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L901E521000 name ZT SERVO AMP Repair JUKI fx-1r head control card model pcb board

L901E521000 name ZT SERVO AMP Repair JUKI fx-1r head control card model pcb board

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L901E521000 name ZT SERVO AMP Repair JUKI fx-1r head control card model pcb board

L901E521000 name ZT SERVO AMP Repair JUKI fx-1r head control card model pcb board
Quick Detail
Supply and maintain | JUKI|750T drive model: KM000000060 name: SERVO DRIVET
Supply and maintain | JUKI|730-760 vacuum plate model: E8607721OAO name: HEAD MAIN BASE ASM
Type of driver: E9626729000 name: DRIVERER(FOR 4SHAFT MNLA)
| JUKI| 2010-2040zct drive model: E9626729000 name: DRIVER(FOR 4SHAFT MNLA)
Supply and maintain | JUKI|2010-2040 vacuum plate model: E86132729BAD name: HEAD MAIN PWB ASM
Supply and maintain | JUKI| 730-760i /O card model: E86047210BO name: IO CONTROL PWB SET
Supply and maintain | JUKI| 730-760sup CPU model: E86017210B0 name: SUB CPU SET
Supply and maintain | JUKI| 730-760img-p plate model: E86107210A0 name: img-p
Supply and maintain | JUKI|2010-2040 CPU BOARD model: E9656729000 name: CPU BOARD
Supply and maintain | JUKI| 2010-2040i /Q card model: E86077290C0 name: I/O control PWB
Supply and maintain | JUKI| 2010-2040base flightboard model: E8627290C0 name: base-feeder BOARD ASM
Supply and repair | JUKI| KE-750 JUKI KE-750
Supply and maintain | JUKI| fx-1r drive model: 40026782 name: YA, YB, SERVO DRV ASM
Supply and maintain | JUKI| fx-1r head control card model: L901E521000 name: ZT SERVO AMP
Supply and maintain | JUKI|2010-2040 image card model: E86087290B0 name: img-cpu BOARD B ASM
Supply and maintain | JUKI|2010-2040XMP plate model: E9607729000 name: XMP
Supply and maintain | JUKI|2010-2040 keypad model: E8617729CAO name: OPERATION SW BOARD C ASM
|JUKI laminating machine |2050X motor model: 40000727 name: Y MOTORASS Y
|JUKI laminating machine |2050Y motor model: 40000685 name: X MOTORASS Y
|JUKI laminating machine |2060CT MOTOR model: 40003256 name: IC THETA MOTOR
|JUKI laminating machine | fx-1 MOTOR model: L809E021A0 name: YA MOTOR ASM
|JUKI laminating machine |CM402 MOTOR model: hc-rfs103-s1 name: CM402 X MOTOR
Supply and maintain |JUKI laminating machine |2060Z MOTOR model: 40003255 name: IC Z MOTOR
Supply and maintain |JUKI laminating machine |750 MOTOR model: E93077250A0 name: LZ HEAD MOTOR ASM
Supply and maintain |JUKI laminating machine |DEK MOTOR model: DEK Y MOTOR
|JUKI laminating machine |1750 motor model: E9622729000 name: X AXISAC SERVO MOTOR400W


Product Name: smt JUKI PCB BOARD
Used for: smt assembly full line 
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipment by air or sea
Delivery Time: 1-2Days
Our Main Market Whole of the world

Packaging details:foam and carton
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information


#09 E5000-706-AA0
#07 E5130-706-A0F
#11 E5300-706-A00
#11 401-10361
WS-0410002-KN SPRING
400-69811 STOPPER
WP-0430800-SC WASHER
E3114-706-A00 SLIDE
SM-1030601-SN SCREW
E3001-706-0A0-A X-AXIS
SL-6031042-TN SCREW
#05 E3130-706-A0E
SL-5030635-SN SCREW
#08 E3005-706-A00
#09 E5005-706-A00
E5009-706-000 EMBOSS
#06 E3102-706-AA0
#05 E4102-706-AA0
#10 E5130-706-A0A
#04 E5130-706-A0D
#03 E5130-706-A0C
#02 E5130-706-A0B
#01 E3130-706-A0C
E3126-706-A00 WHEEL
E3104-706-A00 WHEEL
E1608-719-000 POLY
E3108-706-A00 WHEEL
#08 E3106-706-AA0
#09 E5106-706-AA0
E3109-706-A00 FEED
E6313-705-000 SPRING
E3110-706-A00 RATCHET
E6312-705-000 FEED
#08 E3200-706-A00
#09 E5200-706-A00
E6365-705-000 SWING
E3201-706-A00 SHUTTER
E3206-706-A00 SHUTTER
E3106-706-A00 SWING
E6361-705-000 SHUTTER
RE-0200000-K0 E-RING
E6386-705-000 SHUTTER
E4901-760-000 POLY
E3111-706-A00 RATCHET
SL-6030692-TN SCREW
E5115-706-AB0 LINK
E5119-706-A00 KNOCK
400-55255 SCREW
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E5120-706-000-A BEARING
SB-1040008-00 BEARING
E5118-706-A00 KNOCK
RE-0300000-K0 E-RING
E3100-706-A00 WHEEL
E3113-706-A00 RATCHET
400-55254 SCREW
E6490-705-000 COLLAR
WP-0531001-SC WASHER
#11 E3309-706-A00
E1113-706-C00 STOPPER
E5007-706-000 EMBOSS
E3107-706-A00 SWING
E3116-706-A00 KNOCK
E3119-706-A00 FREE
E1116-706-A00 FREE
E1117-706-A00 FREE
E3123-706-A00 REEL
E3124-706-A00 REEL
#11 E5125-706-A00
#11 401-10360
E6322-705-000 PIN
NM-6030001-SN NUT
E3112-706-A00 STOPPER
400-56902 MANUAL
E5168-172-000 WASHER
E1119-706-C00 FREE
SM-1030501-SC SCREW
NM-6040001-SC NUT
SL-4030681-SC SCREW
#11 E5305-706-A00