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Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover

China Shenzhen CN Technology Co. Ltd.. certification
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Easy to talk with, very professional and fast service, the flag quality is super good. Even better than we ordered from Germany!!


I want to say that your products very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service.

—— Krishna

I am Alen,we are old customer of CNSMT,nice supplier and nice friends,very good quality feeders nozzles and machines

—— Alen

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Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover

Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover
Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover

Large Image :  Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: panason
Certification: CE
Model Number: N210118721AB
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: vacuum woodenbox
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10pcs/day
Detailed Product Description
Brand:: Panason MODEL: N210118721AB
Weight:: 0.0112KG Lead Time:: 1-2days
Packing:: Paper BOX PAYMENT TERM: T/T, Paypal, Westernunion Are All Allowed
Delivery Term: Exw Fob Cif...
High Light:

smt electronic component


smt part

N210118721AB (model: NPM16 head; product name: GUIDE) NPM head cover

N210118721AB (model: NPM16 head; product name: GUIDE) NPM head cover

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SPACER N510068378AA SPACER N510018811AA BOLT MTKB000146AA PCB N510041900AA NOISE-FILTER N210098763AB N210014666AC N610097899AC N610161010AAMTPB006775AA COVER N510067764AA BOLT MTNC000539AA FA-COMPUTER N510069574AA BATTERY N510069573AA BATTERY N510067196AA HDD MTND000011AA FAN N210126570AB HOUSING N210110221AA PIECE N210141026AB HOLDER N210125002AA SPRING N210098763AB CLAMP-ARM N210014666AC SPRING N610113699AA NOZZLE HOLDER N610097899AC FILTER N610161010AA TUBE(68mm CUT) N510064400AA JOINT N510067506AA BEARING N555MYA3 PACKING N510028628AA SHIM N510049558AA PIN N510067507AA BEARING XXE25C3FT SCREW N210188274AA PLATE N210118719AA COLLAR N210118720AA SPRING N210118721AB GUIDE N210119184AA COLLAR N210009483AB NUT N210013382AB COLLAR N210118304AA WASHER N210119189AC PLATE N210194828AB PLATE N510017329AA BOLT N510067502AA BEARING N510019396AA PULLEY N510067503AA BEARING N510068432AA BALL-SPLINE N210151017AB BRACKET N510065101AA SPACER N210118728AA WASHER N210118733AB POST N210188974AA POST N210118736AA GUARD N210188971AC BRACKET N210188970AC BRACKET N610161011AA TUBE(92mm CUT) N610161540AC BRACKET MTKP003410AC PLATE N510055635AC MOTOR N510020589AA PIN N510020607AA PIN N510067764AA BOLT XVE2B5FTC BOLT N510017750AA BOLT N510017534AA BOLT KXF0BLPAA00 CLIP N610161300AA LED Lighting Unit MTKA002378AB 3D Build Up KIT V2 3DLite Build Up KIT V2 MTKA002377AC MTPA016169AA PLATE MTPA014056AA PLATE N210164848AB PLATE MTPA016170AA GUIDE N210164849AB PLATE MTPA016171AA GUIDE MTPA016172AA GUIDE N210161448AB STOPPER N210161449AB BLOCK MTPA016173AA GUIDE N986KNMS-834 KNOB N510020617AA PIN N510020618AA PIN N982TK5183 RUBBER-LEG N510060262AA PLUNGER N510014226AA SPACER N510020954AA SPACER N510066542AA LABEL N510066539AA LABEL N510008405AA CASE N510058697AA PIN-GAUGE N210151617AA JIG N510055113AA PIN-GAUGE N210130779AA JIG MTKA018098AA Head Case N510047316AA BARCODE-READER N610067358AC CABLE NPM:Support Station Box N610077138AA N610102501AA PCB N510009879AA POWER-SUPPLY MTNC000466AA CIRCUIT-PROTECTOR N510047314AA CIRCUIT-PROTECTOR N510052544AA CONVERTER N266RAV7-018 SURGE-KILLER N510062177AA NOISE-FILTER KXF0E05UA00 LABEL N510044951AA NOISE-FILTER N610111706AB CABLE N610111705AA CABLE MTPA014477AA BRACKET N510018259AA SCREW N610101909AB Power supply unit N610111706AB CABLE N610111705AA CABLE KXF0E05UA00 LABEL N210126296AA BAR N210122898AB STOPPER N210126232AA BRACKET N210126233AA BRACKET N510052903AA FRAME N510055107AA FRAME N510057816AA CAP N510034679AB RUBBER-LEG KXF0ATEAA00 BRACKET KXF0DWJ2A00 NUT KXF0ATGAA00 NUT KXF0ATFAA00 CAP N510049732AA SPACER KXF079JAA00 SPACER KXFB02PAA00 STOPPER KXFB02PCA00 BRACKET KXFB02PDA00 BRACKET MTNK002968AA FRAME MTNK002194AA FRAME MTNK002195AA FRAME MTNK003027AA CAP MTNK001811AA BRACKET KXF0DGHAA00 CASTER KXF0DGJAA00 CASTER KXF079JAA00 SPACER KXF0CW0AA00 WASHER KXF0DRPAA00 COLLAR MTNK001624AA NUT KXFB06MMA00 PIPE KXFB06MPA00 PIPE KXFB06MQB00 SHAFT KXFB06MRB00 PLATE N210044918AB PLATE KXFB06MSA00 BRACKET KXFB06MTA00 BRACKET N210044917AB TABLE KXF0DZDYA00 BASE KXF0E04AA00 CASTER KXF02XAAA00 BOLT KXF0E04BA00 BOX N510068301AA KNOB N510019874AA SPACER KXF0E04DA00 PULL KXF0E04EA00 CASE KXF0DX4LA00 BOX KXF0E04FA00 BOLT KXF0E04GA00 WASHER KXF0AGEAA00 PLUNGER N510017889AA NUT N210060008AA BLOCK N210060007AA WASHER N210147290AB PLATE N210147291AB PLATE N210147292AA COVER N210087569AA STOPPER N510057966AA FRAME KXF0DWK7A00 FRAME KXF0ATEAA00 BRACKET KXF0ARXAA00 CAP KXF0ATGAA00 NUT KXF0DWJ2A00 NUT MTNK001384AA WASHER KXF07WLAA00 RUBBER-LEG N510057967AA FRAME KXF0DWCDA00 FRAME KXF0ATFAA00 CAP N610091872AA CASE N210115097AA SPACER N510008404AA N210107900AA N210107901AA MTKA001925AA BASE MTPA002736AA BASE 1 RUBBER RAD N210104310AA HOOK N210107900AA BLOCK N210107901AA BLOCK N510044493AA COLLAR MTKA001924AA BASE MTPA002730AA BASE 1 RUBBER RAD N210104310AA HOOK MTPA009198AA BLOCK N510064240AA SPACER MTNK002222AA SPACER MTPB003342AA PLATE MTNS000184AA SENSOR MTNK000653AA SPACER N510017534AA BOLT N510017536AA BOLT MTNW000441AA CABLE-SUPPORT KXF0BLPAA00 CLIP MTNK002223AA SPACER N210152816AA CASE N210144164AB BLOCK N210144165AB BLOCK N210149896AA COLLAR N210144163AB PLATE N610126350AA BLOCK(t2.5x6) N610126351AA BLOCK(t2.0x11) N610126352AA BLOCK(t2.0x17) N610126353AA BLOCK(t2.5x20) N610126354AA BLOCK(t2.0x23) N510017260AA BOLT N510058469AA O-RING N610122650AA JIG SET N510050588AB CASE N210126102AC CASE N210005451AB GUIDE N210114462AB CASE HOLDER N210114463AA PLATE N510026774AA SPACER N510049667AA KNOB N510048037AA NUT N510017333AA BOLT N510017337AA BOLT N510017341AA BOLT N510017316AA BOLT N210091639AA PALLET N210091640AB COVER N510018251AA SCREW N510030918AA SPACER N210085221AB CASE N210083548AA PLATE N610113618AA BOARD N510055105AA CASE N510054399AA MIRROR N510055089AA CD-CASE N610074266AA Jig Supplyer N610087876AA Part Jig Set Mount Position Teach Jig N610087878AA N210005451AB GUIDE N210114462AB CASE HOLDER N210114463AA PLATE N510026774AA SPACER N510049667AA KNOB N510048037AA NUT N510017333AA BOLT N510017337AA BOLT N510017341AA BOLT N510017316AA BOLT N210091639AA PALLET N210091640AB COVER N510018251AA SCREW N510030918AA SPACER N210085221AB CASE N210083548AA PLATE N610113618AA BOARD N510055105AA CASE N510054399AA MIRROR N510055089AA CD-CASE N610074266AA Jig Supplyer N610087876AA Part Jig Set Mount Position Teach Jig N610087878AA N610111442AA NOZZLE(No.153AS) N610056813AB NOZZLE(No.184) KXFX037UA00 NOZZLE No.1003 N610036531AA NOZZLE(No.153) N210113447AB CASE KXFX037SA00 NOZZLE No.1001 N210121869AA CASE N610146185AA NOZZLE SET N610102529AA NOZZLE SET(No.1001) XY Plane Calibration Jig N610124226AB N210147296AC PLATE N510059877AA CASE XY PLANE CALIBRATION JIG MTKA010879AB N210141055AB PLATE N510057502AA CASE N610084605AA Load Cell N210103733AA BLOCK N210103653AA PLATE N210103654AA SPACER N210114271AA BRACKET N210103656AA COVER N610093693AB LOAD-CELL N510042623AA BOLT N510017533AA BOLT N510017333AA BOLT N510017305AA BOLT N510018478AA WASHER Load Calibration Jig N610087916AA KXF0DWVPA00 WEIGHT KXF0DWVQA00 WEIGHT KXF0DWVNA00 BOX LOAD CELL METER VER3 N610093887AC N610102533AA JIG SET N610071657AA Line Camera Jig N610003301AA JIG-NOZZLE N210113454AA CASE N610112815AA JIG SET Mount Height Teach Jig N610003319AA N210155399AA CASE Pick-Up Height Teach Jig N610003318AA KXFB02L2A00 BLOCK KXFB02L3A01 BLOCK KXFB02L4A00 PIN KXFB02L5A01 PLATE KXFB02L6A00 PIN N210005451AB GUIDE N210009220AA GUIDE N210086457AA BRACKET KXFA1MSAA00 LEVER N210005607AA LEVER KXFA1MUBA00 SPACER KXF0CVRAA00 PULL KXF09S1AA00 SPACER KXF0CVSAA00 HANDLE KXF02XVAA00 PIN KXF0DK5AA00 SPRING KXF0CVTAA00 LEVER N610102527AB JIG SET N610114318AA Brightness Jig N210085221AB CASE N210083548AA PLATE N210113448AB CASE N210080710AB PLATE N210080707AB PLATE KXFB03KAA01 TARGET N210080708AA BLOCK N210080709AA PLATE N210088910AD PLATE N210088911AA PLATE N210089004AA PLATE N210098699AA JOINT N210108792AC BOARD N210111175AC BRACKET N210108793AA COVER N210113382AA BRACKET N210088913AB PLATE N210084817AA COVER LR6EJ/4SE BATTERY N510028997AA SPACER N310E32T12R FIBER N510018147AA SCREW N510018156AA SCREW N510066662AA JOINT N510033326AA FILTER N510030819AA GASKET N510029505AA SPACER N980C300-136 GASKET N510019913AA SPACER N510030563AA SPACER N510017528AA BOLT N510017517AA BOLT N610093089AA SWITCH(200mm) N610093090AA BOX(160mm) N610093091AA BOX(30mm) N610093092AA PUMP(125mm) N610093093AA PUMP(80mm) N610093094AA AMP(330mm) N510017337AA BOLT N510017341AA BOLT N510017344AA BOLT N510018494AA WASHER N510018497AA WASHER N510017849AA NUT N510018419AA SCREW N510017325AA BOLT N510018431AA SCREW N510017305AA BOLT N510018478AA WASHER N610093310AA Jig Station Board KXF08V7AA00 GREASE-GUN N510058514AA NOZZLE N510048190AA GREASE KXF0DKRAA00 GUN KXF05PLAA00 GREASE N510046569AA WRENCH N510048190AA GREASE KXF0DYHTA00 PIN-GAUGE KXF0DYHUA00 PIN-GAUGE N610093472AA Cleanig Brush N510030573AA GAUGE N510022888AA GAUGE N210175463AA SCRAPER TRANSFER CONTROL BOARD N610065363AA Transfer Control Board N610047387AA Hot Swap Relay Board N610048315AA N510025698AA RELAY N210063121AD MAIN-BRACKET N210069924AA BRACKET N210088592AA CONNECTOR-BRACKET N210063184AB BOARD-BRACKET N210063125AC BOARD-BRACKET N210076995AA COVER N210065993AA SUPPORT N210069928AA COVER N510031699AA PIN XSS3+5VW SCREW KXF0E3LXA00 CABLE-SUPPORT N210122333AC HOLDER-BRACKET N210082792AA HOLDER N210066101AC HOLDER N210063127AH COVER N210117432AB COVER N210117433AB COVER N210082817AD COVER N210082818AD COVER N210063132AM COVER N210082797AC COVER N210063136AC KEY-BRACKET N210063160AB COVER N210063161AB COVER N210004525AA NUT-PLATE N210082804AB BRACKET N210081504AA BRACKET N210066211AE SHEET N210076996AA BLOCK N210117435AA BLOCK N510031642AA TUBE N510033757AA CATCH N510027345AA SPACER N510027346AA SPACER N510031398AA SPACER N510022782AA JOINT N510028676AA SYRINGE XST3+4VW SCREW N510018613AA SCREW N210172737AB COVER N210081507AA BRACKET N210117439AA COVER N210117440AA COVER N210084685AA NUT-PLATE N210199275AA SHEET N510033762AA SPACER N510017536AA BOLT KXFA1KAAA00 PIN N510017534AA BOLT N510028672AA TUBE N610104543AB SLIDE-KIT N210005451AB GUIDE N210005450AB PLATE N610067710AB BLOCK N210084487AB BLOCK KXF0E36CA00 PIN KXFA1Q1CA00 COLLAR N610002842AE CLAMPER-KIT N610003449AB CLAMPER N510002407AA BOLT N210109642AA LEVER N510002403AA SCREW KXF0DK5AA00 SPRING N210109643AA COVER XSN25+4VW SCREW N510022120AA CONNECTOR N510004561AA CABLE N510053485AA COUPLER KXFA1PWWA00 JOINT KXFA1PWXB00 WASHER MTNP000826AA JOINT KXFA1MXAA00 COVER XSS25+6VW SCREW KXF0DY2PA00 SEAL N210125558AB BRACKET N210088591AC CAM N210117423AB BLOCK N210117424AB ARM N210117425AB ARM N210063162AC COLLAR N210063085AC BAR N210063086AD ARM KXF00MLAA00 BEARING N510026046AA CAM-FOLLOWER N510010068AA BEARING N210159703AB WASHER XST3+6VW SCREW N610069410AB MOTOR KXF00K0AA00 BEARING N210124741AA BAR N210196180AC PLATE N210128050AB PLATE N210175463AA SCRAPER N210197686AB PLATE N210124745AA BAR N210075312AA PLATE N210075313AA BRACKET N210075314AA BRACKET N210066075AB COVER N210066076AB COVER N210124747AB PLATE N210066917AA COLLAR N210124748AA KNOB N210124749AB PIPE N210172664AA BAND N510029470AA SPACER N210159704AA COLLAR N510033772AA SPRING N510064527AA FIBER XSN2+6VW SCREW N210082798AA BLOCK N210082806AA BLOCK N510018253AA SCREW N610102730AF SCRAPER-KIT N210172686AB PLATE N510020588AA PIN N510017330AA BOLT N510020588AA PIN XSS3+5VW SCREW KXFB01V1A00 COUPLING N210125480AB BRACKET N210063077AE HOLDER N210122329AB PLATE N210122330AB PLATE N210172666AA PLATE N210184809AA SQUEEGEE N210117434AA COVER N210175891AA KNOB N210069927AC FLANGE N610069411AB MOTOR N510026043AC BALL-SCREW KXF0BBMAA00 SUPPORT-UNIT N510026044AA LINEAR-WAY N210158674AA POST N510056925AA POST N510011475AA SPRING N510030908AA SPACER N510032781AA SPACER XSS3+6VW SCREW XSN3+6VW SCREW XVE25B10FTC BOLT XVE25B4FTC BOLT N210117430AA COVER N210075279AA BRACKET N210184849AB BLOCK N210184850AB BLOCK KXF0BPKAA00 SPACER N510029471AA SPACER N610160089AB SQUEEGEE-KIT N210117441AA PLATE N210172665AB PLATE N210125481AA STOPPER N510036039AA SPACER KXF01X6AA00 E-RING XNG5CVW NUT N510017329AA BOLT N210184922AC GUIDE N210075276AF PLATE N210117795AB BLOCK N210184923AB PLATE N210125586AE TABLE N210074851AB PLATE N210074852AB BLOCK N210066083AD BRACKET N610048204AA OPERATING-SW KXF0DWTLA00 SEAL KXFA1L1BA02 BOX N510014002AA SWITCH N510031641AA LINEAR-WAY N986MMS410 PIN N510026048AA PIN N510060654AA PLUNGER N982THA3882 PULL N510026696AA AMPLIFIER N510007457AA BRACKET N510027939AA SPACER N510017869AA NUT XSN25+14YW SCREW N210187881AA BRACKET N510020590AA PIN N610102731AD TABLE-KIT N510020589AA PIN N210184921AA SHEET N210184918AA COVER N210184919AA BRACKET N210184920AA BRACKET XSS2+6VW SCREW XSN2+4VW SCREW N510018492AA WASHER N610095860AB BASE N610048172AG BRACKET N210063110AE COVER-BRACKET N210063112AE COVER N210063113AE BOARD-BRACKET N210069923AB BRACKET N210063115AB BRACKET N210063116AF COVER N210063117AC KNOB N210063135AB BOARD-BRACKET N210063137AE SENSOR-BRACKET N210068043AD PLATE N210069925AB BRACKET N210065990AA BRACKET N610055818AB SENSOR N510020618AA PIN N210075267AA STOPPER N986CU525 SPACER N510026057AA SPACER N510027083AA REGULATOR N510053318AA VALVE N510066461AA JOINT N510005367AA SILENCER KXF0DWLVA00 JOINT KXF0CVQAA00 JOINT N510066789AA JOINT N510028373AA SPACER N510002661AA NUT XSN25+4VW SCREW XYN3+A6YW SCREW KXF0DZKRA00 JOINT N510017516AA BOLTN510014002AA SWITCH N610032084AA BOARD N610074957AA CABLE N610002832AE CLAMPER-KIT N610003449AB CLAMPER N510002407AA BOLT N210109642AA LEVER N510002403AA SCREW KXF0DK5AA00 SPRING N210109643AA COVER N510022120AA CONNECTOR N510012993AA CABLE XSN25+4VW SCREW KXFA1MXAA00 COVER XSS25+6VW SCREW KXF0DY2PA00 SEAL N610002832AE CLAMPER-KIT N610003449AB CLAMPER N510002407AA BOLT N210109642AA LEVER N510002403AA SCREW KXF0DK5AA00 SPRING N210109643AA COVER N510022120AA CONNECTOR N510012993AA CABLE XSN25+4VW SCREW KXFA1MXAA00 COVER XSS25+6VW SCREW KXF0DY2PA00 SEAL KXFA1Q1CA00 COLLAR N210005451AB GUIDE N210084085AB PLATE N610022164AB BLOCK N210084073AB SPACER N210111349AB KNOB N210111355AA COVER N210111356AA COVER KXFW1KXFA01 SWITCH-BOX KXF0DWTLA00 SEAL KXFA1L1BA02 BOX XSN25+4VW SCREW N510017039AA SPACER XSN25+8VW SCREW N510017046AA SPACER N510020883AA SPACER KXF0DG6AA00 SLIT N610095153AC MOTOR N610091983AB SENSOR N210084071AB PULLEY N210093730AA NUT N210092814AA SHAFT N210092815AA PLATE N210092816AA PLATE N210092817AA PLATE N210111351AA STOPPER N210111352AA FRAME N210111935AA COVER N210111353AA COVER N210111354AA COVER KXFB02TLA00 BLOCK N210092826AA BRACKET N610067429AB GEAR N210046646AB GEAR N610067430AB GEAR N510034975AA SCREW KXF03FVAA00 BEARING N510034980AA BEARING N510030912AA SPACER N610074958AA GEAR N510018816AA BOLT

N510056973AA VQZ115R-5L0Z1-C6-X513
N510056974AA VQZ115R-5M0Z1-CP-X550
MTNP001547AA VQZ115R-5L0Z1-C4-X513
N510058605AA VV3QZ12-03-X1018V
N510054501AA VALVE VQZ115R-5MOZ1-C6-X513 Solenoid Valve
N510054170AA VALVE VQZ115R-5LOZ1-M5-X550 Solenoid Valve
1.N510055103AA NPM switch
2.N510041345AA NPM emergency stop safety switch SWITCH
3.N302M165-048 BM button
4.N302A16L-538 BM button
5.N302A16ABM2 BM button
6.N302A16ABM1 BM button
7.N302A16AWM1 BM button
8.N510011524AA CM402/602 emergency stop safety switch SWITCH
9.N222APN1-049/KXFP6GCQA00/KXFP6D1AA00/KXFP60LAA00/KXFP6GAGA00/P60LA/ LAMP indicator
Professional SMT Panasonic accessories contact phone Mr. Ding Miss Wang
1 N210188274AA PLATE board
2 N210118719AA COLLAR Nozzle Rod Spring Attachment
3 N210118720AA SPRING Nozzle Rod Spring
4 N210118721AB GUIDE Tip Guide
5 N210119184AA COLLAR nozzle rod spring lower fitting
6 N210009483AB NUT nut
7 N210013382AB COLLAR Nozzle Rod Spring Lower Fittings
8 N210118304AA WASHER Washer
9 N210119189AC PLATE board
10 N210194828AB PLATE board
11 N510017329AA BOLT Bolt
12 N510067502AA BEARING Bearings
13 N510019396AA PULLEY Pulley
14 N510067503AA BEARING Bearings
1.N610010348AB/N510022807AA/N510044811AA/N510044810AA CM602 read/write head
2.N610002257AB/N510022811AA/N510044809AA/N510044812AA CM602 read/write head
3.N610031080AA CM402/602 8mm 0201 dedicated
4.KXFW1KS5A00 CM402/602 8mm with sensor
5.KXFW1KSBA00 CM402/602 8mm without sensor
6.KXFW1KS6A00 CM402/602 12/16mm with sensor
7.KXFW1KSCA00 CM402/602 12/16mm without sensor
8.KXFW1KS7A00 CM402/602 24/32mm with sensor
9.KXFW1KSDA00 CM402/602 24/32mm without sensor
10.N610004577AA CM402/602 24/32mm deep groove
11.KXFW1KS8A00 CM402/602 44/56mm with sensor
12.KXFW1KSEA00 CM402/602 44/56mm without sensor
13.KXFW1L0YA00 CM402/602 44/56mm deep groove
14.KXFW1KS9A00 CM402/602 72mm with sensor
15.KXFW1KSFA00 CM402/602 72mm without sensor
16.KXFW1L0ZA00 CM402/602 72mm deep groove
17.KXFW1KS10A00 CM402/602 88mm with sensor
18.KXFW1KSEA00 CM402/602 88mm without sensor
19.KXFW1KSRA00 CM402/602 Vibration Feida
Original Panasonic accessories available from stock
1.MSD043A1Y02 driver
2.N210135664AA upper gasket COLLAR
3.N210135665AA Lower gasket COLLAR
4.0864C582221 washer
5.N986P751S COTTON-STICK pointed cotton swab
6.N510055312AA COTTON-STICK round cotton swab
7.N210199459AA COVER panel cover
8.N610074584AA Nozzle NPM-D3 12 head nozzle station
9.N610074584AA Nozzle NPM-D3 8-head nozzle station
10.N610161635AA Nozzle NPM-D3 2-head nozzle station
11.N610097389AA Calibration Fixture NPM
12.N610106576AA/N210118661AC board
13.N210112529AA/N610115551AA TAPE
14.N610155122AB NPM-D3 3D Build Up KIT Box
15.N610090811AA FEEDER NPM
16.N610090812AA FEEDER NPM
17.N610090813AA FEEDER NPM
19.KXF0DKRAA00 GUN 2-447-03(DA 0DKRA) 1
20.KXF0DKRAA00 NPM maintenance fixture
2 KXF05PLAA00 GREASE BARRIERTA NPM Maintenance Fixture Maintenance Oil
3 N510046569AA WRENCH NPM Maintenance Fixture
4 N510048190AA GREASE LCG100 (200gX1) NPM Maintenance Oil
6 KXF0DYHTA00 PIN-GAUGE NPM maintenance jig nozzle through hole needle
7 KXF0DYHUA00 PIN-GAUGE NPM maintenance jig nozzle through hole needle
8 N610093472AA Cleanig Brush Cleaning Brush
2.N510067200AA/KXF0DXJ6A00/N510019358AA/N510057782AA CPK double-sided tape
3.N610076207AA/KXFB043XA00 ADJUSTMENT JIG, GLASS CPK glass plate
4.KXF0DXJ4A00 CPK correction lamp
1N610084605AA Load Cell
2 N210103733AA BLOCK
3 N210103653AA PLATE
4 N210103654AA SPACER
5 N210114271AA BRACKET
6 N210103656AA COVER
7 N610093693AB LOAD-CELL
8 N510042623AA BOLT
9 N510017533AA BOLT
10 N510017333AA BOLT
11 N510017305AA BOLT
12 N510018478AA WASHER
13 N610087916AA Load
18 N610102533AA JIG SET
19 N610071657AA Line Camera Jig
20 N610003301AA JIG-NOZZLE
21 N210113454AA CASE
22 N610112815AA JIG SET
23 N610003319AA Mount Height Teach Jig
24 N210155399AA CASE
KXFB0AU3A00 POST N210122618AB BRACKET N210082178AA PLATE N210016069AA STOPPER MTPS000068AA PLATE N210122619AA DOG N610066208AA REFLECTOR N610066209AA REFLECTOR N510019911AA SPACER KXF0E07FA00 SPRING N510018279AA SCREW N510026809AA SPACER KXF08EUAA00 CLIP N510017047AA SPACER N510017312AA BOLT N510017338AA BOLT N510033304AA WASHER N510068515AA SENSOR N610078616AA SENSOR N510059196AA ELEMENT N510059865AA O-RING N510067900AA CAP N210198705AB COLLAR N210198657AB BRACKET N210198656AB BRACKET KXF0C8ZAA00 BEARING
N610063474AB Two nozzle head THE axis control board N510041900AA NOISE-FILTER N510056363AA NOISE-FILTERKXFB00L1A02 CLAMP N210076717AA SPRING N610009394AC FILTER N210160099AA SHEET N610144924AC TUBE (173mm CUT) N610089548AA Camera Lens unit LED Lighting Unit: NPM_2D N610094821AB N610129768AB PCB Camera Link Switch Board N610083130AA N210186141AA PLATE N210108733AC HOLDER N210125620AA PLATE N210082172AA HANDLE N210082171AA BLOCK N210108735AC COVER N210108736AC COVER N210111384AC COVER N210100606AC BRACKET N210100608AC COVER N210095812AA BRACKET N210095814AA BRACKET N210100612AB BRACKET N210100609AC BRACKET N210134088AA BRACKET N210125621AB BRACKET N210125622AA BRACKET N510020607AA PIN N510018254AA SCREW N510019894AA SPACER N510018283AA SCREW N510038541AA SPACER N510033408AA WASHER N510020913AA SPACER N510020911AA SPACER N510041334AA BOLT N510002011AA BOLT N510018367AA SCREW COVER (no line camera) N610119990AAN610089549AA Camera Lens unit LED Lighting Unit: NPM_2D N610094821AB N610129769AB PC B Camera Link Switch Board N610083130AA N210186141AA PLATE N210108733AC HOLDER N210125620AA PLATE N210082172AA HANDLE N2100821

Packaging & Shipping
Packaging details:VACUUM&WOODENBOX
Delivery time:Within 1~3 working days
1. We ship to world wide
2. Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3. Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT or Hong Kong post, we accept the customer’s shipping request
4.100%T/T before shipment OR 30%T/TADVANCE,Banlance 70% before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will email you the shipping information

5.WE sell and buy used equipmentS long-term
5. Manufacuture of SMT FEEDERS AND NOZZLES
Company Information:
Shenzhen SMTLINE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005
1.registered capital of 6 million yuan and more than 60 employees.
2.The company's core personnel of the professional R&D team have 15 years of automated R&D and manufacturing experience.
3.Our company has developed and mass-produced refow oven and wave welding machine at the end of 2010. The machine is the first in the country.
4.The sales volume of products reached more than 200 units in half a year.
5.Our philosophy: integrity, strength first, wholeheartedly for the customer.
6.Our company adhering to the customer first, service-oriented business philosophy,
benign competition, will continue to work hard to learn, so that more customers to use the quality and cheap SMT china high-end equipment, for customers to save labor costs, factory costs.
Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover 0
Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover 1
Original New Condition SMT Spare Parts N210118721AB NPM16 Head GUIDE NPM Head Cover 2
Business Scope:
1.Buy and sells SMT pick and place machines(YAMAHA JUKI FUJI,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,,SIEMENS,ASSEMBLON,Mirae, SONY,...
2.SMT Full-auto printer&semi-auto printer
3.SMT reflow oven& wave solder machine
4.SMT loader and unloader
5.SMT conveyor
7.SMT peripheral equipment.
8.Insert machine
9.Machine spare parts such as feeders nozzles
10.Full line solution service



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Shenzhen CN Technology Co. Ltd..

Contact Person: Lizzy wong

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