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Code Line Data Line Smt Electronic Components Black Connector Wire Original New KV7-M665H-000 00X

Code Line Data Line Smt Electronic Components Black Connector Wire Original New KV7-M665H-000 00X

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Code Line Data Line Smt Electronic Components Black Connector Wire Original New KV7-M665H-000 00X

YV88X code line data line KV7-M665H-000 00X FOR SMT Spare parts black connector wire original new

YV88X code line data line KV7-M665H-000 00X FOR SMT Spare parts black connector wire original new


KV8-M665J-00X KM0-M665J-001 YAMAHA YV100X Y-axis motor encoder line ZR line
KV8-M665J-00X KM0-M665J-00X YAMAHA ZR code line
KV8-M665L-00X KM0-M666L-00 YV100X X-axis motor encoder line ZR line
KV8-M665J-00X YV100X Y-axis motor line
KM1-M665H-00X YV100II Y-axis ZR line Y-axis motor line Code line Signal line
KM1-M665J-00X YAMAHA 100II Y-axis ZRX line
KV8-M665K-000 YAMAHA motor line

We also supply the below products:

5322 130 10062 Fiber Amplifier HPX-A2 Sensor Amplifier Part nr.:
5322 130 10075 Feida platform safety detection sensor TAKEX GTR3RSPN
5322 132 00056 DZ-7232-PN1 DZ-7232-PN2 YAMAHA stop sensor
5322 132 00141 Part nr 9965 000 01332 7383 original sensor
E3X-DA41RM-S-17 YS12 track light soldering induction amplifier YAMAHA original brand new sensor
EE-SX911P-R OMRON original new sensor
KG9-M3455-11X/KH5-M3456-A0X YAMAHA Feida Safety Sensor (50 stations)
KGA-M220A-00X origin sensor, polarity sensor KV7-M653E-00X SENSOR, ORG
KGA-M260A-00X KGA-M260B-00X SENSOR, ORG (L=300) YAMAHA YV100XG origin sensor
KGA-M3455-11X YV100XG YV100X YG200 Feida Station Induction Signal Amplifier
KGA-M911A-00X SENSOR ENT track entry sensor YAMATAKE HPB-A2L-010
KGA-M911C-00X KV7-M9179-00X Sensor YAMAHA Cylinder Sensor
KGA-M911D-00X KM0-M655F-10XYV100XG track sensor YAMAHA stop plate sensor
KGA-M911F-00X YAMAHA Mounter Origin Point Limit Sensor
KGA-M927A-00X KGA-M927B-00X YAMAHA Board Sensor YV100X XG YG200
KGA-M927B-00X YV100II/XG PCB Stopper Sensor Sensor (DZ-7232-PN1)
KGA-M928A-00X KGA-M928B-00X Yamaha stop plate sensor Original authentic
KGA-M928A-00X Part nr.: 5322 132 00056 YV00XG to board sensor 7232
KGA-M928A-00YAMAHA YV100X transmission sensor Sensor DZ-7232-PN1 sensor
KGA-M928B-00X SENSOR, UP YAMAHA Mounter Stopper Sensor DZ-7232-PN2
KGD-M655F-10X DZ-7232D-PN1 YAMAHA YV180xg/YV100tg stop plate sensor
KGD-M655F-10X SENSORYV180xg YV100xtg stop plate sensor TAKEX DZ-7232D
KGB-M653F-10X YV100XG head R-axis motor origin sensing device 9965 000 09058
KGA-M9802-00X YAMAHA Safety Sensor TAKEX SST835L Safety Sensor
KGF-M179M-A00 EE-SX871P sensor YAMAHA original brand new sensor
KGS-M3961-00X 10X YAMAHA 20-station Feida sensor 9498 396 01172
KGS-M927A-00X KGS-M911A-00X YG100 YAMAHA track access panel sensor
KGS-M927A-00X SENSOR EXIT YG100 track and exit sensor HP300-D2 sensor
KGT-M645L-A0X KGT-M645M-A0X sensor YG200 head up and down sensor
KGT-M654J-A0X KGT-M654J-A1X KGT-M645J-S0X sensor YG200 sensor
KGT-M654J-A2X YG200 head-to-shoot sensor 7383 head up and down safety sensor
KGT-M654L-A0X SENSOR, DOWN 1 ASSY 3 head sensor
KGT-M917M-01X KGT-M917S-01X Sensor YG200 In and Out Board Sensor
KGT-M917N-01X KGT-M917U-01X Sensor YG200 Track Sensor
KGT-M917P-01X KGT-M917T-01X KGT-M917U-01X YG200 Track Sensor
KGT-M917R-01X KGT-M917V-01X YAMAHA sensor YG200 track sensor
KGT-M917U-01X SENSOR POS OMRON E3S-LS3P YG200 track sensor
KGT-M928A-00X KGT-M928B-00X Sensor YG200 Track Sensor
KGY-M653E-00X YAMAHA Head Sensor
KH1-M655F-00X sensor SEEKA UM-TL50S UM-TR50DSP
KH2-M655E-10X YAMAHA origin sensor
KH4-M655F-20X SENSOR YAMAHA stop sensor DZ-7232-PN2 PCB sensor
KH4-M655F-20X SENSOR Orbital Sensors PART NR.: 5322 130 10069
KH4-M668R-00X YV100II safety door switch 100X YAMAHA door lock safety trigger switch
KH5-M3456-A0X Feida anti-reflection sensor UM-TR50TV LTL-7441 GTR3RSPN
KH5-M655A-02X nozzle station light brazing FIBER nozzle station with fiber optic sensing line 5322 132 00032
KH5-M655A-A0X KH5-M655A-A1XYAMAHA nozzle station fiber amplifier set
KH5-M655A-A1X KH5-M655A-03X YAMAHA nozzle station fiber amplifier set
KHM-M652N-10X SENSOR, PU UP YG200L sensor YAMAHA sensor
KHM-M654B-01 KHM-M654C-01 YS24 Mounter Track Light Brazing Sensor
KHM-M654B-010 YAMAHA YS12 YS24 Mounter Fiber Optic Sensor Original Brand New Genuine
KHM-M654C-01 KHW-M9157-00 SENSOR FIBERYG12 YS24 Track Light Brazing Sensor
KHY-M652H-01 SENSOR, YG12 YS12 limit sensor YAMAHA placement machine
KHY-M652K-00 Yamaha Mounter YG12 YS12 YS24 PCB Transfer Track Fiber Sensor
KHY-M652L-00 SENSOR, POS 1PCB stop position position sensor light solder Original authentic
KHY-M652Y-00 KHY-M652Y-00 YG12/YS12 original Feida safety sensor
KKE-M652V-000 00X A0X 00 YS12 YG12 YS24 Machine Sensor
KM0-M655A-00X KM0-M655E-00X 5322 130 10066 SENSOR Origin Sensor
KM0-M655F-10X Countertop Sensor TABLE UP DOWN SENSOR Original Brand New
KM0-M655F-10X stop plate sensor DZ-7232-PN1 Part nr.: 5322 132 00056
KM0-M655F-20X YAMAHA In and Out Board Sensor YV100II seeka DS4R-50PN
KM0-M655F-20X YAMAHA In and Out Board Sensor SEEKA DS4R-50PNKH4-M655F-20X
KM0-M928A-00X KM0-M928B-00X Sensor YV100II Track Sensor
KM1-M7165-00X GXL8HU IB sensor YAMAHA original authentic sensor
KM9-M7158-00X KJ2-M7158-00X YV100II, YV112 original head sensor
KM9-M7158-00X KM9-M7159-00X KJ2-M7158-00X head sensor
KM9-M7158-B0X KM9-M7158-C0X Sensor YV100II Head Sensor
KM9-M7165-00X Part nr.: 5322 132 00037 YAMAHA sensor
KM9-M7165-00X YAMAHA sensor KM9-M7158-00X YAMAHA limit sensor
KMO-M655F-10X SENSORYV180xg YV100xtg stop sensor TAKEX DZ-7232D
KU0-M655F-20X DS4R-50PN YAMAHA Mounter Outboard Sensor Original Sensor
KU0-M655F-20X KGA-M911A-00X YAMAHA YV100XG YV100X Exit Sensor
KV0-M655F-20X In and Out Board Sensor YV100II Sensor DS4R-50PN Original Brand New
KV7-M1372-00X SST835LYAMAHA Security Door Sensor Japan Bamboo Central Original Brand New
KV7-M654F-00X KV8-M653F-A0X KV8-M653G-A0XOMRON head up and down sensor
KV7-M654F-00X SENSOR YV100XG head rod up and down sensor detector head up and down sensor
KV7-M654G-00X SENSOR YAMAHA original authentic up and down sensor OMRON E2S-Q22B
KV8-M653F-E0X KV8-M653F-A0X head sensor OMRON E2S Q22
KV8-M653H-A0X SENSOR 5 ASSY 1 E2S Small Flying mouth sensor
KV8-M7114-A0X YAMAHA YTF widening origin sensor YTF anti-reflection sensor
TAKEX UM-TR50TV Feida anti-reflection sensor Feida station sensor YV100X Feida sensor
SUNX EX-23D-PN EX-23P Opposite Sensor YAMAHA Mounter Sensor
OMRON E3X-DA41-N Omron Fiber Amplifier YAMAHA Sensor
YAMAHA placement machine flight head nozzle change nozzle sensor KV8-M653H-004 KV8-M653H-AOX original factory
YAMAHA original sensor 7383 radiation sensor UM-TR-7383VFPN UM-TL-7383F
KGB-M653A-00X KM1-M7160-00X radiation sensor YAMAHA7383 head sensor
KGB-M653A-00X/KV8-M7160-00X 7383 sensor YAMAMA head-to-shoot sensor
KGB-M653A-01X YV100Xg head sensor SENSOR HEAD 7832 radiation sensor
KGB-M653A-02X YAMAHA head safety sensor UM-TR-7383VFPN radiation sensor
KV8-M7160-00X SENSOR 7383 anti-reflection sensor YV100X anti-reflection sensor
KV8-M7160-00X KGB-M653A-00XKGT-M654J-A0XYAMAHA head up and down sensor
KM8-M7160-00X KM1-M7160-00X YAMAHA YV100II head-to-shoot sensor
KM8-M7160-00X YAMAHA 7383 original brand new sensor YV100II head to the sensor
KM8-M7160-00X head-on-beam sensor YV100II SENSOR.HEAD
KM1-M7160-00X SH-21 YV100II head-on-beam sensor 5322 132 00038

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging details:VACUUM&WOODENBOX
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment OR 30%T/TADVANCE,Banlance 70% before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information

5.WE sell and buy used equipmentS long-term
5. Manufacuture of SMT FEEDERS AND NOZZLES
 Code Line Data Line Smt Electronic Components Black Connector Wire Original New KV7-M665H-000 00X 0
Company Information:
Shenzhen CNSMT Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005
1.registered capital of 6 million yuan and more than 60 employees.
2.The company's core personnel of the professional R&D team have 15 years of automated R&D and manufacturing experience.
3.Our company has developed and mass-produced refow oven and wave welding machine at the end of 2010. The machine is the first in the country.
4.The sales volume of products reached more than 200 units in half a year.
5.Our philosophy: integrity, strength first, wholeheartedly for the customer.
6.Our company adhering to the customer first, service-oriented business philosophy,
benign competition, will continue to work hard to learn, so that more customers to use the quality and cheap SMT china high-end equipment, for customers to save labor costs, factory costs.
Business Scope:
1.Buy and sells SMT pick and place machines(YAMAHA JUKI FUJI,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,,SIEMENS,ASSEMBLON,Mirae, SONY,...
2.SMT Full-auto printer&semi-auto printer
3.SMT reflow oven& wave solder machine
4.SMT loader and unloader
5.SMT conveyor
7.SMT peripheral equipment.
8.Insert machine
9.Machine spare parts such as feeders nozzles
10.Full line solution service
CNSMT Electronics Equipment Co,.LTD
Ms:Lizzy wong