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N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine

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Easy to talk with, very professional and fast service, the flag quality is super good. Even better than we ordered from Germany!!


I want to say that your products very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service.

—— Krishna

I am Alen,we are old customer of CNSMT,nice supplier and nice friends,very good quality feeders nozzles and machines

—— Alen

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N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine

N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine
N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine

Large Image :  N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: cnsmt
Certification: CE
Model Number: N244ZWS2-131
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: box
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100pcs/day

N244ZWS2 131 AI Spare Parts BM 24V Power For Panasonic BM Pick And Place Machine

Brand:: Cnsmt MODEL: N244ZWS2-131
Weight:: 1KG Lead Time:: IN Stork
Packing:: BOX CONdition: Working
P/N: N244ZWS2-131 PAYMENT TERM: T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
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panasonic spare parts


panasonic replacement parts

N244ZWS2-131 Ai Spare Parts BM 24Vpower ZWS240PAF-24/T for panasonic BM pick and place machine

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N244ZWS2-131 Ai Spare Parts BM 24Vpower ZWS240PAF-24/T for panasonic BM pick and place machine


Product Name: AI Spare parts
Used for: smt assembly full line
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world


Feeder : KXFW1KS5A00, KXFW1KS6A00, KXFW1KS7A00, KXFW1KS8A00, KXFW1KS9A00, KXFW1L1A00, ST40S20

Nozzle Holder KXF034YA04/N610009409AA, N610009409AA, N610009409AA, N610071723AA/N610113250AA, KXFB00S4A04,

N610126480AA, N610067607AD, N610097899AA, KXFB03ZAA01, KXFB03ZAA01, KXFB02M2A01, N210017657AB,

N210030755AA, KXFB029DB00, KXFB00L1A02, KXF05ASAA00, KXFB0APUB00, KXFB00S6A03/N210062110AA,

N610113210AA/N610071724AA/N610075626AA, N610113210AB, N210014666AC, N210125001AA, N210125002AA,

N210007284AB, N210098763AB, N610113699AA, N210125002AA, N210007287AB/N210068065AA,

Grease N510006423AA/N510017070AA (250g), N510017070AA, KXF05PLAA00 (75g), N990PANA-028, N990PANA-027,

N510018188AA, KXFX038AA00/KXF08V7AA00

Working head N6100065885AA, N6100065886AA, N6100065887AA
Drive KXFP6GE1A00 (MR-J2S-40B-EE085), KXFP6GB0A00 (MR-J2S-100B-EE085), N510002593AA (MR-J2S-60B-S041U638),

N510002594AA (MR-J2S-350B-S041U703), KXFP6F97A00 (MR-J2S-70B-EE085), KXFP5WBAA00,

Nozzle rods N510002505AA, N510054810AA, N510010686AA, N510015533AA, N510005433AA, N510054811AA, N510028739AA,

N510024102AA, N510040355AA, N510051262AA, N510064218AA, N510056230AA, N510064335AA, KXF0CWRAA01,

N210007491AA, N510015534AA, N510037999AA, N510005273AA, KXF0DYEYA00, KXF0CWYAA01,

KXF0CWYAA01, 010DC081280, KXF0E41TA00, KXF0DTQAA01, N510015781AA, 011DC081110, KXFB0468A00,


Motor N510042737AA/N5100030833AA/B, KXF0CWQA00/N510030834AB, KXF0DHSAA00, KXF0E1LXA00, N510008188AA,

KXF0DGFAA00/N510042739AA, KXF0DGEAA00/N510042740AA, N510048142AA, N510043555AA, N510043589AA,

N510046420AA, N510027476AA, N510053226AA/N510056943AA, N510056943AA/N510044462A, 010VC181010/KXF0DXEMA00,

010WC181010/KXF0DXEYA00, N510005280AA/KXF0DWXSA00,, KXF07R6AA00, N610063660AB, N510034430AA

NPM motor N510043454AA, N510042809AD, N510040809AB, N510042809AD, N510055635AA, N510043455AA, N510043456AA
Solenoid valves KXF0DLLAA01, KXF0DLKAA01, KXFODR6AA00/N5100029538AA, KXFODR6AA00, KXFX03E4A00, KXF09X5AA00, KXF0A1RAA00,

010DC181170/KXF0DX8NA00, KXF0DXETA00, N510054843AA, N510054844AA, N510028619AA, KXFX03WMA00, KXF09X3AA00,

KXF09X2AA00, KXF0DR3AA00, KXF0DR4AA00, N510033205AA, 010KC081210

Belt KXF0DKCAA00, KXF0DKDAA00, KXF0DKEAA00, KXF0DKFAA00, KXF0DKGAA00, KXF0E0T9A01, N510004586AA, N510002571AA,

KXF0DXDUA00, KXF0DXDTA00, KXF0E0R1A00, KXF0DXQSA00, KXF0E0T9A01, N510030308AA/KXF0DWVHA00,, N510021326AA,

N510021327AA, KXF0E3ZJA00,, KXF0CT4AA00, N510055507AA, N6417M615, KXF08ANAA00


Board KXFE0004A00, KXFE0001A00, KXFE00F0A00, KXFE00GXA00, N610090171AA, KXFE0005A00, N610013410AA,

N610012654AA, N610012673AA, N610108741AA, KXFE000HA00, N610012674AA, N610030725AA, N610009178AA,

KXFY001MA00, KXFK002EA00, KXFE000SA00, N610080208AA, N610017723AA, N610012675AA, N510012086AA,

N610017211AA, KXFK00APA00, N610001129AA, N610011654AA, KXFE00FGA00, KXFP6GE3A00, KXFK001PA00,

N610020291AA, KXF0DWTHA00, N610032084AA, KXFE000JA00, KXFE000DA00, KXFP5Z1AA00, PR15EB,


NFV2CF+NF0FCF, KXFX036HA00, KXF0DWVRA00, N510028496AA/, N510023802AA, N510028496AA, KXFE000EA00,

KXFE0009A00/KXFE0008A00, KXFE0009A00/KXFE0008A00, KXFE000FA00/N610010912AA, N510051792AA,

KXFE00GQA00, N610050355AA, KXFE00F3A00/N610087118AA, N610012076AA, KXF0DWTHA00/N610032084AA,

KXFE0002A00, N610110715AA, KXFE00FKA00, N610001943AA, N610001944AA, N610122119AA,


Power supply KXFP654AA00, KXFP6GE3A00, KXFP5T3AA00, KXFP6EM4A00, KXFP6CJAA00, KXFP6GFZA00

Wire N510053281AA/N510011502AA, KXFP6E1AA00,, N510028646AA/B/KXFP6ELLA00, N510028646AA, KXF0DYE0A00,

KXF0CWPAA00, KXF0CWMAA00, N510002655AA, KXFOE1H2A00, N510002655AA, KXFP6EPBA00/N510012758AA,

N510019114AA, N510026295AA, N510026292AA, N510026293AA, N510026294AA, N510012770AA, N510012758AA,

N510028367AA, N510028368AA, N510059933AA, N610060831AA, KXFYGC00224

CM other accessories N610014970AE, N610014970AE, KXF0E3RRA00, N610071334AA, N210048234AA, N610071334AA, N510054846AA,


N610025628AA, N510003602AA, N610087389AA, N610133066AA, KXFB00VCA01, N510061701AA, KXF0A3EAA00,

KXFX03EJA00, KXF0CSTAA00, KXF078MAA00, KXFX038AA00, KXF02G7AA00, N510035445AB, KXF0DT5AA00,

KXF0B1DAA00, KXFB02E1A00, N510027039AA, N510027040AA, N510027041AA, N510027042AA, N510027043AA,

10467S0052AA, 104687870505-VS, 104687870006--VVS, 104687871004/10468S0016-S, 10807GH811AG-SA,

10807GH812AG-S, 10807GH813AG-M, 10807GC007/MG, 10807GC008/MGP, KXFODXKJA00, 10467S0052AA,

10467S0053AA, 10467S0054AA

DT blower KXFX038AA00, N510035445AB, KXF0DT5AA00, KXF0B1DAA00
CM Pulley KXF0E0GGA00/N510010794AA, KXF0DWP0A00, N510002167AA, N610116866AA, N610116865AA, 110HC181201, KXF01LFAA00,


Sensor KXF0DWVWA00/1, N610040037AA, KXF0DWVXA00/02, N610027221AA, N610026749AA, N610017022AC /D, N610017023AC/D,

KXF0DQXAA00, N510025620AA, KXF0DWP5A00, KXF0DU8AA00, KXF0DU9AA00, N610016841AA, N610024026AB, KXF0DKYAA00,

KXF0DKZAA00, N510037012AA, KXF0E4FZA00, N510048693AA, N610002221AA, N610002222AA, N510054833A, N510054834A,

N510054835AA, N510054836AA, KXF0DSSAA00, KXF0DSTAA00

Feida accessories N210050452AA, N210047118AB, N21005

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