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new coronavirus 4 phenomena

April 12, 2020

During this time, under the attack of the new coronavirus, the people of the whole country were in a tense state of challenge. No one could easily face it, and the whole people took emergency prevention and control measures.
In anxious mood, a little wind and grass in the body makes people nervous and uneasy. When cold and cough symptoms appear, it is even more uncomfortable to sleep and eat.

For ordinary people who lack professional medical knowledge, such worries are natural. After all, the symptoms of new pneumonia have many similarities with cold symptoms. But must a cold or cough be infected with a new virus?
The winter and spring seasons were originally the season of high incidence of colds. Perhaps there is no such epidemic, and everyone will not be so alarmed.

If you have a cold or fever, you have to investigate whether you have a history of virus contact
At the moment, when a cold or cough occurs, it is first necessary to see whether you have a history of living or traveling in Wuhan, Hubei, but also whether you have recently entered or exited a densely populated place, or frequently visited public places, and whether you have been exposed to suspected cases.
If there is no history of these contacts, you can rest assured first.
In addition, the new coronavirus and common cold symptoms have fever, fatigue, and cough, but the symptoms are more severe than the common cold, and you can judge for yourself.
Even if you have a cold, you should actively treat it with medication, isolate yourself, and carefully observe the state of your body. When the condition becomes worse, you must report it to the relevant department in time for early treatment.

Therefore, it is not necessary to have a cold symptom to be infected with a new coronavirus. Even if you are lucky to have a common cold, you must take it seriously and protect it.
Because the new virus has a high degree of similarity to a cold, it is not easy to judge, but there are always differences.
When these four phenomena appear, they must be isolated as soon as possible, and should not be taken lightly.
1. There is a fever phenomenon, and it is not easy to reduce the fever. The duration of the high fever is more than 72 hours, which is different from the common cold.
2. Breathing becomes rapid, and there will be symptoms of dyspnea, this situation should be strictly paid attention to.
3. Cough soon appears, mainly dry cough, and some are accompanied by phlegm and kicking, which seriously affects sleep.
4. Body aches, fatigue and weakness, poor mental state, no appetite and do not want to eat anything.

Although a cold can have these symptoms, the symptoms are much lighter.
If these symptoms are obvious, they must be reported in time and treated in isolation as soon as possible.

Therefore, in the face of the epidemic, everyone should treat it rationally, maintain a peaceful state of mind, do not panic and tension, but also ensure adequate nutrition, work and rest combined, exercise properly and reduce going out.
The whole people worked together to fight against the epidemic.