUKI 2535 suction mouth 2535 special-shaped suction mouth
    Supply JUKI 2030 Laser Card 2030 Laser Board Card
    JUKI patch machine FX-3 solenoid valve 40047589 original brand new
    JUKI 2050/2060 Headboard Card Vacuum Board 40001926 40001925 Original new
    JUKI 750/760 Laser connection line original new laser
    JUKI 2050/2060 thimble JUKI mount PCB thimble
    JUKI 2010/2020 / 2030/2040 IO card E86077290A0
    JUKI 750/760 display display E9601725000 PANEL COMMPUTER
    JUKI original special-shaped suction mouth JUKI 2538 suction mouth 2538 special-shaped suction mouth
    JUKI 2060 Right Head Silk Bar 40001152 BALL SCREW IC Original New
    Original JUKI FX-3 Belt 40011065 CONVEYOR BELT EX(250)
    JUKI 2050/2060 / FX -1 Laser Control Card E9609729000 Original New
    JUKI MTC sucking gum PX500062000 VACUM PAD original
    JUKI original special-shaped suction mouth JUKI 2534 suction mouth 2534 special-shaped suction mouth
    JUKI original special-shaped suction nozzle JUKI 230 special-shaped suction nozzle 230 special-shaped suction nozzle
    JUKI 2050/2060/2070/2080/FX-3 calibration fixture E51907290A0
    JUKI 2050/FX-1R solenoid valve 40001253 domestic brand-new quality guarantee for one year
    Original genuine JUKI FX-3 belt 40092062 CONVEYOR_BELT_EX200
    Spot supply JUKI 775 dispensing machine top needle KE775 top needle
    JUKI Feida Accessories ATF24*24M Pressure Cover UPPER COVER 2424 ASM E5203706AAE
    Supply and repair JUKI 750/760 IO card E86047210A0 I/O CONTROL PWB ASM.
    JUKI 710 accessories 710 solenoid valve VZ212 original second-hand
    JUKI 2050/2060Z Axis Belt 40001143 TIMING BELTZ Imported Material
    JUKI 2070 Mounter KE-2070 SMT Mounter Price to be Discussed
    Spot Supply of JUKI 2010/2020 XMP Card XMP-CPCI Main Card
    Supply high quality JUKI mounter Feida accessories 40081799 SMT Feida accessories
    JUKI 2050/2060Z axle motor pulley 40001124 Z MOTOR PULLEY
    JUKI501 Suction Nozzle 40001339 NOZZLE JUKI Suction Nozzle Explosion Price for Sale
    JUKI 2050/2060 ZT Driver Card Z3 Driver PN:40003321
    JUKI Inlet and Outlet Plate Inductor Stop Plate Inductor STOP SENS ASM HPJ-A21
    JUKI FX-1R XL Read-Write Head 40044417 PSLH016 New Original
    JUKI 32mm deep groove flying up to FF32FR-OP E6000706RBC original brand-new
    High quality JUKI mounter RS-1 suction nozzle JUKI 7501 suction nozzle 7502 suction nozzle 7503 suction nozzle
    JUKI FX-1/FX-1R Belt L166E921000 CONVEYOR TIMING BELT Original
    JUKI 2010/2020 Support Bar/Door Bar E1480729000 E1481729000
    JUKI 2010 Y Axis Motor 2020Y Axis Motor TS4515N2821E201 E9624729000
    Supply of high quality Panasonic Scraper Blade N510047261AA Welcome to Customize
    Spot Advantage Supply JUKI 2050/2060ZT Main Line 40002233 Imported Material High Quality
    High quality JUKI mounter RS-1 suction nozzle JUKI 7507 suction nozzle 7508 suction nozzle
    Original JUKI Feida Fittings Inner Cover Center Axis E1307706C00 REEL SHAFT 05-08
    High quality JUKI mounter RS-1 suction nozzle JUKI 7504 suction nozzle 7505 suction nozzle 7506 suction nozzle
    JUKI 3010 solenoid valve 40113700 VACUUM SV CABLE ASM 3010 original brand-new
    JUKI FX-2/JX100/3010/3020T motor 40044533 HC-BP0136D-S1 genuine
    JUKI KD775 board E86167210A0 BASE UNIT PWD ASM original brand-new
    Spot supply JUKI KE2080 Mounter used 2080 Mounter high speed Mounter price waiting
    Spot supply JUKI 2080IC head T-axle belt 40080361 original genuine
    E86037290A0 Supply and Maintenance of JUKI2020 Light Card
    JUKI FX-1/FX-2 Inductor/Sensor L832E7210A0 C.OUT2 SENSOR ASM
    New original JUKI 2070/2080/FX-2/FX-3 head ZT driver card 40044535
    JUKI original special-shaped suction nozzle JUKI 135 suction nozzle
    Spot supply JUKI FEEDER JUKI FF12MM Feida FF12FS Feida original brand-new
    JUKI FX-1R Read-Write Header 40024273 SENS UNIT YB
    JUKI original profile suction nozzle JUKI 234 profile suction nozzle 234 profile suction nozzle
    JUKI SM 6030552KS original fittings screw
    JUKI 750/760ZT Driver PU0D015RMH1S01 KM000060
    JUKI FX-1R Mounter Price of Used FX-1R Mounter High Speed Mounter
    New original JUKI 2070 1394 radium ray 40044517 1394 ROBOT CABLE ASM
    JUKI original assembly HF0110025S0 HF0013005P SLO-BLO FUSE
    JUKI 750AC Substrate E86027210A0 AC SERVO CONTROL PWB ASM
    JUKI FX-2 solenoid valve 40077095 VACUUM VALVE L ASM original brand-new
    JUKI 2070/2080/FX-2/FX-3 Head ZT Driver Card 40044535
    The original new JUKI mounter FX-3 conveyor belt 40046937 CONVEYOR BELT IN/OUT
    JUKI original profile suction nozzle JUKI 2536 profile suction nozzle 2536 profile suction nozzle
    Supply high-quality plug-in machine tape SMT tape of various types
    JUKI original special-shaped suction nozzle JUKI 2533 suction nozzle 2533 special-shaped suction nozzle
    JUKI 2050/2060 LCD DISP 40025669
    Omron Photoelectric Sensor EE-SX672-WR
    JUKI 750 Read-Write Header E9609725000 PL82-7 New Original
    JUKI 710 Accessories 710 Regulating Valve Original Used Disassembly Parts
    JUKI 2070/2080 Substrate Group 40044553 40090481 SAFETY PCB ASM
    JUKI 2010 Head Vacuum Card E8613729BA0 HEAD MAIN PWB ASM Original Used
    JUKI 750/760X Axis Driver E9612721000 AU6550N2041 Original New
    JUKI 2050Z Axis Pulley 40001123 Z PULLEY Screw Pulley
    JUKI 2050/2060XY Driver 40062552 XY AMP BOARD
    JUKI 2070 Vacuum Pump Solenoid Valve 40061126 VACUUM CABLE ASM 70 Original New
    JUKI 750 Laser Control Board E9632721000 Original New

    Packaging & Shipping
    Packaging details:VACUUM&WOODENBOX
    Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
    1. We ship to world wide
    2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
    3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
    4.100%T/T before shipment OR 30%T/TADVANCE,Banlance 70% before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information

    5.WE sell and buy used equipmentS long-term
    5. Manufacuture of SMT FEEDERS AND NOZZLES
    Company Information:
    Shenzhen SMTLINE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005
    1.registered capital of 6 million yuan and more than 60 employees.
    2.The company's core personnel of the professional R&D team have 15 years of automated R&D and manufacturing experience.
    3.Our company has developed and mass-produced refow oven and wave welding machine at the end of 2010. The machine is the first in the country.
    4.The sales volume of products reached more than 200 units in half a year.
    5.Our philosophy: integrity, strength first, wholeheartedly for the customer.
    6.Our company adhering to the customer first, service-oriented business philosophy,
    benign competition, will continue to work hard to learn, so that more customers to use the quality and cheap SMT china high-end equipment, for customers to save labor costs, factory costs.
    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories
    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories
    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories
    Business Scope:
    1.Buy and sells SMT pick and place machines(YAMAHA JUKI FUJI,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,,SIEMENS,ASSEMBLON,Mirae, SONY,...
    2.SMT Full-auto printer&semi-auto printer
    3.SMT reflow oven& wave solder machine
    4.SMT loader and unloader
    5.SMT conveyor
    6.AOI, SPI
    7.SMT peripheral equipment.
    8.Insert machine
    9.Machine spare parts such as feeders nozzles
    10.Full line solution service
    CNSMT Electronics Equipment Co,.LTD
    Ms:Lizzy wong
    H4519T 460-5GT-15 XP142 Belt Fuji Patch Machine Accessories

    Contact Details
    Shenzhen CN Technology Co. Ltd..

    Contact Person:

    Tel: +8613537875415

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