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40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

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    smt board


    juki machine part

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40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card

Quick Detail

Item number name is generally called
40028225 IP-X PCB ASM FOR 750/760 Image Card
E86047210B0 I/O CONTROL PWB SET 750/760 I/O Card
E8601725AA0 CONTROL PWB ASM. 750/760 Control Card
E86017210B0 SUB CPU PWB SET 750/760CPU Card
KM000000070 MANY SHAFT UNIT 4 SHAFT 750/760ZT Driver Card
E9612721000 AC SERVO DRIVER 600W (X AXIS 750/760X Shaft Drives
KM000000030 SERVO DRIVER 800W(Y AXIS) 750/760Y Driver

E9656729000 CPU BOARD 2010/2020 CPU Card
E9606729000 XMP(MAIN) 2010/2020XMP Board
E9607729000 XMP (4SE/4ST) 2010/2020 XMP Board
E9603729000 BUS BRIDGE BOARD 2010/2020 Transfer Board
E9609729000 MCM (4 SHAFT) 2010/2020 Laser Board
E86017290 BOSAFETY BOARD B ASM 2010/2020 Security Card
E86027290C0 BASE-FEEDER BOARD ASM. 2010/2020NBSDRA Fly board
E8603729AB0 LIGHT CTRL BOARD AB ASM 2010/2030 Lighting Board
E86077290C0 I/O CTRL PWB ASM 2010/20 I/O Board
E86087290B0 IMG-CPU BOARD B ASM 2010/20 Image Board
E8630729AB0 IP-X BOARD B ASM 2010/20 Image Board
E9640729000 MAGNESCALE DETECTOR(20) 2010/20 Magnetic Magnifier
E9620729C00 3,4 SHAFT: (XDRV) 2010/20 X-axis Driver
E9620720729D00 1,2 SHAFT: (YDRV) 2010/20 Y-axis drive

40001906 CTRL PWR PCB ASM 2050/60 Power Control Card
40001924 SAFETY PCB ASM 2050/60 Security Card
40001904 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM (60) 2060 Light Card
40001918 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM (50) 2060 Light Card
40001943 I/O CTRL PCB ASM 2050/60IO Card
40052360 IP-X3R ASM B 2050/60 Image Card
40052359 IP-X3R ASM A 2050/60 Image Card
40066654 MAGNETIC SCALE INTER POLATOR 2050/60 Magnetic Magnifier
E9609729000 MCM (4 SHAFT) 2050/60 Laser Card L
E9610729000 MCM (1 SHAFT) 2050/60 Laser Card R
40003259 XMP CPCI 2050/60XMP Board Card
40003280 CPU BOARD 2050/60CPU Board 125
40044475 CPU BOARD 2050/60CPU Board 128
40001947 CARRY PCB ASM 2050/60 Transfer Board
40001583 BANK PCB F ASSY 20501/60 feeder card
40062555 ZT DRIVER 2050/60 ZT Driver
40062558 ZT IC DRIVER 2050/60 ZT Driver
40003320 ZT RMB UNIT 2050/60 ZT Driver
40003321 ICAT RMB UNIT 2050/60 ZT driver
40062552 XY AMP BOARD 2050/60 XY Driver

40107372 CPU BOARD 2070/80 CPU Board
40044540 16AXIS 2CH SERVO CONTROLLER 2070/80 16-Axis Board
40044519 IEEE1394 BOARD 2070/80 1394 board
E9610729000 MCM (1 SHAFT) 2070/80 Laser Board
40052359 IP-X3R ASM A 2070/80 Image Card
40001943 I/O CTRL PCB ASM 2070/80IO Board
40001941 BASE FEEDER PCB ASM 2070/810 BASE Fly Board
40001904 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM(60) 2070/80 Lighting Board 60
40001918 LIGHT CTRL PCB ASM(50) 2070/80 Lighting Board 50
40113084 SAFETY PCB ASM 2070/80 Safety Board
40044539 SERVO AMP 2000W(Y AXIS) 2070/80 Y-axis Driver Card
40044538 SERVO AMP 750W (Y AXIS) 2070/80 X-Axis Driver Card
40001947 CARRY PCB ASM 2070/80 Transfer Board
40044535 4AXIS SERVO AMP 25070/80ZT driver board



Product Name: smt JUKI PCB BOARD
Used for: smt assembly full line
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air or sea
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world

Packaging details:foam and carton
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information
40062558 ZT IC DRIVER JUKI 2050 2060 ZT driver board original new surface mounter pcb card 0


SL-6041092-TN SCREW
SL-6042092-TN SCREW
E1502-706-C00 LOCK
SM-8040402-TP SCREW
E1506-706-C00 Y
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E1507-706-CA0 LOCK
E1507-706-C00 LOCK
E1508-706-C00 PLUNGER
E1509-706-C00 PLUNGER
E1510-706-C00 PLUNGER
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E1511-706-C00 STOPPER
400-55254 SCREW
400-63935 ECCENTRIC
SM-8030302-TP SCREW
E3515-706-AA0 LOCK
E1507-706-00G LEVER
SM-5030555-SN SCREW
E1523-706-C00 LEVER
SL-6041092-TN SCREW
A1138-776-000 SCREW
E3600-706-AB0 REEL
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
E3423-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
E3608-706-A0A ADHESION
E3600-706-AA0 REEL
E3601-706-AA0 REEL
E3604-706-A00 REEL
400-52049 SCREW
E3600-706-A00 REEL
E3605-706-000 REEL
E3607-706-000 SUPPORT
E6608-706-R00 REEL
400-52049 SCREW
E3603-706-000 GUIDE
E3614-706-AA0 REEL
E3614-706-A00 REEL
SM-8060502-TP SCREW
SM-6031602-TN SCREW
SL-6031202-TN SCREW
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E3855-760-000 THRUST
E6602-706-R00 SUPPORT
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
NM-6030001-SN NUT
SM-1031001-SN SCREW
E3613-706-A00 REEL
400-56904 REEL
E3045-706-A00 REEL
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
E3609-706-0A0-A REEL
E3609-706-000-A REEL
SM-6031202-TN B0LT
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E3941-671-000 REEL
SM-4031201-SN SCREW
E3610-706-000-A REEL
WP-0320501-SC WASHER
SM-6031002-TN BOLT
A1607-008-000 REEL
E3611-706-0A0-B REEL
RE-0800000-K0 E-SHAPED
E3422-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1040801-SN SCREW
E6013-706-R00 GRIP
E3420-706-A00 GRIP
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
SM-1030801-SN SCREW
NM-6030003-SC NUT
E3421-706-A00 GRIP
400-55257 SCREW
400-56910 TAPE