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KV7-M7710-A1X 62A SMT Nozzle Small Size High Performance KV7-M7720-A1X 1 Year Warranty

KV7-M7710-A1X 62A SMT Nozzle Small Size High Performance KV7-M7720-A1X 1 Year Warranty

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    fuji nxt nozzl


    smt pick and place nozzle

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KV7-M7710-A1X 62A SMT Nozzle Small Size High Performance KV7-M7720-A1X 1 Year Warranty

KV7-M7710-A1X KV7-M7720-A1X YAMAHA YV88XG 61A 62A63A 64A 65A 66A 69A NOZZLE



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KV7-M7710-A0X NOZZLE 61A ASSY. 2 Type 61A
2 KV7-M7720-A0X NOZZLE 62A ASSY. 2 Type 62A
3 KV7-M7730-00X NOZZLE 63A 2 Type 63A
4 KV7-M7740-A0X NOZZLE 64A 1
5 KG7-M711D-C0X O-RING P4 5 B-P4 Reserve4
5-1 KGB-M7742-00X O-RING 5 2001/10/01
6 KV7-M7750-A0X NOZZLE 65A 1
7 KG7-M711E-C0X O-RING P9 5 B-P9 Reserve4
7-1 KGA-M7752-00X O-RING 5 2001/10/01
8 KV7-M7760-00X NOZZLE 66A 2 Type 66A
9 KV7-M7113-00X O-RING 5 SS-015 Reseve4




Product Name: smt YAMAHA NOZZLE
Used for: smt assembly full line
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world

Packaging details:foam and carton
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information

5.WE sell and buy used equipment long-term


9498 396 00344 Nozzle, Type 71A Ambition Spout Diamond Steel
9498 396 00345 Nozzle, Type 72a Ambition Spout Diamond Steel
9965 000 02777 Nozzle, Type 73a Suction Nozzle Diamond Steel
5322 360 10495 Nozzle, Type 74A Original Nozzle
"12YMKV8M71N1A1X YV100XG 71F Flying Nozzle Part nr.: 5322 360 1048"
"12YMKV8M71N2A1X NOZZLE 72F FNC suction nozzle YV100XG 72F original suction nozzle"
KG2-M7191-20X YAMAHA nozzle NOZZLE YV112 nozzle
9498 396 00646 YAMAHA 219A Nozzle 219A assy



KGA-M71N1-A0X KV7-M71N1-A0X YV88XG flight nozzle YAMAHA original 61F nozzle
KGA-M71N1-A0X NOZZLE 61F YV88XG original nozzle 63F, 69F, 64F, 65F

KGR-M71N1-A0X NOZZLE 221F ASSY YG88 221F flying nozzle (imitation)
KGR-M71N2-A0 NOZZLE 222F ASSY YAMAHA 222F suction nozzle Original new nozzle
KGR-M71N3-A1X KGR-M71N3-B1X NOZZLE YAMAHA 223F original nozzle

KGS-M7710-A1X KGS-M7710-A0X YAMAHAYG100 nozzle 211A nozzle
KGS-M7720-A1X 9498 396 00642 YAMAHA 212A nozzle
KGS-M7720-A1X KGS-M7720-A0X YG100 original nozzle 212A nozzle
KGS-M7730-01X YAMAHA 213A nozzle NOZZLE 213A YG100 nozzle
KGS-M7740-A1X KGS-M7740-A0X nozzle 214A original nozzle YG100 nozzle
KGS-M7760-01X YAMAHA 216A suction nozzle NOZZLE
KGS-M7790-A1X YAMAHA 219A nozzle 219A NOZZLE ASSY.YG100 nozzle
KGS-M7790-A1X KGS-M7760-01X KGS-M7740-A1X Nozzle YAMAHA nozzle

KGT-M7710-A0X 201A Original Nozzle Part nr.: 9498 396 01479 YG200 Nozzle
KGT-M7710-A0X KGT-M7710-A1X YAMAHA suction nozzle 201A nozzle diamond steel
KGT-M7720-A0X YAMAHA High Imitation 202A Nozzle YG200 Nozzle 9498 396 01480
KGT-M7720-A0X KGT-M7720-A1X YG200 placement machine nozzle 202A diamond steel nozzle
KGT-M7730-A1X KGT-M7730-A0X NOZZLE 203A ASSY.YG200 203A Nozzle
KGT-M7760-A0X NOZZLE 206A ASSY YG200 206A Nozzle Type 206A
KGT-M7790-A0X YAMAHA 209A suction nozzle YG200 SMT nozzle 209A NOZZLE

KHN-M7710-A1X Part nr.: 9498 396 02247YAMAHA Original New 301A Nozzle
KHN-M7710-A1X YG12 Nozzle YS12 YS24 YG300 Nozzle YAMAHA 301A Nozzle
KHN-M7710-A2 KHN-M7710-A1X YG12 YS12 YS24 Mounter 301A Sucking Original
KHN-M7720-A1 NOZZLE 302A YG12,YS12,YS24,YG300 Nozzle 302A Nozzle
KHN-M7720-A1 Part nr.: 9498 396 02248 TYPE YAMAHA302A Original Nozzle
KHN-M7720-A2X YG12 YS24 SMT nozzle YAMAHA 302A original new nozzle
KHN-M7721-02 BODY, NOZZLE YAMAHA 302A Nozzle YG12 Nozzle (high imitation)
KHN-M7790-A1x Part nr.: 9498 396 02251 YAMAHA Nozzle 309A
KHN-M7790-A1X NOZZLE 309A ASSY YAMAHA 309A Round Head Original Nozzle
KHY-M7550-A0X 304A suction nozzle 315A suction nozzle YG12F suction nozzle (imitation)
KHY-M7550-A0X, NOZZLE 304A/315A Nozzle Part nr.: 9498 396 02666
KHY-M7710-A0 KHY-M7710-A2 KHY-M7710-A1X YS24 YS12 YG12 YSM20 311A ​​Original Nozzle
KHY-M7710-A0X YAMAHA 311A ​​Original Brand New Nozzle Part nr9498 396 02669
KHY-M7710-A0X 311A ​​NOZZLE YG12,YS12 311A ​​Nozzle YAMAHA 311A ​​Nozzle
KHY-M7710-A2 311A ​​Nozzle YAMAHA YS24 Nozzle 0201 Nozzle (Imitation)
KHY-M7720-A0X NOZZLE 312A ASSY KHY-M7720-A1 312A original brand new nozzle
KHY-M7730-A0X YAMAHA 313A 304A Original Nozzle Part nr 9498 396 02671
KHY-M7740-A0 303A/314A ASSY 303A suction nozzle YG12, YS12 suction nozzle
KHY-M7740-A0 Nozzle 303A/314A YS12 YS24 YS100 YS88 YG12 SMT Machine
KHY-M7750-A0 KHY-M7750-A0X 304A 315A YAMAHA suction nozzle quality assurance
KHY-M7760-A0X NOZZLE 305/316A YS100 Mounter 305A Nozzle 316A Nozzle
KHY-M7760-AO1 YAMAHA 305A 316A nozzle YS100 YG12 original nozzle
KHY-M7770-A0X NOZZLE 306A/317A YG12 special nozzle for cylindrical diode
KHY-M7780-A00 307A 318A original new nozzle YAMAHA SMT machine YS100 nozzle
KHY-M77A0-A0 NOZZLE 310A ASSY TYPE YS24 Mounter 310A Original Nozzle
KHY-M77A0-A0X KHY-M77A0-A0 Original 310A Nozzle (YS12 YS24 Mounter)
KM0-M711A-30X KM0-M711A-31X KM0-M711A-03X 31A suction nozzle Diamond steel nozzle
KM0-M711A-31X TYPE 31 YV100II 31 Nozzle 31#YAMAHA 31A Nozzle
KM0-M711B-02X NOZZLE B COMP TYPE 32-1 YVL88 SMT Nozzle
KM0-M711B-02X NOZZLE B COMP TYPE 32-1 YVL88 SMT Nozzle (imitation)
KM0-M711C-02X KM0-M11D-00X YAMAHA 32A/ 33A Nozzle
KM0-M71MN-A0X KM0-M711J-A0X Nozzle 39A Nozzle 39 Nozzle
KM0-M71MN-A0X YAMAHA 100II No. 31 suction nozzle YAMAHA No. 39 round hole suction nozzle
KV7-M71N1-A0X KV7-M71N2-A0X KV7-M71N3-A0X KV7-M87GF-A0X Nozzle
KV7-M7710-A0X KV7-M7720-A0X KV7-M77GX-A0X 61A 62A 69A 6A nozzle
KV8-M71N1-A0X NOZZLE 71F 71 flying mouth 5322 360 10484 71F original nozzle
KV8-M71N2-A0X NOZZLE 72F YAMAHA 72F suction nozzle 5322 360 10485 (imitation)
KV8-M71N3-A0X NOZZLE 73F 73F flight nozzle Part nr.:5322 360 10486
KV8-M71N9-A0X flight nozzle YAMAHA 79F nozzle NOZZLE 79F suction nozzle
KV8-M71N9-A1X KV8-M87WK-A0X YV100XG Original Original 79F Nozzle
KV8-M71N9-A1X suction nozzle 79F suction nozzle YAMAHA FNC YV88XG YV100XG placement machine
KV8-M7710-A0X NOZZLE 71A ASSYYAMAHA 71A suction nozzle 9498 396 00344
KV8-M7710-A1X KV8-M7710-A0X YAMAHA domestic nozzle 72 73 79 71A nozzle
KV8-M7720-A0X A1X 72A nozzle nozzle YV100X YV100XG YAMAHA placement machine
KV8-M7720-A0X YV100XG Original Brand New 72A Nozzle Part nr.: 9498 396 00345
KV8-M7720-A1X NOZZLE 72A ASSY. YAMAHA 72A nozzle 9498 396 00345
KV8-M7730-00X NOZZLE 73A suction nozzle 73# suction nozzle TYPE 73 suction nozzle
KV8-M7730-A0X YAMAHA nozzle YV100XG YV88XG YV100XGP 73A suction nozzle
KV8-M7740-A0X NOZZLE 74A YAMAHA 74A suction nozzle 5322 360 10495 (copy
KV8-M7760-00X NOZZLE 76A Part nr.: 5322 360 10496 76A nozzle
KV8-M7760-A0X 00X nozzle diode 4148 electronic material NOZZLE 76A

KV8-M7790-A0X NOZZLE 79A YV100XG suction nozzle YAMAHA 79A suction nozzle

KV8-M77WL-A0X NOZZLE 79A ASSY.YV100XG suction nozzle YAMAHA 79A original suction nozzle
LC2-M7720-A0X YAMAHA original brand new 82A nozzle YT16 nozzle
YAMAHA 501A nozzle YSM40 SMT machine original nozzle Suitable for 0603-1005 specifications
YAMAHAH 20EJ nozzle YG200 original brand new hit 0201 nozzle
YAMAHA suction nozzle 201A 202A 203A 206 209A suction nozzle YG200 SMT machine
YAMAHA nozzle 211A 212A 213A 214A 216A 219A YG100 SMT nozzle
YAMAHA suction nozzle 71A 72A 73A 74A 76A 79A diamond steel mouthpiece durable suction nozzle
YAMAHA suction nozzle suction nozzle 301A 302A 303A 314A 304A 315A 306A 317A 309A
YV88X SMT nozzle 61A 62A 63A 64A 65A 66A 69A 6A suction nozzle
YS12 YS24 nozzle 311A ​​312A 313A 306A 319A nozzle Diamond steel nozzle Durable
YV100-2 Mounter nozzle Suction nozzle 31A 32A 33A 34A 35A 36A 39A 3 months shelf life
YV88X Flying Nozzle 61F 62F 63F 64F 65F 66F 6F 69F Nozzle for 3 months
KV8-M71U0-01X NOZZLE 71F 72F 73F Flying Nozzle Combination KV8-M713N-AOX

KV6-M7113-1XX YGD dispensing nozzle original Type 111, Type 112, 114 rubber nozzle
KV6-M7113-2XX Type 112 SHOT 2125 YGD dispensing nozzle HSD dispensing machine nozzle
KV6-M7113-3XX YAMAHA original