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SMT Spare Parts KM1-M7163-20X A010E1-37W value 5322 360 10207 FOR YAMAHA YV100X YV100XG HEAD Maintance

Place of Origin china
Brand Name YMH
Certification CE
Model Number KM1-M7163-20X
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price negotiation
Packaging Details woodenbox
Delivery Time 5-7 work days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 10pcs/day
Product Details
Brand YAMAH MODEL 5322 360 10207
Weight 0.5KG Lead Time IN Stork
Packing BOX CONdition Working
POWER KM1-M7163-20X PAYMENT TERM T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
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Product Description

SMT Spare Parts KM1-M7163-20X A010E1-37W value FOR YAMAH  YV100X YV100XG HEAD Maintance
 5322 360 10207
Km1-m7162-10x 54W working head/lower solenoid valve  
Km1-m7162-11x a040-4e1-54w solenoid valve YAMAHA 54W solenoid valve
Km1-m7162-11x a040-4e1-54w upper and lower solenoid valve PN.: 5322 360 10208
Km1-m7162-20x a010e1-35w buffer solenoid valve - slow down the  
Km1-m7163-20x a010e1-37w blow solenoid  

Product Name:yamah  KM1-M7163-20X A010E1-37W
Used for:yamah  surface mouter Machine
Warranty:1 Year
Shipby air
Delivery Time:1-2Days
Our Main MarketWhole of the world
Our advantages 
115 years experience on SMT Full Line Solution
210years export experience
3Professional after-sales team
4over 3times inspect before shipment
5Above 10times exhibition experience
6Independent research and development peripheral Machines
7Our business include SMT pick and place machines, printing presses, reflow welding, wave solder machine, loader and unloader, conveyor, AOI, SPI, and peripheral equipments

We also buy Used Machines And spare parts

9965,000 09072 / Topaz XII laminating machine control system card
K98-m4583-02x k98-m4583-021 original vibration control panel
K98-m4583-02x S/F BOARD ASSY k98-m4583-000 vibrating flight control panel
Kg2-m4580-00x kg2-m4580-000 I/O BOARD convertor ASSY orbital IO BOARD
K77-m441h-b10 k77-m441h-b11 k77-m441h-b12 vision board YV100A
K77-m441h-b1x k77-m441h-b12 VISION BOARD ASSY YV100II VISION BOARD
K77-m4570-01x I/O BOARD YVL88 patch head IO panel laser control panel
Kga-m4472-012 kga-m4472-020 kga-m4472-021 I/O board YG12 keyboard card
Kga-m4472-012 kga-m4472-021 I/O panel keyboard mouse YG12 panel card
Kga-m4472-02x laminating machine mouse keyboard control card Part nr 9965,000 15405
Kga-m4510-00x kga-m4510-004 card YV100XG motherboard MOTHER BOARD ASSY
Kga-m4540-020 FES BOARD ASS YAMAHA original BOARD card kga-m4540-02x
KGA - M4540-020 YAMAHA board
Kga-m4540-100 FES BOARD ASSY YAMAHA original BOARD card kga-m4540-10x
Kga-m4550-100 Connection board YV100XG Connection board kga-m4550-10x
Kga-m4550-100 track drive board YV100XG Part nr: 9965,000 090 30
Kga-m5303-000 chassis POWER panel POWER YV100XG POWER YAMAHA POWER panel
Kga-m532e-100 kga-m532e-001 chassis interface YV100XG card interface wire
Kga-m6590-000 E com keyboard card YAMAHA E com keyboard card
KGA-M6590-000KGA-M6590-00XE.COM card e-com keyboard card
Kgj-m441h-030 kgj-m441h-02x kgj-m441h-03x YG200 image board vision board
Kgj-m441h-03xyg200 vision board YG100 image board YAMAHA original new board card
Kgk-m4200-00x kgk-m4200-11x SYSTEM BOARD ASSY YG100 SYSTEM card
Kgk-m4200-00x SYSTEM UNIT ASSY YAMAHA YG200 SYSTEM card motherboard
Kgk-m4200-00x SYSTEM UNIT ASSY. SYSTEM motherboard YG200 SYSTEM board
Kgk-m4200-00x YG200 SYSTEM panel SYSTEM UNIT ASSY. SYSTEM motherboard
Kgk-m4200-00x SYSTEM panel YG200 SYSTEM panel SYSTEM UNIT ASSY
Kgk-m4255-00x 9965,000 09084 system YAMAHACF card YAMAHA small hard disk system card
Kgk-m4255-00x YAMAHA CF card YAMAHA small hard drive system card does not carry the system
Kgk-m4255-00x YAMAMA small hard disk system CF card through Part nr.5322 693 11447
Kgk-m4510-001 YG200 motherboard YG100 baseboard kgk-m4510-00x control box baseboard
Kgk-m4580-013 kgk-m4580-01x YAMAHA track IO control card
Kgk-m4580-013 track I/O YAMAHA machine card
Kgk-m4590-004 I/O IF BOARD ASSYyamahaIF control BOARD card
Kgk-m5810-01x YAMAHA DRIVER BOARD card kgk-m5810-013 DRIVER BOARD ASSY
Kgk-m5810-11x kgk-m5810-110kgk-m5810-111 YG200 large drive plate
Kgk-m5810-11x DRIVER BOARD ASSY FOR YG200 XY spindle drive card
Kgk-m5810-11x kgk-m5810-119 YG200 YG200L mg-2 high-power drive plate
Kgk-m5810-21x kgk-m5810-217 YAMAHA YGD dispensing machine drive plate
Kgk-m5810-31x kgk-m5810-315 YAMAHA drive card
Kgn-m4230-yamaha CF card kgn-m4230 YV100XG CF card
Kgn-m4510-yamaha engine box motherboard YAMAHA board card
Kgn-m5810-100kgn-m5810-102 kgn-m5810-105 YG200 low power drive plate
Kgn-m5840-012 SERVO 9498 396 00586 YAMAHA YG200 SERVO board
Kgn-m5840-012 ampion mg-1 servo card YAMAHA YG200 laminating machine servo board
Kgn-m5840-040 kgn-m5840-04x YG100 servo card YG200 servo board card
Kgn-m5840-100 YG200 card SERVO BOARD ASSY YG200 SERVO BOARD
Kgn-m5880-004 YG100 POWER panel d. POWER BOARD ASSY
Kgr-m4530-013 kgr-m4530-01x INTERFACE BOARD ASSY YG200 IF card
Kgr-m4530-01x card YG200 I/F card INTERFACE BOARD ASSY
YAMAHA YG100 fixed camera lamp-box card
Kgs-m4200-00x kgs-m4200-20xyamaha YG200 system card YG100R system card
Kgs-m4570-014 015 00X 01X 019YG100 patch head I/O plate maintenance and repair
Kgs-m4570-01x I/O HEAD BOARD ASSY YG100 patch machine HEAD IO BOARD card
Kgs-m4570-01x kgs-m4570-019 YG100 patch head input and output communication card
Kgt-m4570-000 IO HEAD BOARD ASSY YG200 patch HEAD IO BOARD
Kgt-m4570-00x kgt-m4570-000 kgt-m4570-104 YG200 head I/O plate
Kgt-m4570-10x YG200 head I/O board YAMAHA patch head IO board
Kgt-m4580-004kgt-m4580-00x I/O YAMAHA yg100i /O track control panel
Khj-m4488-03 FEEDER BOARD ASSY YAMAHA original new fada control BOARD
Khl-m4209-01 khl-m4209-010 YS24 SYSTEM panel card SYSTEM UNIT ASSY
Khl-m4209-01 SYSTEM UNIT ASSY for std.YS24 SYSTEM card
The original system board of khl-m4209-20 khl-m4209-010 YG12 YS12 YS24 system is completely new
Khl-m4209-210 khl-m4209-00 YG300 YG12 YS12 YS24 system board
Khl-m4255-00 khl-m4255-001 FLASH DISK YG12 CF system card hard DISK card
YAMAHA YSM vision card
Khl-m441h-131 khl-m441h-13x YG12 VISION board YS12, YS24
YAMAHA YS12/YS24/YG12F image card VISION board VISION board
YAMAHA laminating machine YS12 YS24 vision board
Khl-m4592-00 YG100 vacuum plate YG100 vacuum detection plate YG100 vacuum induction plate
Khl-m4592-002 YAMAHA YG100 vacuum detection panel VAC SENSOR BOARD ASSY
YAMAHA yg12ys12ys12ys24 control box IF card
Part 9498 396 0260 of YS YG series servo control panel of khn-m5840-00 patch machine
Khn-m5840-004 khn-m5840-00x khn-m5840-003 BOARD card SERVO BOARD
Khn-m5840-00x Servo board assy YAMAHA YG series machine Servo drive card
Khn-m5840-404 khn-m5840-40x SERVO BOARD SERVO BOARD ASSY
Khn-m5840-50 SERVO BOARD ASSY YS12 SERVO BOARD low power khn-m5840-00
Khn-m5840-804servo BOARDYG series laminating machine servo control board YG300 servo board
Khy-m4570-01 YAMAHA YS12 YG12 head IO communication control panel head I/O card
Hy-m4592-01 YS24 vacuum detector panel YS12 vacuum sensor YS12/YS24 vacuum panel
PDF VAC SENSOR BOARD ASSY YG12_YS12 vacuum detection panel
Khy-m4592-01 professional vacuum sensor maintenance YAMAHA YS12/YG12/YS24 vacuum panel
Khy-m5802-02 YG12 head z-axis servo board YAMAHA YG12 head IO board z-axis servo board
Khy-m5802-020 YS12 YG12 Z axis servo control board card original installation brand-new
YAMAHA YG12_YS12 laminating machine z-axis servo control board card
Khy-m5848-020 khy-m5890-102 YG12 z-axis servo board YAMAHA servo board
Kj0-m4210-320 SYSTEM BOARD YV100II SYSTEM card kj0-m4200-02x
Kj0-m4210-320 system board YAMAHA system board YV112 system board YV100II system board
Kj0-m5810-e2x kj0-m5810-e23 YV100II drive card
Kj0-m5810-e4x YV100II new type driver board card YV112 driver card YAMAHA driver card
Kj0-m5810-g43 YAMAHA drive plate kj0-m5810-e4x YV100XG drive plate
Kj0-m5810-k2x DRIVER BOARD ASSY kj0-m5810-k23 YV100X DRIVER BOARD
Kj0-m5810-k2x kj0-m5810-k3x kj0-m5810-k25 drive plate YV100X drive plate
Kj0-m5810-k43 kj0-m5810-k41yv100x drive board YV100XG main drive board controller
Kj0-m5810-k43 kj0-m5810-k4x YAMAHA drive YV100XG drive plate
Kj0-m5810-k43 kjo-m5810-k4x YV100X, YV100XG spindle original drive card
KJ0 M5810 - K43 YV