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40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

Place of Origin china
Brand Name JUKI
Certification CE
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price negotiation
Packaging Details woodenbox
Delivery Time 5-7 work days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 10pcs/day
Product Details
Weight 2KG Lead Time IN Stork
Packing BOX CONdition Working
POWER 110V/220 PAYMENT TERM T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
High Light

smt board


juki machine part

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Product Description

40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

Quick Detail

Item number name is generally called
40028225 IP-X PCB ASM FOR 750/760 Image Card
E86047210B0 I/O CONTROL PWB SET 750/760 I/O Card
E8601725AA0 CONTROL PWB ASM. 750/760 Control Card
E86017210B0 SUB CPU PWB SET 750/760CPU Card
KM000000070 MANY SHAFT UNIT 4 SHAFT 750/760ZT Driver Card
E9612721000 AC SERVO DRIVER 600W (X AXIS 750/760X Shaft Drives
KM000000030 SERVO DRIVER 800W(Y AXIS) 750/760Y Driver

E9656729000 CPU BOARD 2010/2020 CPU Card
E9606729000 XMP(MAIN) 2010/2020XMP Board
E9607729000 XMP (4SE/4ST) 2010/2020 XMP Board
E9603729000 BUS BRIDGE BOARD 2010/2020 Transfer Board
E9609729000 MCM (4 SHAFT) 2010/2020 Laser Board
E86017290 BOSAFETY BOARD B ASM 2010/2020 Security Card
E86027290C0 BASE-FEEDER BOARD ASM. 2010/2020NBSDRA Fly board
E8603729AB0 LIGHT CTRL BOARD AB ASM 2010/2030 Lighting Board
E86077290C0 I/O CTRL PWB ASM 2010/20 I/O Board
E86087290B0 IMG-CPU BOARD B ASM 2010/20 Image Board
E8630729AB0 IP-X BOARD B ASM 2010/20 Image Board
E9640729000 MAGNESCALE DETECTOR(20) 2010/20 Magnetic Magnifier
E9620729C00 3,4 SHAFT: (XDRV) 2010/20 X-axis Driver
E9620720729D00 1,2 SHAFT: (YDRV) 2010/20 Y-axis drive

40001906 CTRL PWR PCB ASM 2050/60 Power Control Card
40001924 SAFETY PCB ASM 2050/60 Security Card
40001904 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM (60) 2060 Light Card
40001918 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM (50) 2060 Light Card
40001943 I/O CTRL PCB ASM 2050/60IO Card
40052360 IP-X3R ASM B 2050/60 Image Card
40052359 IP-X3R ASM A 2050/60 Image Card
40066654 MAGNETIC SCALE INTER POLATOR 2050/60 Magnetic Magnifier
E9609729000 MCM (4 SHAFT) 2050/60 Laser Card L
E9610729000 MCM (1 SHAFT) 2050/60 Laser Card R
40003259 XMP CPCI 2050/60XMP Board Card
40003280 CPU BOARD 2050/60CPU Board 125
40044475 CPU BOARD 2050/60CPU Board 128
40001947 CARRY PCB ASM 2050/60 Transfer Board
40001583 BANK PCB F ASSY 20501/60 feeder card
40062555 ZT DRIVER 2050/60 ZT Driver
40062558 ZT IC DRIVER 2050/60 ZT Driver
40003320 ZT RMB UNIT 2050/60 ZT Driver
40003321 ICAT RMB UNIT 2050/60 ZT driver
40062552 XY AMP BOARD 2050/60 XY Driver

40107372 CPU BOARD 2070/80 CPU Board
40044540 16AXIS 2CH SERVO CONTROLLER 2070/80 16-Axis Board
40044519 IEEE1394 BOARD 2070/80 1394 board
E9610729000 MCM (1 SHAFT) 2070/80 Laser Board
40052359 IP-X3R ASM A 2070/80 Image Card
40001943 I/O CTRL PCB ASM 2070/80IO Board
40001941 BASE FEEDER PCB ASM 2070/810 BASE Fly Board
40001904 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM(60) 2070/80 Lighting Board 60
40001918 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM(50) 2070/80 Lighting Board 50
40113084 SAFETY PCB ASM 2070/80 Safety Board
40044539 SERVO AMP 2000W(Y AXIS) 2070/80 Y-axis Driver Card
40044538 SERVO AMP 750W (Y AXIS) 2070/80 X-Axis Driver Card
40001947 CARRY PCB ASM 2070/80 Transfer Board
40044535 4AXIS SERVO AMP 25070/80ZT driver board



Product Name: smt JUKI PCB BOARD
Used for: smt assembly full line
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air or sea
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world

Packaging details:foam and carton
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information
40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card 0


SL-6041092-TN SCREW
SL-6042092-TN SCREW
E1502-706-C00 LOCK
SM-8040402-TP SCREW
E1506-706-C00 Y
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E1507-706-CA0 LOCK
E1507-706-C00 LOCK
E1508-706-C00 PLUNGER
E1509-706-C00 PLUNGER
E1510-706-C00 PLUNGER
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E1511-706-C00 STOPPER
400-55254 SCREW
400-63935 ECCENTRIC
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E3515-706-AA0 LOCK
E1507-706-00G LEVER
SM-5030555-SN SCREW
E1523-706-C00 LEVER
SL-6041092-TN SCREW
A1138-776-000 SCREW
E3600-706-AB0 REEL
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
E3423-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
E3608-706-A0A ADHESION
E3600-706-AA0 REEL
E3601-706-AA0 REEL
E3604-706-A00 REEL
400-52049 SCREW
E3600-706-A00 REEL
E3605-706-000 REEL
E3607-706-000 SUPPORT
E6608-706-R00 REEL
400-52049 SCREW
E3603-706-000 GUIDE
E3614-706-AA0 REEL
E3614-706-A00 REEL
SM-8060502-TP SCREW
SM-6031602-TN SCREW
SL-6031202-TN SCREW
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E3855-760-000 THRUST
E6602-706-R00 SUPPORT
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
NM-6030001-SN NUT
SM-1031001-SN SCREW
E3613-706-A00 REEL
400-56904 REEL
E3045-706-A00 REEL
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
E3609-706-0A0-A REEL
E3609-706-000-A REEL
SM-6031202-TN B0LT
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E3941-671-000 REEL
SM-4031201-SN SCREW
E3610-706-000-A REEL
WP-0320501-SC WASHER
SM-6031002-TN BOLT
A1607-008-000 REEL
E3611-706-0A0-B REEL
RE-0800000-K0 E-SHAPED
E3422-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1040801-SN SCREW
E6013-706-R00 GRIP
E3420-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
NM-6030003-SC NUT
E3421-706-A00 GRIP
400-55257 SCREW
400-56910 TAPE